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Rock Star: The Maesters call it 'Obsidian'
If you've got a Game of Thrones fan in your household - and honestly, who doesn't? - then this is the perfect gift. 

Dragonglass from the fires of the earth

The Maesters call it ‘obsidian’
“Obsidian. Forged in the fires of the gods, far below the earth. The children of the forest hunted with that, thousands of years ago. The children worked no metal . . . In place of swords, they carried blades of obsidian.”
– Maester Luwin

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unusual rock found in a deposit from Roma
Just because we can - gratuitous puppy pictures.  I found these recently on the hard drive.  Isn't he gorgeous?  See more....

See you round the ridges *|FNAME|*,
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ps.  See you at the ASET conference 19 & 20 September at Sydney Grammar! 
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