March 15, 2017

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God Things Happening at FCC Duncanville
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm
Interim Pastor
Dave Hargrave

Associate Pastor
Glenn Martin

Youth Pastor
Joe Hassler

Music Director
Jaime Perez

Wanda Call

Financial Assistant
Tony Davis

Admin. Assistant/Editor
Sheila Harris

Nursery Attendant
Mary Aguirre
Thoughts from Dave . . .
     Coming Soon to a Worship Service near You . . . “John’s account of the Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4.1-42). It’s a dramatic play in three acts, telling the story of Jesus’ bold and striking encounter with the most outside of outsiders – a Samaritan AND a woman.
     Act 1 tells us of that encounter – of how Jesus’ simple desire of a drink of water, turns into a theological conversation about “living water.”
     Act 2, then, Jesus’ disciples return from their trip to the grocery store – only to find Jesus speaking with this woman. Their response – What was he thinking? And all they get for their concern is another theological conversation about the food that truly nourishes.
     In the final act, we learn the results of Jesus’ boldness – Samaritans who come to Jesus for their salvation.
     It’s a wonderful story, and a story that brings forth no shortage of questions.
     Just what does it take for our spiritual thirst to be quenched?
     How do we go about drawing the lines beyond which certain people can never come?
     And how bold are we prepared to become, in order that God’s Kingdom may truly be on earth as it is in heaven?
     Join us this Sunday as we consider these questions and more. Or as the Samaritan woman says to her friends, “Come and see.” Until then . . .
Shalom                              Pastor Dave

  March 12, 2017 

Weekly Offering

To meet our budget we need to bring in $5625 per week.


8:15 -  35
10:45 -  66

Sunday School


  • Steve Glenn - cancer
  • Mary Cortez - acceptance of health
  • Continuing good health for Mary Kinnan
  • Healing for Randall Wagoner
  • Daisy Winters
  • Cancer: Bob Olsen, Beth Jerrigan, Joann Boisdore
  • Healing for Patsy Johnson, mother of Shannon Hendricks
  • Marjory Samet heart catherization Friday morning
  • Kirkpatrick, Danz & Smith/McBurnett family on recent family deaths
  • Our church
  • Our Pastors
  • Our Youth
  • Our Search Committee
  • Continued prayers for Lori Sanchez' friends dealing with marital issues
  • Continued guidance and leadership for Lori Sanchez' children
  • Lori and Audrey Sanchez for future possibilities
  • Sarah Christian's birthday
  • Continued prayers for Gina Gregor's family after the loss of her cousin, Keith Patz
  • Healing for Jimmy Smith family who lost their 21 year old daughter in a car accident
  • Healing for Ed Darrell's cat, Tommy
  • Successful heart-worm treatment for Ed Darrell's dog, Gracie
  • Comfort and healing for Kenneth Knowles
  • Peace in Mosul soon
  • Wildlife and domestic animals hammered by weather related disasters
  • Ruth Chowance's health concerns
  • Dan Clabb's Family after death of his father
  • Teri Gamboa
  • Tony Bullock
  • The Craven Family
  • Denise LeRae who was diagnosed with colon cancer
  • Louis Williams
  • Leonard Hogan
  • John & Becky Varnell
  • John & Sharon Briggs
  • Rick Pennington & family in loss of stepmother, Phyllis Pennington
  • Continued prayers for: John Briggs, Dee Hampton, Nell Hassell, Jeff Hillery, Mary Lowe, John McGoldrick, Roland Pals, Bob Stewart

***** TOMORROW, MARCH 16 ONLY *****

Shop at AmazonSmile using this link: 
and the church will receive an extra percentage
of what you spend.

Please pick up a Church
Directory Update from the table under the name tags.

