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More Great BC Wines

July 2016 - Volume 11
The All Canadians:
More Great BC Wines

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Last time out I told you about the great Gamays I got to try at the All Canadian Wine Championships; today I'm going to introduce you to another five great BC wines that had me saying "wow" when I tasted them at the award's judging - thing is, I didn't know they were BC until all was revealed at the end.

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Michael Pinkus - Grape Guy

CC Jentsch Cellars 2014 Malbec, Small Lot
($49.90 - Winery Only)
--- British Columbia ---
Best of Class, All Canadian Wine Championships … Not only did this wine take a gold medal at the All Canadians, it was best of class in its category, and no wonder, with its smooth raspberry, blueberry and smoky nature backed by acidity and nicely balanced oak this fruit-driven wine isn’t just a beast, it’s delicious.
Rating: ****+
Deep Roots 2015 Chardonnay
($22.00 - Winery Only)
--- British Columbia ---
Best of Class, All Canadian Wine Championships … One of these days I’m gonna have to eat my words (or drink them as the case may be) when I call unoaked Chardonnay a boring style of wine, especially when something like this Deep Roots offering is on the table. Pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits layer in alongside floral notes and a juicy core … pretty tasty version of unoaked and it ends pleasantly dry.
Rating: ****+
Moon Curser 2013 Malbec,
Contraband Series

($32.00 – Winery Only)
--- British Columbia ---
Bronze Medal, All Canadian Wine Championships … My top rated Malbec during the judging of the All Canadian Wine Championships (numerically speaking), but not even my score could propel this beauty above a Bronze, that shows you how tough the competition is.  Blueberry, strawberry, and cassis fruit seasoned with white pepper, oak nuances and smoky notes makes this wine a truly complex yet balanced enjoyment in my books anyway … give it a try and I’m sure it will be in yours too.  
Rating: ****+
SummerGate 2015 Riesling, Dry
($23.00 – Winery Only)
--- British Columbia ---
Best of Class, All Canadian Wine Championship … A gorgeous balanced piece of Riesling making here: a mix of green and mac apple with peach and pear all playing nicely together with lots of jangly acidity on the palate, making for a prize-fight between fruit sweetness and acidity … watch out Ontario, British Columbia can do Riesling really well too.
Rating: ****+
Volcanic Hills 2015 Rosé
($18.00 – Winery Only)
--- British Columbia ---
Silver Medal, All Canadian Wine Championships ... This starts off like one of those Rosé’s of yore with some sweet cherry fruit, but before sweetness can fully take over in sweeps some tart lemon and lime notes adding the desperately needed balancing acidity that makes this one such a summertime pleasure.
Rating: ****
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