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Preliminary value of Shravak's Life

One must evaluate the true value of shravak’s life and understand where it begins. To elucidate the initiation point of shravak’s life Acharya Tulsi mentioned the name of Umasvati, the author of ‘Tattvartha Sutra’. Tattvartha Sutra (the original name, Moksha Sutra) starts with the aphorism:
‘Samyakdarshangyaanachaaritraani ratnatrya mokshamaargaha.’

Right faith, right knowledge and right conduct altogether lead to the path of emancipation.

These are not three different paths, but one comprised of the three. In the words of Umasvati, these three gems are the starting point of a shravak’s life. It is a prerequisite to have faith and follow this path for shravak’s life. One should contemplate on right faith, right knowledge, right conduct. A person who does not understand and adopt the practices of these three gems, does not qualify to be called a shravak. He can just be a follower. Therefore, it can be concluded that a shravak’s life does not start just by birth or lineage. It begins from the moment he starts practising right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct.

Samayak Darshan (Right Faith)
Right faith, in general, is understood as right perspective. But in fact, it is far beyond this practical definition. Acharya Tulsi explains right faith ontologically. He explains how a soul can achieve this state? 

darshan-saptak aur apratyaakhyaanaavara nvilay paaye
tab sanyamvrat me praveshkar, deshvrati ve kahlaaye.

A layman becomes shravak when he attains right faith (samayak darshan). When does he attain right faith? right faith emerges when the seven types of karma, collectively called ‘DarshanSaptak’, are either eliminated (kshay), or subsided (upsham) or destructioncum- subsided (kshayopasham). Darshansaptak means seven types of mohaniya (deluding) karma:

(1). Four types of anantaanubandhi (endless or severe) kashay (passions): anger, pride, deceit, and greed, (2). Three types of darshan mohaniya (faith deluding) karma: mithyatva (perverse faith) mohaniya, samyaktva (right faith) mohaniya and mishr (mixed or unstable faith) mohaniya. When these seven karmas subside samyak darshan is attained.

Naishchayika Samyak Darshan. There are two types of right faith:
1. Pragmatic right faith (Vyavhaarika)
2. Realistic right faith (Naishchayika)

The kshayopasham of darshansaptak is realistic right faith. Until darshansaptak is conquered partially or completely, right faith does not appear. Anantaanubandhi (infinite intensity of passion) is the most dangerous. For example, if a person has grudges against someone and resolves not to maintain any relation with that person forever including all the future reincarnations. It is the state of anantaanubandhi anger. Another state of anger occurs when at times a person gets angry, but eventually cools down. Of course, there is anger, but it is not anantaanubandhi. 

Excerpts from "Who is a Jain Shravak ?" by Acharya Mahaprajna 

Paryushan Mahaparva 2020

Bhaktamar Workshop

With the blessing of  Mahatapaswi Acharya Shri Mahashramanji, Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha has been conducting a daily workshop on Bhaktamar & 25 Bol. Everyday, Samani Malaypragyaji from JVBNA shares her in-depth knowledge of  clear pronunciation, interpretation and spiritual secrets of Bhaktamar Strotra. This is very unique way of educating thousands of people on one of most auspicious creation of Jainism.

The sessions have seen a huge surge in listeners across various platforms. People enthusiastically join the zoom sessions and also review the sessions on YouTube. We are very hopeful that these sessions will encourage lot more people to learn, practice and deepen their faith in Bhaktamar Strotra.

Detailed interpretation, explanation of one Bhaktamar Shlok daily by Samani Malay Pragya Ji at following times

India Time: 7pm -7.30pm
NJ EST Time: 9.30am -10am

Join Zoom Meeting - same link 
Meeting ID: 858 9923 4789
Password: Terapanth

Watch it live on YouTube-
Events Calendar and Social Media
Jain Vishwa Bharati of North America is constantly making progress as part of global outreach to assist more and more people to improve the quality of life by cleansing the mind, body and soul by practicing preksha mediation and other spiritual techniques. To achieve this, JVBNA has expanded its presence in social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. We encourage you to subscribe to these platforms to receive latest news, participate in live sessions and view recorded sessions of past events.

With regards to upcoming events we have also introduced events calendar. Please refer to the icons below to subscribe to social media platforms and access the upcoming events calendar
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Creative Workshop for Kids

Creative Workshop was a 5 day workshop conducted specifically for younger kids. Samaniji blessed every class with Navkaar Mantra and then respected professional teachers took over. 

First day of the workshop was an art class conducted by Tripti Mehta who is also a Gyanshala Hindi teacher. She taught kids a wonderful art piece using techniques and also taught how to use crayons in a more creative way.  Second day of the workshop was a craft workshop taught by Riddhi Jain  from India (Banglore). She taught students how to make a usable pen-pencil holder using construction papers. Third day of the workshop was also taught by Riddhi Jain. She taught kids to create a scenic beauty using paint colors and sponge. On the fourth day kids had fun with Preeti Agarwal from Singapore through her interactive and innovative story session. Her story session was theme based, taught kids some important life lessons and also gave them knowledge about Machu Picchu a beautiful place in Peru. The same day the latter half was taken care of by Riddhi Jain again who made the workshop more interesting through fun with Numbers teaching kids to draw animals using numbers. Fifth and the last day of the workshop was also taught by Riddhi Jain. Kids learnt how to make a beautiful and creative photo frame using construction paper. 

The idea of this workshop was to add some fun , creativity and involve kids for the period of one hour 30 minutes. During these tough times when kids could not go out much for any activities, this workshop entertained them to great extent and they were easily attentive although being it virtual. .

YouTube Link:

Vedic Math Workshop

Under the auspicious guidance of Samani Malay Pragyaji and Samani Neeti Pragya Ji and led by Ramesh Ji Parmar JVBNA organized a three day workshop on Vedic Mathematics. Keeping our focus to engage kids into constructive activates, the idea to organize Vedic mathematics workshop was a unique one. This time the idea was to have fun with one of the most feared subjects for many, Mathematics. The sessions were attended by students and parents from all over the world. These sessions were meant for 8 years and above only with basic knowledge of mathematical operations. 

There are patterns in nature which may seem random.  Recognizing these patterns is a step towards making sense of the randomness.  Vedic math offers methods to identify patterns and apply certain formulae to solve the problems in various branches of mathematics.  Students of all age groups from various parts of the US as well as the world attended the three one hour sessions.  The workshop covered solving non-trivial multiplication, squares, cubes and division problems.  There was lot of enthusiasm from students as well as parents.  The simplified process offered by Vedic math enabled students to solve the problems mentally (‘mental math’) and also have fun in the process.

There were requests from students and parents to conduct additional sessions with focus on solving equations using Vedic math. JVBNA has been raising the bar of engaging community into with these life changing sessions.

YouTube Link:
Yoga and Meditation Sessions
Get healthy in the comfort of your home. Ramesh Ji Parmar will be helping us heal our mind, body and soul.

Please use the below link to Register for the program. There is a waiver and liability form that needs to be signed as a part of Registration process. Once you sign that you will get a confirmation email with a link to join. The email will also have the next week schedule for the class. There is a link in the email that allows you to join

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Pranayama for Wellbeing and Inner Strength - 
Meditation Technique to strengthen Fearlessness -
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