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Characteristics of Right Faith

A ‘shravak’ is endowed with Right Faith, Right Knowledge, and Right Conduct. The question is how do we know that one has attained ‘samyaktva’ (right faith)? What are the parameters and defining characteristics of samyaktva’? Five essential characteristics of ‘samyaktva’ have been expounded in the Aagams. Acharya Tulsi has explained these in Shravak Sambodh as:
sham-ho kashaay ka sahaj shaman, samveg-mumuksha vritti sabal, 
nirved –badhe bhav se viraag, anukampa-karuna bhaav amal.
aastikya-karm aatmaadik mein, janmaantar mein vishvaas prabal,
yeh lakshan samyak darshandarshan ke, jeevan yaatra mein hai sambal.

It means the five characteristics inherent in a shravak should be:
1. Sham (Equanimity)
2. Samveg (Intense desire for salvation)
3. Nirved (Detachment from the world)
4. Anukampa (Non-violent compassion)
5. Aastikya (Strong faith in soul, law of karma and re-birth)

1. Sham
The first defining characteristic of right faith is sham (equanimity). Right faith occurs when kashaay (passion) is pacified and the mind is at peace. Right faith is not possible in a person who is always ready to quarrel and fight for every minor issue and is not at peace. It is a matter to reflect upon if a shravak feels that his mind is unsteady or stressed. Why is his mind puzzled if he has right faith? He may be confronting adverse circumstances or have difficulties and problems in his life. Nonetheless, a shravak’s mind should remain steady. His mind must stay in equanimity. 

Kashaay : The Cause of Restlessness Anger, Ego, Deceit and Greed are the four types of kashaay. In an extreme state they create immense stress. When they are subdued, a person feels peaceful. Weak kashaay and strong will power never lets the mind experience stress.

a. Anger
The greater the intensity of anger, the greater is the unrestful mind. Intense anger can make our hormones poisonous. Science has also proved change in body-chemistry during the state of anger and its harmful effects on our health. Thus, it is evident that we should remain calm and refrain ourselves from getting angry.

b. Ego
Ego causes conflicts. A man full of ego thinks that he is the most important person in the entire world. Today he may be a very successful businessman, but what happens when circumstances change? He may be Prime Minister of the country today, but nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. We have seen many instances of people attaining utmost success and falling abysmally. Situations can turn so drastically that it is difficult to predict what is going to happen next. So, why should one have ego when we are not even sure about tomorrow? In this unstable world, ego reflects nothing but foolishness, ignorance and intense passion. Where there is ego, there will be restlessness.

c. Deceit
Deceit leads to an unstable mind. Law of nature is such that one who tries to entangle others in a web of deceit, himself gets caught in it. One who tells a lie deceitfully has to create a web of conspiracy around him. It is said – purvamchintaprayogasy asamye jaayate bhayam. It means, a person lives in anxiety before telling a lie and is fearful of being exposed while telling a lie. The extremity of deceit gives birth to a restless mind.

d. Greed
Though greed exists in each and every person, an intense state of greed causes agitation. It can be in the form of an excessive desire to possess or acquire more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. Ignorance gives birth to restlessness. To be sorrowful is ignorance. Restlessness of mind and confronting the problems is not one and the same. In the absence of kashaay and ignorance mind remains restful. The stronger the kashaay, the greater the level of restlessness will be. The weaker the intensity of kashaay, mind will be more peaceful.

Excerpts from "Who is a Jain Shravak ?" by Acharya Mahaprajna 

Precious Gem Stones of Life - New Year Special Session

Precious Gem Stones of LifeLink to YouTube

Under the guidance of Samani Malaypragyaji and Samani Neetipragyaji, JVBNA hosted a special session to kick start the New Year with entertainment and education. The program was kick started by Navkar Mantra recital by Samani Malaypragyaji. Hina Harkawat and Mahipal Singhvi then took the reins of the program in their hands and did an amazing job coordinating the whole show. They started of by giving us a summary of a challenging year and how well JVBNA family came together to make it more engaging by technology and bringing Samanijis virtually to our home everyday. The irony lies in the fact that, in 2020 we saw the worst pandemic of our lifetime, but at the same time, 2020 has benefitted all of us spiritually more than our entire lifetime. This is all because of the efforts put in by Samanijis, EC members, volunteers as well as participants who turned out in huge numbers to make the effort more rewarding.

