Snyder's Riders April Monthly Tune-up
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Snyder's Riders Monthly Tune-up

Snyder's Riders welcomes new members from World of Wheels and Gatto Harley-Davidson's Spring Open House!

Spring Has Sprung!

Finally, spring has arrived, signaling one of the many official starts to the motorcycling season. As the weather breaks, offering us more opportunities to enjoy the open road, Snyder’s Riders reminds you to refresh those motorcycle skills, both physical and mental, before taking to the streets. For those who have taken a rider training course recently, you recall the saying, "motorcycling is more a skill of the eyes and mind than of the hands and feet." However, both physical and mental abilities are necessary to avoid some of the pitfalls when riding early in the season.

Realize that all skills are perishable—that includes our skills and the skills of other drivers we encounter along our way. Our skills include the physical riding skills we spent the entire last season developing, in addition to the mental and street awareness we honed through the year. Now, after months remaining dormant, it’s advisable to take some cautionary and low-risk rides to allow your abilities to catch up with your enthusiasm.

Likewise, the “look for motorcycle” skills of other road users have deteriorated over the winter. Combining our physical and mental skill loss with others’ diminished “share the road” abilities sets the stage for numerous potential conflicts.

And while we cannot control what the other drivers are doing, we can definitely improve our end of the safety equation. Now is the perfect time to refresh those skills with a rider training program—beginner, intermediate, and advanced riding options are available with our recommended skill providers, available on our website.

In addition, Snyder’s Riders has over 50 safety and riding development videos on our YouTube channel that address both the physical and mental aspects of riding. Just as important is having the proper insurance for the 2019 riding season for all those “what if” scenarios. As a member, you have access to the Snyder’s Riders team that includes a free insurance review with an attorney who can point out where you are properly protected and where you might want to consider additional coverage.

If you have any questions, including guidance on getting into a rider training program, be sure to contact the Snyder’s Riders Team at

Ride Safe and Enjoy as the 2019 Season has begun!
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