February 15, 2017

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God Things Happening at FCC Duncanville
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm
Interim Pastor
Dave Hargrave

Associate Pastor
Glenn Martin

Youth Pastor
Joe Hassler

Music Director
Jaime Perez

Wanda Call

Financial Assistant
Tony Davis

Admin. Assistant/Editor
Sheila Harris

Nursery Attendant
Mary Aguirre
Thoughts from Dave . . .                                       February 13, 2017
        Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This will be the first of my contributions to your newsletter, and I look forward to sharing with you over this venue my thoughts on all things ministerial. That might include thoughts theological, ecclesiastical or concerning current events in our community, state or nation. It also might simply include a word about what’s happening at FCC Duncanville.
        And speaking of Duncanville, I surely don’t know the area well, as of yet, but I’m beginning to and looking forward to learning more. Help me please. Tell me your favorite restaurants, sights to see, places to go and people to meet. I want to become as much a part of the whole community as possible, during our time together.
        In case you haven’t heard, I am blessed to be married to a lovely lady by the name of Cookie (and she’s just as sweet as that name). She will not be with me all the time, because she has been a member of the choir and congregation at FCC, Fort Worth for some 44 years now. We are hoping to get a pass from her choir director though, so she can be with me this Sunday to meet those she didn’t meet at the Chili Cook-off.
        As you are aware, First Christian is the first of my retirement congregations, and as such I am officially part-time. Don’t let that title fool you, however, it primarily means that I will be off on Mondays, Fridays and some Saturdays, depending on church activities and Sunday preparation. You can be assured, however, that you can expect to find me in the office Tuesdays through Thursdays until lunch or shortly after, barring conflicts such as next week’s Minister’s Week at TCU. We’re still working on more precise hours and will let you know along the way.
        More importantly, know that my office door will always be open, and my mobile phone is always on. PLEASE feel free to call me as you need me, at 817-751-0780. My e-mail address at the church is
        MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . If you have a visitation need – be it at home, at the hospital or wherever – please let me know. PASTOR Dave is more than a title, it is who I am. I want to be your pastor whenever and however I can.
        All that being said, I look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday. I’ll be preaching from I Corinthians 3. 10-23, concerning the foundation we have as a church and as God’s people. Verse 11, perhaps says it best:
No one can lay any other foundation besides the one that is already laid, which is Jesus Christ.
        Think about it. Until then . . .
Pastor Dave

  February 5, 2017 

Weekly Offering

To meet our budget we need to bring in $5625 per week.


8:15 -  30
10:45 -  64

Sunday School


  • Blessing for Aubrey Cason's 8th birthday
  • Continued recovery for Mary Cortez
  • Paula Cortez
  • Chris & family
  • Leonard Hogan
  • John Briggs
  • Jack Sanford
  • Jennifer Osman who had a seizure Saturday night
  • The McBurnett's dog, Katy
  • Our church
  • Our Youth
  • Our Search Committee
  • Pastor Dave
  • Our Pastors
  • Peace & guidance for Tony Bullock
  • Christine Mims
  • Mrs. Hyman
  • Daisy Winters whose sister, Nina, passed away
  • Mary Lowe
  • Leland & Ernestine Dixon
  • Lori Sanchez' friends who are going through difficult times
  • Lori Sanchez' girl's stepmom & dad & family for the loss of their unborn child; healing for their hearts
  • Cameron Higgins - for my brother Noah and my parents
  • Cameron Higgins' best friend, Sarah's brother - that he will come home
  • Noah Higgns - guidance not to make bad decisions
  • Comfort & health for Ken Knowles
  • Mike Taylor to have endurance during radiation treatments
  • People of Venezuela in their time of trial
  • Gina Gregor's cousin, Keith Patz who had 2 heart attacks and is now on a lung machine
  • Ruth Chowance & her family as Ruth deals with health issues
  • Continued prayers for: John Briggs, Dee Hampton, Nell Hassell, Jeff Hillery, Mary Lowe, John McGoldrick, Roland Pals, Bob Stewart

Sunday,  February 19  at 12pm (after late worship) to WELCOME REV. HARGRAVE.
Please bring your favorite dish to share.
Disciples Men's Appreciation Dinner for Disciples Women
6pm in the Fellowship Hall

