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Rock Star: Steaming Coal
steaming coal
Introducing steaming coal from Clermont.  This is just the thing to run your steam train on - as long as you are up to shovelling about 1 tonne per hour to keep yourself choochoo-ing along!  This specimen displays lovely bands of  bright and dull material and hails from the Permian period making it at least 250 million years old.  You'd have a few lines as well if you were that old.  Coal is a sedimentary rock and a good sample for students because they usually recognise it.  A bit of instant success in the classroom always generates a buzz.  Sniff it out on the site and get your class some decent sized samples now.
Sniff it out on the site
Dogs Life
This week on Facebook we shared a great image describing converging plate boundaries posted by Amazing Geologist.  See it here

On Pinterest we posted the National Rock Garden Rock of the Month: Boogardie orbicular granite and pegmatite vein

And on Twitter we found out that the Earth's center is 1000 degrees hotter than previously thought.  Here's the article
Read all about it
petrified wood
A geologist once told me if you find a stone that "looks like wood, smells like wood and tastes like wood" then you've got yourself a piece of petrified wood.  In other words - trust your instincts when you are fossil hunting.  Not everything you find is going to become the latest type specimen, but it's not likely that nothing you pick up is a real fossil.  If you can't get out to sniff out your own, though, it's nice to know where you can pick some up.  Read a bit about our petrified wood on the Rockhoundz blog and keep an eye on it for featured specimens, experiments that work and special things I sniff out from time to time. 

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