Supporting Eleanor McEvoy, Yackandandah Festival, and musical shawls

It's not every day that you receive a handmade woollen shawl in the post from a kind stranger but that's what happened last week.

I met Belinda at the Woodford Folk Festival. We bonded over our crocheted water bottle holders and I was touched that she made the effort - on the second last day of the festival - to head over to the CD signing tent and show me one of her knitting projects. She pulled out a dainty white shawl and explained that she'd been knitting the musical notes of her friend Caroline's favourite song into the garment. Caroline had been undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and Belinda thought that the shawl would bring her joy amongst the gloom.

Almost two months after our meeting, much to my surprise and utter delight, I received my very own Belinda-shawl. It's pink and not only has my name knitted into the woollen pattern - but also the notes of a love song (as well as little hearts). I have no idea how someone manages to do something so thoughtful, clever and creative. It's a gift I will treasure forever.

I emailed Belinda to thank her for my shawl and was saddened to hear that Caroline had passed away. Belinda's white shawl, with its joyful musical notes, was placed over her coffin at the funeral.

As I sit typing this, with my pink shawl draped over my shoulders, I feel blessed for my breath. Blessed for my health. Blessed to be able to live my life to the fullest. And blessed for human beings like Belinda - who know what it means to truly 'knit for love'.
Shawl pic
She's one of Ireland's most accomplished singer/songwriters and she also happens to be the artist behind Ireland's top selling album of all time - A Woman's Heart.

Eleanor McEvoy is heading to Australia to perform a whole bunch of shows and I'm so happy to announce that I'll be warming the stage for her during the South Australian leg of her 2014 tour. It's an honour to get the chance to support such a highly acclaimed songwriter.

Adding to the excitement of this little support tour is the fact that it will allow me to return to this place....
Barossa Gallery
This pic was taken a few years ago, just before my Candlelight Concert at the Barossa Regional Gallery. Ever since, I've been dreaming about singing again on this stage, with its magnificent pipe organ. I have a feeling it's going to be a very magical night. 

If you have mates in South Australia - be sure to tell them about this tour! Information on venues and ticketing is listed below or on my Facebook page.
Later this month I'll be heading to Victoria to perform at the Yackandandah Folk Festival. I LOVE love LOVE this festival (mainly because when I was there a few years ago they had a green room full of homemade muffins and bowls of soup for performers). It's set in a quaint town full of friendly folks and this year the lineup includes my favourite Canadian band - The Good Lovelies. (If you don't know about these gals - be sure to look them up...harmonies to DIE for).

Following Victoria, I will be travelling to South Australia, then Canberra, then Western Australia. I do hope to see you at one of my upcoming gigs!

21 - 23 March Ange Takats (solo) @ Yackandandah Folk Festival (VIC)

4 April Supporting Eleanor McEvoy @ HATS Courthouse Cultural Centre (SA)

5 April Supporting Eleanor McEvoy @ Candlelight Concert, Barossa Gallery (SA)

6 April Supporting Eleanor McEvoy @ The Singing Gallery, McLaren Vale (SA)

17 - 21 April  Ange Takats (with band) @ The National Folk Festival (ACT)

25 - 27 April Ange Takats (solo) @ Fairbridge Festival (WA)
Each year I try to switch-off from the world for at least a week. That means no mobile phone, no internet, no television, no communication with the outside world.

In February, after a hectic few weeks of touring, I was lucky enough to be able to hop on a flight to New Zealand with my lad. We hired a campervan and spent ten days soaking up the fresh air, hiking mountains, swimming in icy lakes and enjoying the stillness that comes from being disconnected from the buzzzzzzz.

I thought I'd end this mailer with a photo that sums up how I felt during the trip. If you're someone who, like me, can feel overwhelmed by the speed of life, I highly recommend a switch-off holiday.
NZ happiness
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