Join us for an evening of wonderful fellowship, with a marvelous menu and pampering service that you won't get at home.
DW Fun & Fellowship Day
10am in the BOC room 


The Disciples Women will be collecting donations for the Little Red Sock campaign to raise contributions for Bryan's House on Sunday, February 5th, 12th, and 19th.  A table will be set up in the hallway on those Sundays.  Please consider supporting this worth cause.
JYF - (Grades 3-5) - JYF campers will engage faith and Bible stories through interactive learning stations and creative and energetic worship experiences.  Arts and crafts, games, swimming are also part of the experience.  (JYF 1: July 3-7  JYF 2: July 31-Aug 4)
Chi Rho - (Grades 6 and 7) - Chi Rho Camp is one of the most unique and memorable experiences of all our summer camps.  The week is filled with silly large groups games, small groups where we practice talking about our faith, youth-led worship experiences and interactive keynotes.
(Chi Rho 1: June 19-24  Chi Rho 2: July 17-22)
8’ers Camp - (Grade 8) - AKA “Created to Be Me” Camp, 8’ers is designed to teach campers about spirituality and sexuality through a wonderful Christian curriculum.  Parents will receive detailed information about each day’s topic and theme after they enroll their camper in the session. 
(June 25-July 1)
9’ers Camp - (Grade 9) - 9’ers focuses on leadership development and spirituality.  Campers are taught ways to strengthen their faith practices and how to use their gifts and talents to serve God.   And they’ll have fun, too.  (June 12-17)
CYF Conference - (Grades 10-12) - Conference 2017 will focus on Interfaith Dialogue.  What do other faiths believe and how do we tear down the communication barriers between us?  We will reconnect with our faith, we will seek to understand other’s faith, and we will share with old and new friends alike during this one of a kind week that you will never forget.  (June 19-24)
Young Adult – (One year out of high school-25) – Young Adult Camp will use the Practices of Fruitful Living as its focus.  Conversations will center  around Passionate Worship, Intentional Faith Development, Risk-Taking Mission and Service, and Extravagant Generosity.  This will be a time of learning, growing, playing, laughing, and loving together.  (May 15-18)
Intergenerational Camps
Grand Camp - (Ages 4 through 10) - Grand Camp strives to strengthen the relationships between grandchildren and grandparents through play, laughter, and worship.  Grand Camp includes activities for children and programming for adults, as well as recreation and worship opportunities.  Each child must be accompanied by at least one grandparent but a grandparent can bring more than one child to the event.  (May 26-28)
Discovery Camp - (Grades 1 and 2 + Parent/Guardian) - Discovery Camp is designed to be your child’s introduction to the summer camp ministry.  It is a weekend full of fun, worship, learning, swimming, crafts and energetic games.  This weekend camp is shared with the child’s parent or another adult relative.  We hope this early camping experience will strengthen family bonds and get kids excited to attend many more camps in the future.
(May 19-21)
Family Camp - (All ages accompanied by an adult family member) - This camp is for families of all ages as long as one child attending is under the age of 18 and one adult is over the age of 21.  The goal of Family Camp is Sabbath!  Families come to rest, play and worship together.  What a great way to kick off the summer or bring the summer to an end! (Family Camp 1: June 2-4  Family Camp 2: Aug 11-13)
(Each family-centered weekend begins Friday at 7:00 pm and ends Sunday at 10:00 am)
Non-traditional Summer Camps
Adventure Camp - (Grades 6-12)
At this camp we’ll be seeking adventure in the forms of perhaps snorkeling, canoeing, backpacking, swimming, hiking and zip lining.  Come experience God out in Creation at an entirely new sort of summer camp.  This event will begin and end at Disciples Crossing but will take place at a state park nearby.  Experienced, trained adults will supervise all activities. (June 7-10)
Water Sports Camp - (Grades 6-12)
Water Sports Camp is celebrating its 2nd year as part of our Summer Camp Ministry program.  It combines a love for water sports with the more traditional elements of church camp like small group Bible study and “camp” worship.  Youth will learn to wake board and water ski.  Tubing, blobbing and swimming will also be available.  All sessions will take place at nearby Lake Athens and are taught by experienced adults.  No previous water sports experience is required but youth do need to be strong swimmers.  (July 24-27)
* NEW~ ADDaM Camp (Art, Drama, Dance, and Music) - (Grades 9-12)
ADDaM Camp is a 7day celebration of the gifts and talents God has given us.  Campers days will be full of creativity, fun, and the forming of life-long friendships. Whether you are a "center stage" type of person, or you enjoy supporting roles from the background, this camp is a way for you to use your creative talents and energy to worship God. Together, with your new friends and family, you will learn, rehearse, and perform a musical to be premiered at the Henderson Performing Arts Center in Athens, TX on Saturday Morning of the end of camp.  ADDaM Camp is not for "believers only." ADDaM Camp is a place to ask the hard questions, to seek and explore and find out who Jesus is and where to find him. You will meet people of all walks of life. You will get time in small groups to explore "Where Jesus is" and there is free time each day devoted to bonding with strangers and friends alike.  (June 25-July 1)
For Dates, costs, and registration information,
visit us online at

