February 8, 2017

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God Things Happening at FCC Duncanville
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm
Senior Pastor

Associate Pastor
Glenn Martin

Youth Pastor
Joe Hassler

Music Director
Jaime Perez

Wanda Call

Financial Assistant
Tony Davis

Admin. Assistant/Editor
Sheila Harris

Nursery Attendant
Mary Aguirre


Jesus is my Valentine; I talk to Him each day.
He never, never leaves me; and always listens when I pray.
Yes He is my Valentine; there is no love like His.
He is the heart of all that is; for Him I breathe and live.
He's a Valentine that never lies; never hurts or breaks.
He always has forgiven me; for all my past mistakes.
If you only knew my Valentine; You would love Him too.
For His love is always perfect; His love is always true.
So if your heart is longing; for a love that never ends.
for someone that is faithful; you know you can depend.
call upon my Valentine; He'll wash away your sin.
He will be your Valentine; and your dearest, dearest friend.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~

February 12

JJ Higgins preaching

Sermon Title and Scripture
What Does the Cross Mean to ...?
Matthew 16:24-25, 1 Corinthians 1:18

  February 5, 2017 

Weekly Offering

To meet our budget we need to bring in $5625 per week.


8:15 - 49 
10:45 - 70 

Sunday School


  • Our church
  • Our youth
  • Our search committee
  • The Swaneys
  • The Robinson Family
  • Jennifer Lockridge
  • Ruth Chowanec - health
  • Birthday joys: Lorelei Smith, Erika Anderson
  • Fighting cancer: Dick Pennington, Bob Olsen, Beth Jerrigan, JoAnn Boisdore
  • Safe travel for Sheree Preston
  • Sheree Preston's mother, Dawn Anderson's 80th birthday on Feb. 14
  • Cub Scouts and those who could be scouts
  • Healing and comfort for Ken Knowles
  • Jann & Jack Comstock
  • Chris & family
  • Continuing good health for Mary Kinnan
  • Family of Jim Robinson
  • Continued guidance and leadership over Lori Sanchez' children
  • Lori Sanchez' friend going through difficult times
  • Leland & Ernestine Dixon 65th wedding anniversary
  • Ernestine & Christine's 87th birthday
  • Cindy and her migraines
  • Our church to grow and prosper
  • Lackey's granddaughter Daisy who is ill and that no one else becomes ill
  • Guidance & wisdom for Deb Faulkner
  • Dell Davis & Liz Kirby wedding on Feb. 26
  • Happy Birthday to Ethan Sears' sister on Feb. 23
  • Prescilla Sanchez as she gives her testimony at school that she can focus and connect with those she speaks to
  • A family whose daughter is having deathly stomach problems
  • Continued prayers for: John Briggs, Dee Hampton, Nell Hassell, Jeff Hillery, Mary Lowe, John McGoldrick, Roland Pals, Bob Stewart

Join us for a pot-luck lunch and fellowship
on Tuesday, February 14 at noon. 
Bring a dish to share.

5pm in the Friendship room

Please bring a snack to share and a bagged gift
(not to exceed $10) as a prize.

Disciples Men's Appreciation Dinner for Disciples Women
6pm in the Fellowship Hall

Join us for an evening of wonderful fellowship, with a marvelous menu and pampering service that you won't get at home.
DW Fun & Fellowship Day
10am in the BOC room 


The Disciples Women will be collecting donations for the Little Red Sock campaign to raise contributions for Bryan's House on Sunday, February 5th, 12th, and 19th.  A table will be set up in the hallway on those Sundays.  Please consider supporting this worth cause.

March 3 & 4, 2017 
880 W Fox Avenue, LEWISVILLE, TEXAS 76067 

“Lead with a Hopeful Heart”  
Proverbs 16:9 NIV  
This Leadership Event is for all Area Leaders & Aspiring Leaders 
{Coordinators, Consultants, Key Women, and other Officers/Leaders} 
Housing:  TownePlace Suites Marriott Dallas/Lewisville 
731 E. Vista Ridge Mall DR., Lewisville, TX 75067 
Phone: 972-459-1275 

Registration and more information here.


