Is this a fossilised Houndz tooth I see before me?
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Rock Star: Rocks & Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast
Rocks and Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast book
Did you know that the volcanic rocks that make up the Glasshouse Mountains are unusual in many ways?  Since I am South East Queensland born and bred these iconic mountains have been the backdrop of my life.  Reading the latest edition of the Rocks and Landscapes of Sunshine Coast has given me a whole new perspective on them.  The books are edited by Warwick Willmott, a geologist who worked with the Geological Survey of Queensland, and are published by the Geological Society of Australia, Queensland Division.  The illustrations and photos are fantastic, but it is the interesting stories of the landscape that make the books so readable and the detailed inspection routes that make them an invaluable resource for teachers and tourists alike.  There are several in the series and we are looking for similar books that cover the rest of Australia.  If you would like to put forward a suggestion please have a howl to the hound.
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Dogs Life
Rockhoundz on Facebook  Recently on Facebook we shared the photos from the recent Australian Age of Dinosaurs fossil dig in Winton
as well as some extreme bbq action on a Hawaiian lava flow Hot Dog!

Rockhoundz on Pinterest  On Pinterest we posted a picture that might inspire you to do an experiment on the rock cycle using crayons.

Rockhoundz on TwitterAnd on Twitter we met @thewildcalls a company that does "Earth Science adventures in luxury" geologic wilderness tours and charters.  Sounds like the Houndz kind of holiday.
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unusual rock found in a deposit from Roma
I really, really, really want this to be a fossilised dinosaur tooth.  I know that things like that are hardly ever found by people like me sorting through buckets of rocks in their shed.  But, seriously, wouldn't it be so cool if it is?

This little marvel, which I am keeping for my collection shelf, jumped out at me from our new mixed bag of an alluvial deposit in Roma, QLD.  It does contain quite a lot of petrified wood, so there are fossils in there.  Read all about it and see more pictures of it here on the blog

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