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Bhavana - The Principal Medium of Brainwashing

Bhavana is a very effective means of washing the brain. Go on repeating one thing time and again. Keep reiterating it. A moment comes when old ideas are shed off and new ideas get established in the mind. As long as we believe that it is another person who is responsible for our pleasure and pain, no transformation is possible. When through the exercise of bhavana, this belief is washed away, demolished, then in the event of pleasure or pain, a man would hold no other save himself responsible for it. Rather he would say to himself, "I must have done something, behaved in a particular way whose consequence I am facing now." The man's whole outlook would stand changed. Bhavana-yoga is an important method of bringing about a transformation, of changing one's outlook.

The question arises if it is possible to dissolve one's past conditioning by repeating something again and again. A celebrated dictum of the Nazis was - "Repeat a lie a thousand times, and it shall be accepted as truth." If a lie, repeated a thousand times, can become a truth, why cannot a truth be accepted as a truth after a million repetitions? Repetition has a significance of its own. Today, a student of science knows that in order to grasp a subtle fact, one has to pay attention to the frequency of its occurrence. He knows what is available and on what frequency.

The birth-centenary of President Lincoln of America was being celebrated. A man resembling Lincoln was selected to play his role. He traveled throughout the country for a year and acted Lincoln's part. His conditioning grew to be so strong that he began to look upon himself as Lincoln. The year passed away, but he continued in his dream. The people remonstrated with him that he was not Lincoln. But he was not prepared to accept it. Some people said, "Better shoot him down as Lincoln was shot." At last a machine was designed to manifest the truth. The man was set up before it. Thereupon he thought, "All say I am not Lincoln. Why shouldn't I assent to it and save myself?" So he blurted out, "I am not Lincoln." However, the machine indicated that he was; it had misfired. His bhavana had such a deep impact upon him that even though he was not Lincoln, the phenomenon of being a Lincoln had sunk into his subconscious. Therefore it is necessary that while practicing bhavana the sadhak should not keep his face averted from the truth. He should continue to practice bhavana along with meditation.

Excerpts from "Abstract Thinking" by Acharya Mahaprajna 

News - April-2019

JVBNA Holi Milan
JVBNA celebrated the pomp and festivities of Holi Milan on April 6, 2019 under the auspicious guidance of Samanji Malay Pragyaji and Samanji Neeti Pragyaji. The Holi Milan program was hosted by three MCs, Anshul Jain, Roshini Jain, and Aditya Munot.
The program started with Navkar Mantra and swagat bhajan sung by Vanadana Nahata and Shilpa Bhansali. It was followed by the ladies’ dance, Gyanshala kids’ dance and skit, couples’ dance and Hasya Vyang by Mahipal Singhvi, all highlighting the colors and celebration of Holi.

The cultural program was followed by Samanji’s pravachan on “Better Living” and benefits of living better lifestyle. The pravachan touched several topics such as learn to live, counter rocks with roses, a journey to liberation, detox every day, have high enthusiasm, and keep good health. The audience were captivated as she explained each segment and further emphasized that all units have to work together in order to have a healthy, happy, and enjoyable life.The program ended with Mangal Path.

The festivities continued outside with kids and adults playing dry color, enjoyed by all. The Holi Milan was sponsored by 15 families.
Smriti Sabha
It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our JVBNA family member, Shri Mool Singhi, husband of Shanti Singhi and grand father of Emma and Kayla Joyce, on April 25th 2019. Under the Guidance of Samanijis, Prayer meeting was held on Sunday April 28th, 2019 at JVB center in loving memory of Shri Moolji Singhi and to pray for the departed soul. 

Shri Mool Ji Singhi

Upcoming Events
  • Volunteer Opportunity - Fight Against Hunger - May 11th, 2019
  • Gyanotsav - June 01st, 2019
  • Family Camp - June 7th to June 9th, 2019
  • Summer Camp - July 22nd to July 25th, 2019

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