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Fall Riding Tips

For many, Fall represents the best riding of the entire motorcycle season. Cooler temperatures, amazing scenery, apple fest celebrations and the opportunity to get those last rides in before putting your bike to rest for the winter make this THE time to ride.  However, the fall brings several unique riding challenges. Here are five tips to help you keep the sunny side up as you enjoy this change of season!

#1 - Safety over Scenery
The temptation to look away from the road is perhaps greatest during the fall season. Breathtaking scenery beckons around each curve, sometimes leading riders to ignore the task at hand. Be sure to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and pull over when it’s safe to take in the beauty of the fall season.

#2 - Gear UP!
Though it’s always important, wearing proper protective gear is vital to remaining safe AND comfortable during these final riding months. Remember, if you go down, your only protection is the gear you choose to wear on that ride. Choose wisely my friends

#3 - Sun and Shadows
With the sun dipping lower in the sky, sun glare is more prominent during the fall season. According to statistics, sun glare is involved in a high percentage of accidents when a motorist fails to see an approaching motorcycle. Longer shadows can also mask road debris, potholes, and other potential stability issues. Stay alert and use extra caution when the sun and shadows are part of your ride.

#4 - Leaves
While beautiful to look at, leaves on the street can present an unwelcome challenge to any rider, especially when wet! Anticipate what you may find around that next curve, especially if it's been windy the past few days. Recent rain also means taking extra caution as you ride. Look well ahead for those patches of wet leaves that can “leave” you wishing you had taken our #2 tip above more seriously!

#5 - Deer / Wildlife
Nothing strikes fear into a motorcyclist like the threat of encountering Bambi during a ride. Reducing risk in this scenario is best accomplished by combining our eyes (look well ahead), our mind (stay alert), and our riding habits (slow down, covering your brakes & clutch, avoiding riding along the edge of the roadway, etc.). 

While no one tip, or set of tips, can totally protect you from harm, you can vastly improve both your safety and enjoyment of this fantastic riding season by adopting these five fall riding tips into your riding “matrix.”

For a video recap with even more tips, check out this Snyder's Riders Video and all our motorcycle resources at  Edgar Snyder & Associates.

October Contest 

Snyder's Riders wants to know what is your favorite 
Fall Riding Destination or event!

Is it a group ride to an upcoming apple fest celebration, a solo ride thru a 'hidden' stretch of scenic roadway, or a ride closer to home packed with fall activities?

Regardless, we want to know. And by sharing your Fall ride, you will be automatically entered into our October Snyder's Riders giveaway!

Everyone who enters will have a chance to WIN over $150 worth of goods from from our Safety Partners.

 To enter :
1. Post your Favorite Fall Ride in the comment section on the Snyder's Riders Facebook page under the #MotoFallRide contest announcement.

2. You can also post your entry on Twitter or Instagram.
Be sure to tag us and include the hashtags #SnydersRiders and #MotoFallRide to be officially entered.

3. Include a picture with your post to earn a DOUBLE entry!

No social media, no worries! 
Email us at with your pic(s) and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win. 

Entries due by October 31st. You must be a Snyder's Riders member to win.

Ride ON and Ride SAFE!

October Events 

Saturday, October 16th
Three Rivers HD: Motorcycles & Clotheslines - KSWA Live Pro Wrestling Event
Three Rivers Harley Davidson
Gates open at 1pm
Event at 2pm
Glenshaw, PA

Saturday, October 16th
Gatto Harley-Davidson's Annual Chili Cook Off
1 - 5pm
Tarentum, PA

With the current health issues and fluid social recommendations, our usual event lineup is changing on a daily basis. Check the Snyder's Riders Facebook Page for event updates.
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