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Meaning of Vow

Let us first understand the meaning of vrat (vow). Vrat means to close the door of incoming karma and to gain control over desires. In other words, vrat means to discipline the desires, ambitions, and nonrestraint. Some examples of restraints are to limit the activities we do, limit the number of items we eat, limit the number of products we use. Such discipline, control or regulation of desires is known as vrat.

The Problem Caused by Non-Abstinence

In Sutrakritanga Sutra, we find a description on:
1. Adharm (State of non-righteousness)
2. Dharmaadharm (State of partial righteousness)
3. Dharm (State of righteousness)

The description about non-righteous people is so dreadful that it makes our heart tremble. It can be compared with today’s prevalent problems of terrorism, violence, and cruelty. In people with partial righteousness compassion takes the place of cruelty and he begins to avoid unnecessary violence. A disciplined life limits accumulation and consumption of products. The state of righteousness is guided by complete discipline and control. These three states can be compared to avrati, vrataavrati and vrati respectively. The thriving problem of our modern age is caused by avrati. An avrati (non-abstinent) society is devoid of code of conduct, rules, and regulations. People living in such a society have no restrictions over their evil activities such as stealing, robbery, murder, cruelty, barbaric activities, kidnapping, terrorism, etc. Therefore, this is the most dangerous segment of the society.

The second category is slightly improved and commencing towards spirituality. Here people are rather thoughtful and inclined towards righteousness.

The third category of dharmi or vrati leads a puritanical righteous life. The person with an awakened  consciousness of vrat thinks that uncontrolled consumption is not in favour of spiritual life. It must be disciplined. Life is not good without control and regulation. Therefore, he understands the techniques of restraints and practices them. Practitioners of the third state are totally dedicated towards the spiritual path. Such souls have control over the unlimited desires and consumption of materialistic pleasures. They know the techniques for restricting these and practice them fervently.

Excerpts from "Who is a Jain Shravak ?" by Acharya Mahaprajna 

News - November - 2019
Mahavir Nirvan and Diwali Milan
On 2nd Nov 2019, JVBNJ celebrated Mahavir Nirvan and Diwali Milan hosted by Jyotirmay families under the auspicious guidance and presence of Samani Malay Pragyaji and Samani Neeti Pragyaji.  The event was attended by more than 200 people comprising about 75 families. The Center for Peace and Preksha Meditation (CPPM) was beautifully decorated with colorful lights and the program commenced with Navkar Mantra, Diwali Jaap, and a melodious Manglacharan. In Jain tradition, Diwali commemorates the anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir’s attainment of Nirvan. It is believed that on this occasion the earth and the heavens were illuminated with lamps. Each year, as we light lamps on Diwali, we are encouraged to follow the path of righteousness, to move away from a life of ignorance to a life of knowledge and wisdom, and away from darkness towards light.
To celebrate Mahavir Nirvan, Samani Neeti Pragya ji spoke about the past lives of Mahavir and what we can learn from them.  JVBNJ Gyanshala children presented three items. First, there was a fashion show by the youngest of the lot. One could see Lakshmi, Ganesh, Diya and various other significant symbols of Diwali come alive on stage. Watching the little kids strutting on stage in small steps adorned in their beautiful outfits, filled everyone with joy and smiles. Thereafter, a delightful Diwali dance was performed by children aged 4-8. Finally, the youth of Gyanshala presented a skit.  Their agenda was simple - showcasing the plight of workers at fireworks factories – and showing the humane way to celebrate Diwali by vowing to give up fireworks. To make the festival musical, Jyotirmay families also joined on stage to sing a beautiful geetika in prayer to Bhagwan Mahavir.
This was followed by Samani Malay Pragyaji’s pravachan on the topic: How to become Mahavir. Samaniji used common language and historical tales from the life of Mahavir to inspire everyone to embody his qualities. She synthetized the information in ten qualities of higher souls that all human beings should strive to achieve in their daily lives. These qualities included, compassion, self-discipline, emotional stability, selflessness, and leadership among others. This Diwali, the audience also received a Diwali gift from Samanijis and Jyotirmay families – a small vow (tyag) that they took for one year. There were ten different tyags, simple yet powerful, and the audience were randomly allocated one tyag each.
To spice things up for the audience, Samani Malay Pragya ji and Jyotirmay team conducted an interactive and enriching game ‘Preksha Parikrama’.   The audience teams showed great enthusiasm and were super excited. Often, the hall erupted in ‘Om Arham’. The evening closed with Mangal Path by Samanijis. What a way to ring in the New Year and Spiritual Prosperity for all!
News - September 2019

