Léman International Academy Winter 2020 Newsletter.
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From our Board Director - Mot de la présidente
Greetings to all of our extended LIA family and community!

What an unforgettable year 2020 has been! We have all lived through many unforeseen situations and have probably experienced many things for the first time (“confinements”, working from home,“virtual” activities, etc.) It has been challenging and tiring, but we have all learned many new skills and developed new tools to enable us to tackle fast-changing situations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful staff, both teachers and all of the supporting team for their tireless devotion and commitment to our school, our students, our families and our wider community. Behind the scenes there has been a huge amount of planning for many different scenarios on top of the usual busy schedule for our staff.

Thanks also to all of our parents for your support and messages of encouragement which have really helped to boost the team in a time of such change and challenge. Thanks also for your responses to our survey to assess needs when choosing a secondary school. As you know we have been wanting to expand LIA to secondary level for a number of years. There have been a number of obstacles and setbacks, but we continue to seek out workable strategies that we hope will enable this to happen. We are excited to see how this project continues to develop and will keep you informed when plans and timings are clearer.

I wish you all a great end of the year 2020 !

Kind regards,

Jane Carter
Board Director

10 ans de LIA - Mot de la directrice
10 years anniversary of LIA - Word of the Director
C’était fin août 2010, il y a donc dix ans, que LIA accueillait ses premiers élèves. Nous espérons que depuis ce moment notre école a eu une influence hautement positive dans la vie de tous les enfants que nous avons accueillis.

En cette rentrée 2020, nous sommes reconnaissants pour les dix années écoulées et pour toutes les merveilleuses rencontres qui ont jalonné ce parcours. La recherche de l’excellence académique, la prise en charge holistique et bienveillante des enfants qui nous sont confiés, le partenariat fructueux avec les parents demeurent nos objectifs.

Nous continuerons de célébrer ce dixième anniversaire tout au long de cette année et aurons peut-être l’occasion de le faire avec vous.

Bon anniversaire LIA !

Catherine Renard
Nouvel espace pour les 3-5 ans !
New space for our 3-5 years old !
Cette année pour les plus jeunes élèves de notre école nous bénéficions d’une grande, belle et lumineuse salle de classe.

Un grand espace est favorable pour pouvoir intégrer le mouvement aux apprentissages. Les enfants ont besoin de bouger; cela est essentiel à leur développement. À travers les mouvements les enfants expérimentent et assimilent des connaissances, leur coordination motrice est ainsi renforcée et plusieurs aires du cerveau sont développées.

Sous le regard bienveillant des adultes, l’enfant se sentira heureux, développera son intelligence mais aussi son indépendance et sociabilité.

Flavia Farcas, Professeure principale

Ecole en nature
School in Nature

An excited bundle of students arrived at LIA on Thursday, October 1st.  Indeed, all were fired up and ready for a day of school OUTSIDE.
Our project this year is "School in Nature." Based on books like "School under Open Skies" and other projects for school in the forest, the LIA teachers of the 1P-4P class decided to take the learning outdoors regularly throughout the school year. The objective is to learn by observing nature, by using seasonal materials as tools for learning, and by simply being outside.  
We choose to explore the local environment within walkable distance of LIA; our first destination--the Vandoeuvres park.  
The morning light that walked us down to the park was perfect. On this ideal autumn day, our students began reviewing school songs. Pretty soon, the "Tadam, Teedee" (a memory from our Peter Pan play a couple years ago), became "Vandoeuvres, Vandoeuvres, Teedam, Teedam TEEDEE". So, singing down, our 'Lost Kids' crew arrived at the park and set up camp.
The theme was 'trees', and for this, the Vandoeuvres park displays an amazing wealth of species. The season was perfect for observing many trees with their leaves and fruit. 
For our second school day Nature, we chose to stay on the school campus whose wooded area provided a wonderful opportunity for creative learning--numeration activities with leaves and twigs, writing sentences, discovering verbs... We look forward to our next outing in January 2021.
A special thanks to Edenpark Yverdon who shared their experiences and got us motivated to try it out.

Rachel Sanchez, Project Coordinator
Pub sur le Trolleybus à Genève
Du 16 septembre au 10 novembre dernier, nous avions une publicité sur un Trolleybus à Genève.
Nous vous souhaitons d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année!
We wish you a very happy holiday season!
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The mission of LIA is to challenge students with quality
academics and character development in an immersive
bilingual and Christian value-based environment.

La mission de Léman International Academy est de mettre les élèves au défi, tant académiquement que dans le développement de leur caractère, au moyen d'un environnement bilingue basé sur des valeurs chrétiennes.