Reach out to your customers and boost productivity, efficiency & revenues across branches through CLM.
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Towards customer loyalty & retention...

...for all automobile dealerships


An integrated customer contact center (CCC) platform & customer lifecycle management (CLM) platform that is -
  • For the dealer - designed to satisfy the business information & intelligence needs solely for the dealership.
  • By the dealer - designed using business rules defined & practiced by the dealership.
  • Of the dealer - designed to be under the complete control of the dealer.
​CommTRACK CLM, helps your dealership thrive even when the markets are sluggish.
How does the dealer benefit ?

Using CommTRACK - CLM platform you can record and track each and every customer interaction & the data being generated by all such interactions. 

Boost revenues through auto-generation of leads for INS, SMR, PSF &TVS.

Generates cross-sell revenues across processes

Tracks enquiry, sales, conversions & lost cases

Automates followups, callbacks, missed call responses

100% accurate data & reports on all processes

Customizable MIS dashboards & reports

Boost productivity by reducing all day-end activities like preparing & download reports, print, send SMS updates to CEO, etc.

How does customer benefit ?
Customers, want to associate with a dealer who gives them confidence, is committed, transparent, proactive and always reachable. CommTRACK - CLM will enable that for you as a dealer -  

Accessibility - customer can access you over phone, SMS, email, web portal, social media or mobile app.

Proactive support - CLM will provide critical data for all customer facing apps. Data like insurance reminders, service reminders, PUC reminders, average mileage, etc.

Personalize - calls will be backed with complete customer profile, so every time you talk to a customer, you know them, their problems and are ready with the solutions.

Availability - whenever & wherever  the customer needs, he can reach you.

How does the dealer team benefit ?

CommTRACK - CLM is an information backbone, that will always give them 100% accurate data, hence their interaction with the customer is informed, valuable and appreciated.

Accurate data - all data provided to all staff is 100% accurate & non-ambiguous

Just-in-time data - whenever a customer's data is needed, it is available over phone, email, mobile app or sms.

Easy to work - simple interface that follows practiced processes, easy to adapt, faster to work with.

Incentive friendly - no day-end reporting, finish all data work instantly from wherever, helps members to complete work faster or do more work and hence increased incentives.


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