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This evening, from 5:30p.m. to 7:00p.m. Rep. Andy Harris will be holding a Town Hall meeting in Bel Air.

Here's the location:

Bel Air Town Hall
39 N. Hickory Avenue 
Bel Air, MD 21014

I hope that you can attend this town hall to ask Andy Harris why he voted to FUND Obamacare and spend $1.1 trillion dollars!

Just this month, Andy Harris voted FOR H.R. 3547--a liberal spending package bill designed to:
  • Increase public debt
  • Continue the DC spending binge (increase in spending by $26 billion)
  • FUND Obamacare
  • Fund the United Nations
  • Rob our military veterans of pension benefits
Andy Harris pledged to us that he would change Washington.

Instead--it changed him.

Please hold this sellout, counterfeit Congressman accountable tonight by attending his "Town Hall" meeting and forcing Andy Harris to answer for his vote FOR H.R. 3547

For Liberty,

Bob Willick
Steering Committee Member
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Not familiar with Andy's vote to bankrupt our children's future?

Read Kathy's email below to get caught up.



Maryland Republican Congressman Andy Harris sold you out by voting for the massive $1.1 trillion spending package that funds the government...

...until September of this year and continues to bury us deeper in debt.

Just last week Harris voted FOR H.R. 3547--the liberal tax-n-spend budget deal that plummets our country into more debt and out-of-control spending.

But it gets worse.

This budget deal funded Obamacare for 2014.

That's right, Andy Harris just voted to fund Obamacare last week!

And not only did he vote to fund it, Andy Harris worked  to compile this monstrosity of a budget that will...

...increase spending by $26 billion over the fiscal year.

You see, Andy Harris is a member of the House Appropriations Committee which is known as one of the "Power Committees"...

...because it holds "the power of the purse".

This means that Harris was not only keenly aware of what was being funded in the budget...

... he was also part of the team that worked with the lead person in charge of the Senate/House compromise.

That person is none other than Barbara Milkulski.

That's right, Andy Harris worked with and voted with Liberal Maryland Senator Barbara Milkulski to continue to increase debt and fund Obamacare.

There is even more bad news to report.

Congressman Harris also knew that by supporting this budget, he was providing further funding to the United Nations as well.

Rep. Barbara Lee, an extremely liberal Congresswoman from CA, gave a floor speech in which she lavished the budget bill with praise...

...for increasing funding to the United Nations as well as other left-wing causes.

As if all of this wasn't outrageous enough, Andy Harris knew that this budget would hurt the very people that put their lives on the line... protect the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.

By voting for this budget, Andy Harris voted to cut the pensions of America's war Veterans.

Paul Rieckoff, founder of "Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America", called the budget a "total betrayal" of those who served in the military.

How could anyone vote to increase funding for the U.N. while cutting pensions of military Veterans?

Please call Congressman Harris and tell him that this kind of sell-out budget compromise is not what he was elected to do.

Congressman Andy Harris
Washington office - 202-225-5311
Bel Air office - 410-588-5670
Kent Island office - 410-643-5425
Salisbury office - 443-944-8624

The last thing this Country and the State of Maryland needs is another politician that will place their political aspirations over principle.

Let's make sure Andy Harris gets this message loud and clear.

Thank you for your support and please share this email with friends and family. 
For Liberty,

Kathy Jaggers
Steering Committee Member
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty

Bob Willick
Steering Committee Member
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty

Joseph Tropp
Steering Committee Member
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty

Arlen Besel
Steering Committee Member
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty

Greg Meyer
Steering Committee Member
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty
P.S. Please help us hold our Congressman, Rep. Andy Harris, accountable for his destructive vote FOR H.R. 3547.
Please call his office at 202-225-5311.

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