Snyder's Riders Rider Challenge Update
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Snyder's Riders Contest Update

Your Last Chance to Take Our Challenge and Win!

If you missed out on answering any of our Rider Challenge Quiz Questions on social media, here’s your chance to make them up. Remember, every time you answer a quiz question, you receive one entry to win the Rider Challenge gift bundle. That means if you answer all seven questions, you’ll receive seven entries to win the following:
  • $25 Cycle Gear gift card (Allison Park)
  • $25 Three Rivers Harley-Davidson gift card (Glenshaw)
  • $25 Gatto Harley-Davidson gift card (Tarentum)
  • $25 ProRider Pittsburgh gift card (Oakdale)
  • $20 Outback Steakhouse meal card (North Hills)
To submit your answers, simply reply back to this email, or email with your answers. Answers must be received by noon on Monday, Sept. 12, as the winner will be announced later that day. Correct answers will be announced on social media and in a forthcoming email.
Question 1: According to the “Hurt Study,” the average motorcycle accident occurs at approximately what speed?  (20mph) (30mph) (40mph)
Question 2: What one piece of riding gear has been shown to REDUCE your chance of being involved in an accident by 37 percent?
Question 3: The “Hurt Study” cited INTERSECTIONS as the number one place for an accident to occur. Can you name ONE Visual or Awareness “cue” that predicts an approaching intersection, enabling you to be PROACTIVE as you ride toward that potential conflict rather than REACTIVE and having to rely on your braking and/or swerving skills to avoid a collision?
Question 4: Which brake has the MOST STOPPING POWER and WHY?
Question 5: We know that turning the head and eyes is especially important when making slow, tight turns ... Can you name three other motorcycle control “tools” utilized when performing slow, tight maneuvers?
Question 6: What is one tip you would offer that could help reduce your risk of being struck from behind by a distracted driver?

Question 7: Missing this one thing from your motorcycle riding "safety matrix" can increase your chances of being injured or killed in a motorcycle accident by 148 percent. What is this one item?
Remember, this is your last chance to answer to win!

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