Snyder's Riders September Monthly Tune-up
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Snyder's Riders Monthly Tune-up

Back to School

As the summer winds down and fall begins to show its true colors, it’s important to recognize the challenges and potential conflicts that these next few months bring with them. Recalling our “31 Days of Safety” video campaign last year, an important mental checklist we highlighted from the program known as “R.E.A.D.Y.” serves as a reminder to prepare ourselves before we just jump on and take off with our bike.

Specifically, the “A” stands for “Anticipating likely activity and potential conflicts.” Spend a few moments to actively think through many of the changing factors that could impact your journey.  One that immediately comes to mind refers to the “Back to School” theme of this article and the presence of school buses we may encounter on the road. Depending on the day of the week, time of the day, and where you are traveling, being mentally prepared to come across a stopped bus along our route can keep us one step ahead of an encounter. Expecting to see that bus just over a hill crest, around the next bend, or immediately after turning onto another road can save us from having to use our emergency braking or swerving skills. Also realize that a bus stopped in the approaching lane brings the same potential hazard, since vehicles on both sides of the roadway are required to stop when the bus is picking up or dropping off students along its route. Traffic may back up in unexpected areas and by taking the time to “A” (anticipate likely activities), we are able to modify our riding and turn a potential issue into a non-issue.

To encourage everyone to use the “R.E.A.D.Y.” biker prep system, we recommend viewing the accompanying video explanations of each on our YouTube channel. You can watch "A" (anticipating) below.

And to emphasize the “A,” our September #Anticipate2Eliminate contest is dedicated to you adding your own personal “As” to the mix via our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.  Post a brief explanation, with an optional photo, of an example of one or more of the changing factors that you consider before each ride. Use the hashtags #SnydersRiders and #Anticpate2Eliminate when posting. No social media? No worries – simply email us your photo and/or written entry to and we will post for you!

Ride Safe and Enjoy the Road!
Learn more about the "A" of the "R.E.A.D.Y." prep system from's training programs and the Snyder's Riders 31 Days of Safety campaign.
Congratulations to Cassidy Haus, winner of our #GearUp2GetUp Contest!
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