I'm writing this note of Thanks to the entire congregation. For during these trying times of grief over losing my dear husband, Jim, the church has been a source of help and healing. I want to sincerely thank the many who took time from their day to bring me daily substances, listening ears and shoulders to lean on. The heartfelt condolences offered by the church has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by the entire Robinson family. 
Lynda Robinson
Please click here for Daily Lenten Devotionals provided by Society of St. Andrew. If you would like to make a donation to Society of St. Andrew to help cover the cost of these devotionals and help feed the hungry you can make a donation at or pick up an envelope from the table outside the church office and drop it in the offering plate. Paper copies are available on the table outside the church office.
Disciples Women General Meeting in the BOC room at 6:30pm. The program will be Acacia Massey of the Senior Source who will talk about care giving information and strategies. Hostesses will be the Lydia Circle.
 SUNDAY, MARCH 26 - 2pm 
DISCIPLES WOMEN SPRING RETREAT - Please join us for a fun filled afternoon of fellowship and fun in creating your own take away piece of art from Mosaic Madness located at 211 S. College Street in Waxahachie.  Cost is based on the project you select, which begins at $10.  You must register no later than 12N on Wednesday, March 22nd.  For more information about Mosaic Madness, go to their web page at
To make a reservation, call, text or email Sheree Preston. 817-228-0899 or 
DW Fun & Fellowship Day
10am in the BOC room 

Bring a sack lunch.
 Please bring individually wrapped candy for the Easter Egg Hunt. Candy can be placed in the church office.
Thank you for your help! 
Susan's Saga
The spectacular geography of the land of Israel isn't immediately apparent from reading the Bible.  Even looking at a flat map doesn't bring out the dramatic rift that runs from the Sea of Galilee right down the Jordan River valley and into the Dead Sea, the shore of which, at some 1300 feet below sea level, is the lowest point on earth. 

The Mixtec team is currently in a workshop on the Geography and Culture of Israel.  The co-translators report that it is helping them to get a better idea of the landscape of the land to which Abraham was called, where the history of the people of Israel was played out, where the Lord Jesus walked, and where Christianity got started.

For the workshop, a huge map is painted on the floor of the auditorium, showing the Mediterranean Sea, key cities and geographical spots in Israel and the surrounding territory, extending even as far as the Nile River.  A blown up map helps the participants get a better idea of the perspective and the relative distance between locations.

Practical workshops like this help us all with the task of translation, as we look at how to render travel to and from places we have never physically visited.
Susan Hugghins   

Susan Hugghins is serving in full-time ministry as a Bible translator among the Mixtec people of Oaxaca, Mexico.   Susan’s sending agency, Wycliffe Bible Translators, is a non-denominational organization; she raises her own funds to support this ministry.

Click here for more news from Susan.
The youth recently purchased a 65" TV for the youth house. Does anyone have a wall mount they could donate to the youth or would anyone be willing to purchase one for the youth? Please contact Pastor Joe if you could help with this request.


 8:15  Sandra Freeman
10:45 Ted Shaffer, Don McBurnett

 8:15  Anne Rowe (early & prep)
10:45 Jennifer Pennebaker, Paul McBurnett,
          Jo Anne Faerber, Ray Pursley

Close & Prep Ray Pursley

 8:15  Rosalind Black
10:45  Gina Gregor

Kay Bullock & Ethan Sears, Margaret Witherspoon, David & Sandra Freeman
Thursday, March 16
10:00 am - Bible Study, BOC
4-8pm - Flavor of Duncanville, DHS
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Friday, March 17
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Friendship
4:00 pm Scout Garage Sale Set-up

Saturday, March 18
8am-5pm - Scout Garage Sale
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Sunday, March 19
8:15 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Worship

Monday, March 20
7:00 pm - Bible Study, Parlor
7:00 pm - Troop 355, Scout Room, FH, BOC
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Al-anon, Friendship

Tuesday, March 21
6:30 pm - DW Meeting, BOC
7:00 pm - AA, Seekers

Wednesday, March 22
6:30 pm - Youth Group
6:30 pm - Brass Rings
7:30 pm - Choir
Thursday, March 23
10:00 am - Bible Study, BOC
6:30 pm - Elders' Meeting, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Friday, March 24
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Friendship

Saturday, March 25
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Sunday, March 26
8:15 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Worship
2:00 pm - DW Spring Retreat, Mosaic Madness Waxahachie

Monday, March 27
7:00 pm - Bible Study, Parlor
7:00 pm - Troop 355, Scout Room, FH, BOC
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Al-anon, Friendship

Tuesday, March 28
10:00 am - DW Fun Day, BOC
7:00 pm - AA, Seekers

Wednesday, March 29
6:30 pm - Youth Group
6:30 pm - Brass Rings
7:30 pm - Choir
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