Back in Amsterdam and ready fro RBI NEDERLAND!
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"I remembered what you said "it is the gospel not our ability..." Then Boldness came! And we prayed for our waiter in the restaurant. [...] We will never be the same!" Melina S.

Dear <<First Name>>

I don't know about you but I will never ever get tired of seeing people saved, healed, set free and touched by the power of God.
This year was the first time I got to be the main speaker at a youth camp and it was absolutely amazing to pour into this hungry group of young people and see the Lord do a great work in each one of them.
Through social media a youth leader from a church in Thessaloniki Greece found out about the camp and that it is associated with Revival Ministries International. She has seen videos of Dr. Rodney Howard Browne but their church has never experienced the fire of God like in his meetings.
So she booked a 10 hour bus trip and brought 10 of the young people over to Turkey to experience the power of God.
That is what I call hunger! I had no idea that they have never experienced the fire of God and it did not matter because God knew and the fire fell and lives were changed for ever.
In the video you can hear a young Greek speaking guy share what happened to him on the second night. He said he could physically feel the hand of God come on him. He was not able to walk or speak for hours after the service. He said he never felt anything like it.
Facebook was loaded with testimonies from the youth, here is one comment:

"I got totally blessed by this camp. Words are not enough to say how much it impacted my life and what a powerful anointing we had." Maria S.

Check out the Highlight video of the Dunamis Youth Camp HERE
But we warned, it is powerful! :D
The very first Dynamis Youth Camp with the River Istanbul Church in Yalova Turkey.
Every single one of them had an amazing encounter with God.
This precious girl and the boy in the picture below were two out of three youth that got baptized in the Holy Spirit and started to speak in tongues for the first time!
On the following sunday the youth got to share at the River Istanbul about their time at youth camp.
This precious girl got hit by the power of God every single night at camp, when I had her testify at camp and at church she cannot even speak and falls out under the power trying to talk about it.
This is a picture from a facebook post by the leader of the Greek youth group that came: "Yota preaching fire after youth camp! The fire of God hit the whole church, young people drunk in the presence even after service!" And the testimonies don't stop here!
This is a picture the youth leader from Greece sent me with the first guy she led to Jesus right after the camp, and the testimonies keep piling up!
"New people encountering Jesus on the streets."
The two girls on the center led that lady on the left to Jesus on the street!
Melina wrote me: "More people from our youth group started bringing their friends to Jesus! More testimonies! Alleluia! The river keeps flowing!"
One of the privileges I had this year was to meet this precious man of God personally and sit under his teaching for a week as he launched the very first school of reconciliation in Jerusalem. If you are interested in educating yourself about the middle east, and the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam then you should come to the next one in 2016. You can get more info and updates at
This man has lost THOUSANDS of his church members to martyrdom in the 15 years he has served in Iraq. He was kidnapped, threatened and lived through the most unbelievable situations. His love for people is incredible and inspires people all over the world.
I am back in Amsterdam as the administrator of the River Bible Institute Nederland where I also teach and head up the Evangelsim until January (for now).
I do have an open invitation to Greece so we will see when the time is right!

I am also believing God to study Arabic in the middle east so I can operate without a translator when the Lord sends me back.
I am broadcasting on Periscope so you can find me there under my user name "gerssian" > it means german-russian in case anyone wondered ;)
Hope to see you tune in and join me!
I would like to thank my partners, friends, pastors and supporters for every prayer, financial seed and encouraging word.
It is very precious to me and I do not take it for granted.
If the Lord lays it on your heart to partner with the ministry given to me I would be happy to hear from you!

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I thank you for reading my newsletter and being a blessing to me. God bless you!
Rev. Jana Pauls
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