Snyder's Riders May Monthly Tune-up
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Snyder's Riders Monthly Tune-up


May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and now is the perfect time to reassess and improve our riding strategies, while helping spread the word that motorcycles are everywhere.
Enter the Snyder’s Riders #BeSeenBeSafe Contest during the week of May 20th as we roll out a new series of videos highlighting the importance of “being seen” while enjoying the open road. The landmark “Hurt Study” completed in the 1980s by researcher Harry Hurt showcased just how vital it is for motorcyclists to properly “present themselves” to oncoming traffic. In crashes, many motorists claim they didn't see the motorcycle or noticed it too late to avoid pulling out into its path. Being seen early and often is a top priority to avoid this all-too-common accident scenario. In response, Snyder's Riders will present a series of eye-opening videos starting May 20th that will show you how to increase your visibility to improve your safety while riding.
The videos will also give you a chance to enter our #BeSeenBeSafe contest by sharing your personal safety tips, photos, or techniques on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Use the hashtags #SnydersRiders and #BeSeenBeSafe to confirm your entry. No social media? No worries. We will be emailing out links to those videos allowing you to enter by emailing us at Once the contest is live, you will be eligible to win prizes such as gift cards from a range of places including Three Rivers Harley, Texas Roadhouse, ProRider DVD, and more!
Help spread the word that motorcycles are everywhere!  Remind motorists that the biker they see approaching is CLOSER and traveling FASTER than they realize. Rather than pulling out in front of an approaching bike we recommend all drivers Wait, Watch, and Wave:
  • Wait where they are
  • Watch the motorcycle go by,
  • Wave to acknowledge that they just saved a life!
When we work together on the road, we can ensure we all make it home to ride again!
Ride Safe & Enjoy!

June Events

Catch us during June at the following events to receive your free We Ride Alongside T-shirt and bandana, as well as information on all the rider training programs featured on
Saturday, June 8, 9:30am-5pm: Three Rivers Harley-Davidson / Children’s Hospital Event 
Tuesday, June 11, 5pm-8pm: Bike Night at Cycle Gear Allison Park 
Saturday, June 29, 11am-12:30pm: Gatto Harley-Davidson / Summer Event
Be Seen, Be Safe
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