May 19 - May 21, 2017
Disciples Crossing
3693 State Highway 31 East
Athens, Texas 75752

Hosted by Northeast Area, North Texas Area
& Trinity-Brazos Area of the Southwest Region

Scripture & Theme:
John 15: 1-17 “Connections for a Cause”

Keynote Speakers:
Rev. Dr. Larry Ross, North Texas Area Minister
Rev. Jordan Byrd, Pastor First Christian Church, Palestine, TX

Brochure and Registration Form

Please pick up your 2016 giving statements from the table under the name tags.

for the Stewardship Budget Meetings
 Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! 
Thursday, February 16
Tuesday, February 28
All Meetings at 6:30pm in the Friendship Room 


Week of Compassion

"Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me." (Matthew 25:40)

God is most tangibly present in this world where people hunger, thirst, lack adequate clothing and shelter, and are sick or imprisoned.  Christ claims as family members people who suffer.

Christ is so present in them that when you feed the hungry, care for the sick, welcome the stranger -- you feed, and care for, and welcome Christ.

When you give through Week of Compassion to those who suffer from natural disasters, war, or systemic poverty, you let them know:

You are here.

 Our Week of Compassion Offering will be collected Sunday, February 19 and Sunday, February 25.  Thank you for your support.

~ Mission & Outreach Committee

S A V E   T H E   D A T E
 * * * please note the date change * * * 

Sunday, February 19 at 12pm (after late worship) to WELCOME REV. HARGRAVE.
Please bring your favorite dish to share.
Susan's Saga
     Waiting.  It's something most of us don't particularly like to do, whether it's a long line or being stopped at a pokey red light when we're running late or being tangled up in traffic.  In today's fast-paced life, even TV commercials are quick, geared to people's short attention spans. 
     But maybe waiting is a relevant topic, even if it's not our preference. It turns out that there is quite a bit of waiting in our lives, even though we squirm, wanting fast solutions to everything, from our computers to our personal problems. 
     There are plenty of examples of waiting in the Bible, starting in Genesis.  The patriarch, Abraham, was 75 years old when he started out for the Promised Land.  He had no children.  It was another 25 years before his promised heir, Isaac, was born.  It was a long wait. 
     That is an encouraging example in the area of Bible translation, where projects can take a long time.  Even though our human nature can be impatient, yearning for quick results, the reality is that it's a process that can't be sped up. 
     In the New Testament, there is a Greek word that is frequently used: hupomone - which is translated as 'perseverance' or 'patient endurance'.  We are often admonished to stick it out, to keep on keeping on. The Christian faith isn't necessarily a quick fix; the view is long range.  
     Whatever our situation, whether the extended challenge of Bible translation, or a sticky problem that defies resolution, or an on-going situation that is difficult, we can gain encouragement from the New Testament writers to keep on persevering, to not give up. 
Susan Hugghins   

Susan Hugghins is serving in full-time ministry as a Bible translator among the Mixtec people of Oaxaca, Mexico.   Susan’s sending agency, Wycliffe Bible Translators, is a non-denominational organization; she raises her own funds to support this ministry.


8:15  John Wentz
10:45 Sue Hendricks, Ted Shaffer

8:15  Peggy Hillery (early & prep)
10:45 Lynn Lackey, Jacquelin Singh,
          Jo Anne Faerber, Bill Hendricks

Close & Prep Jo Anne Faerber
8:15  Anne Rowe
10:45  Mary Almanza

Stanely & Carolyn Scott, Barbara Detmore, Jill Elems
Thursday, February 9
10:00 am - Bible Study, BOC
6:30 am - Board Meeting, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Friday, February 10
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Saturday, February 11
8:00 am - Scouting for Food & Lock-in
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Sunday, February 12
8:15 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Worship
5:00 pm - Keno, Friendship

Monday, February 13
7:00 pm - Bible Study, Parlor
7:00 pm - Troop 355, Scout Room, FH, BOC
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Al-anon, Friendship

Tuesday, February 14
8:30 am - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
12:00 pm - Trendsetters, BOC
7:00 pm - AA, Seekers

Wednesday, February 15
6:00 pm - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
6:30 pm - Youth Group, FH
6:30 pm - Brass Rings
7:30 pm - Choir
Thursday, February 16
10:00 am - Bible Study, BOC
6:30 am - Stewardship Mtg, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Friday, February 17
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Saturday, February 18
10:45 am - Private Party, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Sunday, February 19
8:15 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Worship
12:00 pm - Covered Dish Lunch

Monday, February 20
7:00 pm - Bible Study, Parlor
7:00 pm - Troop 355, Scout Room, FH, BOC
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Al-anon, Friendship

Tuesday, February 21
8:30 am - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
6:00 pm - DW Apreciation Dinner, FH
7:00 pm - AA, Seekers

Wednesday, February 22
6:00 pm - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
6:30 pm - Youth Group, FH
6:30 pm - Brass Rings
7:30 pm - Choir
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