Exhibition view of 'Africa Now' auction at Bonhams London, Oct 2015
Exhibition view of 'Africa Now' auction at Bonhams London, Oct 2015 

"Insight" #13 - Q3 2015

Dear Friends,
August 25th sent jitters through financial markets around the world. The Shanghai composite lost 8.5% in a day and sent global markets spiraling down. The Dow Jones lost over 1000 points at the open and ended down ‘only’ 588 points, the worst day in 4 years. The art market was immediately concerned. With Chinese buyers playing an increasingly important role and the local Chinese art market already somewhat cooler, fears were mounting.

Fast forward 6 weeks to October 4th, while I am writing this, it appears western markets have settled down after a circa 10% correction and are starting to move up again. The Contemporary Art market major league season opened today with Sotheby’s HK evening sale, where results are strong, particularly for Modern works and a few exceptional contemporary pieces such as a 1960 Kusama that set a new world record of just above $ 7 million.

Read my full report which includes important updates on the fund's activity here.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments.

Best wishes,
Serge Tiroche, co-founder

Art Market Updates

If the world’s economy is filling markets with a pervasive sense of uncertainty, why is the art market picking up steam for yet another season of what would appear to be massive sales? This very interesting article by Marion Maneker provides an insight about the economic behavior of the art market. Read more...
Contemporary art has become the primary driver of the global Art Market, a role historically played by Modern Art. This reality – analysed and explained by Artprice in its most recent semi-annual report (August 2015) – has been confirmed by our latest data sets for the Contemporary art market. Read more...
artnet and the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA) released their third consecutive in-depth report about the Chinese art and antiques market for the calendar year 2014 (download the free report here). The analysis shows that the market remains down sharply from its peak in 2011. Read more...

Artist Spotlights

Portrait of Gatot Pujiarto
             Gatot Pujiarto b.1970
Portrait of Jigger Cruz

            Jigger Cruz b.1984         

Recent Acquisitions

Lavar Munroe, 'Untitled', 2014

Jigger Cruz,Trinitarian Formula: Great Corners Through the Eyes of the Moths, 2015

Kader Attia, The Repair, 2012

Kader AttiaThe Repair, 2012

Wael Shawky, Dictums: Manqia I, 2014

 Wael Shawky, Dictums: Manqia I, 2014

Pieter Hugo, Animal handler with Ajasco, Lagos, Nigeria, 2007

    Pieter HugoAnimal handler with
    Ajasco  Lagos, Nigeria, 2007

Pieter Hugo, Garuba Yawu with Mora, Ogere-Remo, Nigeria, 2007

          Pieter HugoGaruba Yawu with  
          Mora Ogere-Remo, Nigeria, 2007

El Anatsui, Adinsibuli Stood Tall, 1995

Recent Exhibitions 

To view the Tiroche DeLeon works exhibited around the world in Q3 2015, click here.

Residency #2 - reviewed

Portrait of Ruben Pang painting Purgation
During her two month long stay in Israel, Isabelle Grobler, the second participant of the Tiroche DeLeon Residency program, evolved as an artist and created a new body of remarkable artworks. Isabelle used the Residency as a departure point to explore new practices and find creative inspiration for her installations and drawings. Read more...

Recent Press
AUP: Combining Art and Finance
AUP presents the initiative of its alumni Serge Tiroche, who has combined his passion for art and finance, co-founding Art Vantage, the first Art Fund modeled on a private collection.
October, 2015

Exclusive interview with Ruben Pang
The Artling interviewed Singapore artist Ruben Pang to find out more about his artistic practice and his stint as the inaugural participant in the Tiroche Deleon Collection’s Residency Program. October 9, 2015
Il Sole 24ore
Art Economy 24: La Cina rallenta il mercato dell’arte? (Italian)
An interview with Serge Tiroche about the possibile consequences that the financial and economic crisis of China could have on the worldwide art market. (Read full interview transcript in English here) October 29, 2015
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