Samani Malaypragyaji gave us the gift of 7 most precious gemstones in life. Along with that Samaniji also gave us the a,e,i,o,u formula, one for each weekday. Samaniji provided lot of great examples, very simple strategy to adopt these gemstones and the a,e,i,o,u formula in life. Samaniji highlighted Mahatapaswi Acharya Shri Mahashramanji's message: "Year comes and goes. There's nothing special about it. Every year should be a period of man's progress." and also made a special mention speak softly and not in a egoistic or provoking voice. This was followed up by beautiful performances our own Gyanshala students and beautifully complimented by our elders Surendra Ji, Sumitra Ji, Kamal Ji , Shilpa Ji and many more. We also got to witness beautiful performances on musical instruments by JVB members which was great to see and very inspiring.

The program culminated with JVB family wishing the best to each in 2021. Over all a wonderfully orchestrated and well coordinated program.
New Year Virtual Game Show
The learning never stops in JVBNA, whether it be via zoom session hosted by Samaniji for spiritual upliftment or via fun activities mixed with a little competition to push the thinking to next level, after all who doesn't like to win. In the pious presence of Samani Malaypragyaji and Samani Neetipragyaji, JVBNA and Utssav Group Chennai, India organized a virtual game show follow-up the New Year special session with some cheer and laughter. The participants were divided into 4 teams : Umaang, Tarang, Malang and Sarang. 

The game show was broken into various rounds like: Deal or No Deal, Dance Round, Crosswords etc. The energy was at the highest level with adults and youngsters participating and cheering with lot of enthusiasm. The whole game show was wonderfully coordinated and managed and lasted for close to 5 hours with no team wanting to fold early.

In the end Sarang group won the fiercely and closely fought contest. All in all a very innovative virtual contest which was engaging, enriching as well as very energetic. Hope we can have many more such virtual contest on different topics which makes the learning fun and eventful.
Parshwanath Jayanti - 24 Hour Akhand Jaap
Under the guidance of Samani Malaypragyaji and Samani Neetipragyaji, JVBNA, NJ organized 24 hour akhand jaap on occasion of Parshwanath Jayanti. This unique akhand jaap was attended by more than 150 families via zoom and more than 2000 viewers participated via YouTube live session from around the world. The session started at 8 PM EST on 7th January EST, ended on 8th January 8PM EST.

Link to Jaap: Link to YouTube
Karen Atmotthan, Banen Vardhaman!
On the upcoming Acharya Mahashramanji’s 60th Birthday, under the guidance of Samani Malaypragyaji and Samani Neetipragyaji, JVBNA NJ launched monthly Online Open Book Global Quiz Contest on 09th January, 2021. The first quiz was on the book Kya Kahta hai Jain Vangmay. More than 1000 people from all over the world participated in this online open book quiz and the response received was very encouraging. The quiz went smoothly with minimal issues and all participants were able to successfully complete the quiz.

The second quiz will take place on Saturday, 5th February, 2021. Please find the details below

See the included video for further details: Link to YouTube
Second Quiz Contest on February 5th, 2021 - Book - Aao Hum Jeena Seekhe
Ebook - Available on Sambodhi App
Audio Book: Link to YouTube

Exciting prizes to be won while doing Gyan Aradhana.

सरल शब्दों में दे दिया सुज्ञान
आचार्य श्री महाश्रमण महान
पढ़कर के करें आत्मोत्थान
समझकर सारे बनें वर्द्धमान
Lets Go Inside with Sessions
JVBNA, New Jersey is happy to share below ongoing sessions by Samani Malay Pragyaji and Samani Neeti Pragyaji
Daily recharge your mind, body, soul :  Daily Bhaktamar, Signature Pranayam, Theme based Meditation session
US Time - 7 AM to 8 AM EST
India time - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Evening Pravachan by Samani ji
US Time -  8:30 PM to 9:30 PM NJ EST
India time - 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM (India time (next day))

Tuesday- Gatha param vijay ki
Wednesday - Kalyan Mandir 
Thursday - Desvaliyam sutra

Please join by clicking on JVBNA Zoom link: 

Or (enter with passcode)

Zoom meeting ID - 650899666
Passcode - 108
Or anytime on YouTube : Link to Youtube
Yoga and Meditation Sessions
Get healthy in the comfort of your home. Ramesh Ji Parmar will be helping us heal our mind, body and soul.

Please use the below link to Register for the program. There is a waiver and liability form that needs to be signed as a part of Registration process. Once you sign that you will get a confirmation email with a link to join. The email will also have the next week schedule for the class. There is a link in the email that allows you to join

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Pranayama for Wellbeing and Inner Strength - Link to Youtube
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