Dus Lakshan Parv - Colorado, Denver
Dus Lakshan Parv was celebrated with great gaiety and enthusiasm in Colorado Denver under the auspices of Mahatapaswi Acharya Shri Mahashramanji's disciple Samani Malay Pragya and Niti Pragya Ji. Samani Malay Pragyaji explained the ten religion during the morning discourse and in the evening, discourse gave effective statement on many topics like life skills, life development, spiritual development etc. Different uses of meditation were also conducted. On Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji's centenary year, a three-minute meditation, a three-minute kayotsarg and a three-minute Swadhyay resolution were also conducted. In Swadhyay people resolved to study the book "Who is Jain Sravak”. Samni Niti Pragya Ji discussed how to make children live life easily and touch great heights of success, along with moral values based on Jainism.
Local President Chirag Jain organized all the arrangements smoothly. Shri Rajesh ji, Dharmik Bhai, Rohit Ji, Himanshu Ji, Praful Ji and Bhanu Prasad Aggarwal took blessing of arranging Samani ji's stay.
Samanji's stay in Denver was successful. On Mahapragya Shatabdi, people signed up for performing Aayambil throughout the year.
News - September - 2019
Innovation in Modern Context - Columbia, South Carolina
Samani Malay Pragya and Samani Niti Pragya Ji organized a three-day program in Columbia, South Carolina, to commemorate the centenary year of Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji. The theme of the camp was "Innovation in Modern Context". About 50 people attended the camp.
In this camp, many experiments of meditation and exercise were conducted, and knowledge on Jainism was also shared with children in very simple language which was easy to understand and resonated with every child. During the centenary year celebrations of Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji, many people signed up to participate in Aayambil throughout the year and pledged to read " Who is Jain Sravak".
Rakeshji Jain contributed his skill in making the program successful and took blessing of arranging Samani ji's stay.

News - September - 2019

Ascension of the Summit - Charlotte, North Carolina

A three-day seminar was organized in Charlotte, North Carolina, under the guidance of Mahatapaswi Acharya Shri Mahashramanji's disciple Samani Malay Pragya and Niti Pragya Ji in the Hindu Temple.

About 150 people attended the session where Samani Malay Pragya ji gave his statements on how to preserve culture and rituals, how to create internal wealth while living in practice. Samaniji also discussed on how to keep emotions under control by reducing expressions. Samani Niti Pragya ji spent time with the children and explained about various aspects of Jainism in a very simple language.

During the centenary year celebrations, the Charlotte society also signed up to participate in Aayambil throughout the year and pledged to read " Who is Jain Sravak". Mahavir ji Jain and Akshat ji Jain took blessing of Samani ji's stay. Anju ji Jain took good advantage and blessing of Samaniji for distributing Mahapragya Ji's book.


News - September - 2019

Be Great Be Blessed - Raleigh, North Carolina

On September 29, a two-day camp was organized in Raleigh, North Carolina under the leadership of Samani Malay Pragya Ji and Samani Niti Pragya Ji. The camp was attended by around 180 people.

The camp started with Bhaktamar recitation. Everyone enjoyed the knowledge and preaching on jainism shared by Samaniji and were enlightened with interesting aspects of Jainism. The attendees performed Yogasan, Pranayama and meditation. The whole session was very light and relaxing and Samaniji had everyone’s attention.

Dr. Sunil Anchalia ji started the Q&A session with some very deep sets of question which kept the overall session very informative. Samani Niti Pragya Ji kept children busy and interested in a separate session and kids has fun while absorbing the knowledge
Raleigh, North Carolina took blessing of Samani Malay Pragya Ji and Samani Niti Pragya Ji visit in September.

News - October - 2019

Splendor of Ahimsa - Ohio

From 2nd October to 7th October, grand celebrations of Non-Violence Day were held under the auspices of Samani Malay Pragya Ji and Samani Niti Pragya in Ohio.

Samani ji threw light on how to live by assimilating the principles of Lord Mahavira. Samani Ji taught the art of rejuvenation through small things and small experiments and explained in detail on topics like how parents should behave, how to bestow children, how to balance materiality. In a seminar organized on Non-Violence Day, Samni Niti Pragya ji benefited everyone with his abiding views on the utility of non-violence and peace. All professors attending the session also gave their statement.

The program was moderated by local President Mona Jain. The four-day program was designed by Mr. Tansukhji Salagiya in a very beautiful and organized way. On October 6th, five religious leaders gave their views in the Interfaith Synod held at the University. Samani Niti Pragya Ji gave her statements on the compassion of Lord Mahavira. The program ended with panel discussions and Q&A. Yash Jain and Tansukhji Salgiya took blessing of Samani's stay.

Educational Events
  • Agam Classes
    • 8th, 14th, 15th, 22nd and 28th December
  • Parallel session for Parents during Gyanshala
Upcoming Events
  • Uvasaggahar Maha Anushthan - 21st Dec 2019
  • New Year Happy and Healthy - 04th Jan 2019

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