Snyder's Riders February Monthly Tune-up
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Snyder's Riders Monthly Tune-up

Welcome, New Members!
Thank you to those new and returning members who stopped by the Snyder's Riders booth at World of Wheels in Pittsburgh this month. If you're just joining us  – welcome to Snyder's Riders!
Spring Cleaning (It's Almost Time!)

As winter slowly comes to a close and visions of riding begin to dance in our heads, now is the perfect time to begin our own "spring cleaning" to properly prepare for the 2018 riding season. 
This includes making sure our bikes have been adequately maintained and any off-season repairs or improvements have been addressed fully. New riding gear, including the latest helmet innovations, jackets, gloves, boots, riding pants, and eye protection, are currently available and at pre-season prices, enabling you to bump up your safety with a minimum investment.  

Spring cleaning also applies to your riding chops both physically and mentally. Tune up your street awareness by making use of our extensive YouTube video collection, which features over 30 "quick-tips" to refresh, refine, and reinforce some of those skills lost during our winter hiatus.
Improving your physical riding skills also includes scheduling an early-season rider training program, ensuring you keep the sunny side up and those road gremlins at bay. As a bonus, our award-winning state program, Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety, is currently being updated as we have a NEW provider this season with Total Control Training. Improvements include an innovative classroom presentation and almost double the riding time, providing you with numerous drills and scenarios to instill proper riding habits.  Even if you've taken the former Basic Rider Course in the past, it is highly recommended to "begin again" with this fresh approach to learning and improving your motorcycling experience. As before, Intermediate, Advanced, and a 3-wheeled BRC will also be available – all with new riding drills and concepts. Currently, the entire PA Instructor core is being trained in the Total Control Method and classes will be posted!  
For those looking for even more options, check out a few of Snyder's Riders Safety Partners, like ProRider Pittsburgh and Stayin'Safe / Advanced Rider Training. Both are highly recommended and a load of fun as well!
For links to all the training programs mentioned, go to our Training Links page.  There you will find brief descriptions of each as well as a reminder that Snyder's Riders Members receive a 5 percent discount on all Stayin' Safe Tours.
And while on the website, new members be sure to take our "Safety Pledge" to automatically be entered into our current $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway! It is open to riders, passengers, motorists, and loved ones alike.
Now get busy, get cleaning, and get ready to ride as the 2018 season is just around the corner!
Ride Safe and Enjoy!
Have You Called for Your
Free Motorcycle Insurance Review?
Nothing says "spring cleaning" like tossing out the old and bringing in the new. Consider reviewing your motorcycle insurance to see if it's due to be "tossed" in lieu of something more protective in the case you're ever in an accident. All Snyder’s Riders members are eligible to receive a free, one-on-one motorcycle insurance review with an experienced motorcycle injury attorney at Edgar Snyder & Associates. It’s always best to make sure you have enough insurance protection BEFORE you need it. Call today at 1-866-710-1642 to let us know you’d like to schedule your insurance review.
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