Snyder's Riders September Monthly Tune-up
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Snyder's Riders Monthly Tune-up

Snyder's Riders Goes "Back-to-School"
As many head back to their fall schedule and kids return to school, it's important to remind ourselves of how this can influence our safety on the roads. Recalling our “31 Days of Safety” videos and the R.E.A.D.Y. Prep acronym from the Stayin'Safe program, the “A” stands for “anticipating likely activity and potential conflicts.”
There are some things to  consider before swinging a leg over the bike and firing it up, such as predicted weather, the type of roads we may be riding (highway, country, or busy business districts), who we are riding with (seasoned, beginner, or large group gathering), the day of the week and potential traffic, and other possible threats.
One key factor to remind ourselves of is the presence of school buses, especially during the morning pick-up times and the afternoon drop-off times.  Expecting to come across stopped traffic in BOTH LANES is something that is best addressed BEFORE flying over a hill crest and then having to rely on your (hopefully) skilled emergency braking techniques.
This exact situation claimed the lives of at least two riders last year who make the mistake of assuming the road was clear just over the hill crest only to run straight into stopped vehicles. This is an accident that could happen to any of us who ride without incorporating that “A” (Anticipating) into our pre-ride checklist.  
Stay Sharp and Stay Alert: September Challenge
As an incentive to keep your skills sharp, our September Challenge will be based on the “31 Days of Safety” videos with “quiz questions” arriving twice a week via our Facebook page throughout the month of September (the first question posted yesterday, Sept. 5!). To be automatically entered to win our September prize package, worth over $125, simply leave your answer in the comments section of as many questions as you can answer. For those who aren’t on Facebook, there will be chances to catch up by replying to future newsletters within the month of September.
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