Stewardship Budget Meetings
 Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! 
Thursday, February 16
Tuesday, February 28
All Meetings at 6:30pm in the Friendship Room 
Week of Compassion

"Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me." (Matthew 25:40)

God is most tangibly present in this world where people hunger, thirst, lack adequate clothing and shelter, and are sick or imprisoned.  Christ claims as family members people who suffer.

Christ is so present in them that when you feed the hungry, care for the sick, welcome the stranger -- you feed, and care for, and welcome Christ.

When you give through Week of Compassion to those who suffer from natural disasters, war, or systemic poverty, you let them know:

You are here.

 Our Week of Compassion Offering will be collected Sunday, February 19 and Sunday, February 25.  Thank you for your support.

~ Mission & Outreach Committee

 2 - Birdelle Baker
 3 - Jack Sanford
 6 - Thelma Fouts
 6 - Brijin Higgins
 6 - Leonard Hogan
 8 - Vicki Farris
11 - Robert Richards
12 - Sheree Preston
12 - Doug Richardson
16 - Darrell Farris
18 - Sarah Christian
18 - Mike Puente
20 - Sandy Harrison
21 - Carolyn Shaffer
27 - Sarah Billingsly
31 - Rob Williams


 8:15  Sandra Freeman
10:45 Ted Shaffer, Don McBurnett

 8:15  Anne Rowe (early & prep)
10:45 Lynn Lackey, Paul McBurnett
          Ray Pursley, Lori Sanchez

Close & Prep Lori Sanchez
 8:15  John Wentz
10:45  Gina Gregor

Kay Bullock, Ethan Sears, Margaret Witherspoon, David & Sandra Freeman
Thursday, February 16
10:00 am - Bible Study, BOC
6:30 am - Stewardship Mtg, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Friday, February 17
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Saturday, February 18
10:45 am - Private Party, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Sunday, February 19
8:15 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Worship
12:00 pm - Covered Dish Lunch

Monday, February 20
7:00 pm - Bible Study, Parlor
7:00 pm - Troop 355, Scout Room, FH, BOC
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Al-anon, Friendship

Tuesday, February 21
8:30 am - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
6:00 pm - DW Apreciation Dinner, FH
7:00 pm - AA, Seekers

Wednesday, February 22
6:00 pm - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
6:30 pm - Youth Group, FH
6:30 pm - Brass Rings
7:30 pm - Choir
Thursday, February 23
10:00 am - Bible Study, BOC
6:30 am - Elders' Mtg, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Friday, February 24
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Friendship

Saturday, February 25
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers

Sunday, February 26
8:15 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Worship

Monday, February 27
7:00 pm - Bible Study, Parlor
7:00 pm - Troop 355, Scout Room, FH, BOC
7:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Al-anon, Friendship

Tuesday, February 28
8:30 am - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
10:00 am - DW Fun Day, BOC
6:30 pm - Budget Meeting, Friendship
7:00 pm - AA, Seekers

Wednesday, March 1
6:00 pm - Pastoral Counseling, Parlor
6:00 pm - AA Meeting, Seekers
7:00 pm - Ash Wednesday Service
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