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Faith in AradhyaDev (Ideal God)

The second factor to pragmatic right faith is the faith in God (aaraadhydev). A pertinent question that everyone faces is, ‘What do you want to be?’ The usual reply in the materialistic world is ‘a businessman, a lawyer, an engineer, a minister, a doctor, a politician etc.’ If a shravak is posed with the same question, his answer would be to become a veetaraag – a state where one leads a life in total detachment. But how and when can he achieve this state? He can attain this state only if his ideal is veetaraag soul. If Bhagawan Mahavira would not be veetaraag, he could not become our ideal. None of us have seen Bhagawan Mahavira, but we still accept him as our ideal. An ideal for a shravak should be veetaraag (arhat). Recollection of arhat inspires us to move in the direction of veetaraagata – detached state of soul.

Perfect Guru
The third factor to right faith is faith in Guru. One, who maintains spiritual discipline, concentrates on the soul, and shows us the path for self – upliftment, is a true guru.

Dharm (Righteousness)
The fourth factor to right faith is faith in righteousness. The truth propounded by Veetaraag is dharm– righteousness.

Pragmatic right faith includes:

1. Faith in eternal existence of soul.
2. Faith in Veetaraga as Ideal.
3. Faith in spiritual guide as Guru.
4. Faith in the religion propounded by Veetaraag.

This form of pragmatic right faith is permanently imprinted in the heart of a shravak.

Excerpts from "Who is a Jain Shravak ?" by Acharya Mahaprajna 

Trishla Nandan Veer, Jai Bolo Mahaveer - Mega Show
Jai Bolo Mahaveer - Mega ShowLink to YouTube

Under the guidance of Samani Malaypragyaji and Samani Neetipragyaji JVBNA NJ partnered with Khater's Utssav Group to celebrate Diwali and Bhagwan Mahavir Nirvaan Divas. People from USA, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Hongkong, Germany, Japan, Bangkok, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal and India participated directly and indirectly in this mega show. The show was full of so much detailed information on the life events of Lord Mahaveer that it will serve as a single go to resource for all Jains at a single click !

The program was splendidly hosted by Yashika Khater and Rakesh Khater. The event began with the video of the auspicious Navkar Mantra performed by Sadhvivarya Sambuddh Yasha Ji and video of Mahatapaswi Acharya Shri Mahashramanji worshiping Lord Mahaveer. JVBNA Chairman Shri Surendra Ji Kankaria kick started the events with a welcome speech and highlighted JVBNA's digital adoption for ensuring no impact to ongoing activities during the pandemic. The mega show presented the various life events of Lord Mahaveer right from his birth to his liberation in a very well organized combination of skits, songs and dances performances. Spectacular visual effects embedded into the role play just made it look so much more real. The program was orchestrated beautifully with classical dance performances from across the globe and melodious singers of our community whose voices enthralled everyone with feeling of utmost devotion for Lord Mahaveer. Young ones took the performances one level up with very innovative concept of passing the important life lessons given by Lord Mahaveer in short skits. The one-liner about the what we learned from Lord Mahaveer by various participants across the globe was the highlight of the show. More than 30+ performers from all over the globe contributed in various ways in celebrating Life of Lord Mahaveer and his teachings. 

During the show we get explanation and insight to these life events by Samani Malay Pragya Ji which made the whole experience so much more complete and enriching. Samani Neetipragyaji presented a beautiful poem paying tribute to Lord Mahaveer. 

The program culminated with vote of thanks by JVBNA President Ashishji Jain and Mangal Path by Samanijis.
Karen Atmotthan, Banen Vardhaman!
On the upcoming Acharya Mahashramanji’s 60th Birthday, under the guidance of Samani Malaypragyaji and Samani Neetipragyaji, JVBNA NJ launches monthly Online Open Book Global Quiz Contest on first Saturday of each month beginning in 2021.

See the included video for further details: Link to YouTube
First Quiz Contest on January 2, 2021 - Book - Kya Kahta hai Jain Vangmay
January Ebook - Available on Sambodhi App - Speako library

Join the WhatsApp group for information on upcoming mock test and other updates ! 

Banen Vardhaman! Group 1 - Full
Banen Vardhaman! Group 2 -

Exciting prizes to be won while doing Gyan Aradhana.

सरल शब्दों में दे दिया सुज्ञान
आचार्य श्री महाश्रमण महान
पढ़कर के करें आत्मोत्थान
समझकर सारे बनें वर्द्धमान
Lets Go Inside with Sessions
JVBNA, New Jersey is happy to share below ongoing sessions by Samani Malay Pragyaji and Samani Neeti Pragyaji
Daily recharge your mind, body, soul :  Daily Bhaktamar, Signature Pranayam, Theme based Meditation session
US Time - 7 AM to 8 AM EST
India time - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Evening Pravachan by Samani ji
US Time -  8:30 PM to 9:30 PM NJ EST
India time - 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM (India time (next day))

Tuesday - 25 Bol
Wednesday - Bhaktamar Strotra
Thursday - Aagam swadhyay Uttaradhyayan Sutra

Please join by clicking on JVBNA Zoom link: 

Or (enter with passcode)

Zoom meeting ID - 650899666
Passcode - 108
Or anytime on YouTube : Link to Youtube
JVBNA YouTube Playlist
  1. Jai Bolo Mahaveer - Mega ShowLink to YouTube
  2. Uttaradhyayan Sutra  Playlist - Link to YouTube
  3. 25 Bol Playlist - Link to YouTube
  4. Pratikraman and Prayer - Link to YouTube
  5. Decoding Navkar Mantra - Link to Youtube
Yoga and Meditation Sessions
Get healthy in the comfort of your home. Ramesh Ji Parmar will be helping us heal our mind, body and soul.

Please use the below link to Register for the program. There is a waiver and liability form that needs to be signed as a part of Registration process. Once you sign that you will get a confirmation email with a link to join. The email will also have the next week schedule for the class. There is a link in the email that allows you to join

Additional materials
Pranayama for Wellbeing and Inner Strength - Link to Youtube
Meditation Technique to strengthen Fearlessness - Link to Youtube
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