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I think we've all earned a couple of days with our paws up

Bring on the long weekend!  

It's been a long term and for some places it still has a way to go.  But if there is one thing you should add to your checklist this week it's stocktake your geology sets. 

Earth Science is looming if you're following the National Curriculum and you know what it's like at the end of a unit. You just tidy up the gear quickly and get it away so you can use the trolley for something else. 
Well, grab them out now and stocktake.  Look over everything quickly and assess anything that is too small, too scratched, missing bits or you can't really see the defining features anymore.

Slates, shales, mudstones and phyllites are the worst culprits, but anything soft, friable or easily picked at around the edges tend to need replacing every couple of years. The rest will last you forever and a day.

I'll wake up Angus and get him straight onto it so they'll be with you in time for the new term. 
happy birthday Angus
Did you know that April 1 is Angus' birthday? This weekend he'll be 8 years old so Miss Vivi better have a bone ready for him. Click on the image for his cutie patootie baby photos.
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