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I am so excited to talk about the months of June and Juli which I spend in Helsinki Finland and Estonia.
I had the privilege to help pastors Tomi and Sanna Lehto at the River Helsinki for about 7 weeks out of which the Highlight was the 2 week School of Evangelism I got to conduct. 40 students signed up from multiple churches out of which 7 were children. I taught 2 hours of classes every morning and then we went out soulwinning 2-3 hours for 12 days.
By the end of the 2 weeks almost all of the students each led over 100 people to the Lord individually! We have seen people saved, touched, healed and set free. I guaranteed that everyone who will sign up and do what is required they will loose all fear of man and experience breakthrough in their life and that is exactly what happened.
Helsinki was impacted and invaded by the power of God. A total of 3178 people received Jesus in a matter of 12 days because of 40 people dedicating their time and obeying the great commission.
Europe is ripe for harvest!
Spontaneously someone set up meetings for me in 3 cities in Estonia the week after School of Evangelism.
I held soulwinning classes in Sillamäe, Pärnu and Kuressaare. We had 16 harvesters and 88 decisions for Christ in Sillamäe and 10 people at the altar, 12 harvesters and 62 decisions for Christ on the streets and 16 decisions at the altar in Pärnu; 8 harvesters and 50 decisions for Christ on the streets and 10 people at the altar and 11 baptisms in the Holy Spirit in Kuressaare. That is a total of 236 souls reached in that week.
I also had the opportunity to speak on a christian radio station in Kuressaare for over 2 hours the first night and was invited back to speak another hour and a half. The same thing happened at a christian TV station in Tallin Estonia where one 30 minute interview ended up in two interviews across the Baltic countries and all of Russia. I spoke about the fire of God and was able to pray the prayer of salvation on the radio and television reaching millions of people. I thank God for using a vessel like me and I pray that everyone who wants to be used by God reading my words right now will be moved to action by the power of God!
School of Evangelsim
We had an amazing time on the streets of Helsinki, many lives were touched.
One of our students had the opportunity to pray with the South African team at a big gymnastics event in Helsinki with permission from the South African Ambassador. They all received Jesus!
This man is the same one in the picture on the street. Two soulwinnerS witnessed to him on two different days and invited him to church. He even came up for prayer in the end and he said he liked "this place". He has never been to church before.
Kuressaare, Estonia.
9 precious souls saved and about 20 people baptized in the Holy Spirit, almost the whole youth came to be filled with the Holy Spirit and all received it!
This precious boy got baptized in the Holy Spirit, his mom was overjoyed with tears.
We prayed for her full healing from Cystic Fibrosis, believing for a miracle. This precious teenage girl went out with us on the STREETS to WIN SOULS! That is how she is paying the devil back for touching her health.
This lady had a clump in her chest afraid the doctors would say it is cancer. After I payed hands on her in the name of Jesus she couldn't find the clump in her chest anymore!
This teenage girl has very bad vision and a lisp so she had to hold the paper close to her eyes and read it slowly but she did it  boldly and led people to Jesus on the streets! Those two teenage girls wrecked me, there is no excuse not to preach the gospel to people!
On the radio I spoke against the lack of evangelism and preached hard against poverty mentality and the lack of giving and hospitality in the church.
Pärnu, Estonia.
12 people at the altar surrendering their lives, many baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Lord revealed to me that 2 people were struggelin with smoking and two came forward with their cigarettes and were set free! People were touched and healed that night.
I just spent a week in Turkey and am now in Israel. I am still waiting on the pictures from the youth camp in Turkey hosted by the River Church Istanbul. Amazing things have taken place that I will tell you about very soon!
Now I am in Jerusalem. The Vicar of Bagdad named Canon Andrew White is launching the first "Jerusalem International School of Reconciliation Studies" which is an 8 day course on terrorism and reconciliation in the Middle East. I believe it will give me a better understanding of the situation in the part of the world I am passionate and desperate to reach.
If you never heard of Canon Andrew White you can see some of his interviews with FOX or CNN
I am broadcasting from different locations in Israel on Periscope so you can find me there under my user name "gerssian".
Hope to see you tune in and join me!
I would like to thank my partners, friends, pastors and supporters for every prayer, financial seed and encouraging word.
It is very precious to me and I do not take it for granted.
If the Lord lays it on your heart to partner with the ministry given to me I would be happy to hear from you!

If you would like to sow financially toward my trips in Europe or my first trip to Israel you may use PayPal or credit card here:
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I thank you for reading my newsletter and being a blessing to me. God bless you!
Rev. Jana Pauls
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