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Issue: 30                                                                        August 2016


Family Fun Day
Heritage Open Days, 2016
Public Tours of the Site
Progress Report - From the Chair, Alan Mosley
Railway Unearthed
Let There be Light
Monday Drum Workshops at Flaxivity


Family Fun Day

We had a fantastic day back in May when the Friends of the Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings opened the gates of the historic site for a Family Fun Day.

Just over a thousand people came to the site to enjoy skateboarding, circus skills, drumming and synth workshops, a travelling zoo complete with Meerkats, storytelling, yarn bombing, a canal barge, police car and fire engine, and much, much more.

The event was such a success we feel sure we'll be repeating it next year!

The Family Fun Day was funded by a grant from the People's Health Trust.



Heritage Open Days, 2016

The Flaxmill Maltings will be open to the public on the10th and 11th of September, between 10am and 4pm

Guided tours will be available at regular intervals throughout the weekend. There will be interpretation and displays on the history, structure and uses of the buildings.

The new Visitor Centre will be open to the public to learn more about the structures and their uses over two centuries. 

In addition there will be music, an art exhibition, child friendly activities and other entertainment throughout the weekend.


Public Tours of the Site

Throughout the summer we are conducting guided tours of the Flaxmill Maltings site.

Tours are all free, starting at 4:00pm with a look around the new Visitor Centre, and finishing at about 5:30pm.

13th of August

27th of August

These are free events, but you will need to book a ticket on the following the links to guarantee a place.


Progress Report

From the Chair – Alan Mosley
Historic England are near to the completion of a revised bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).  This will be submitted in September on behalf of the Steering Group comprising HE, The Friends and Shropshire Council.
The bid will include the renovation of the Main Mill, with the ground floor being given over to interpretation, flexible learning/meeting space and a café. The other floors will be prepared for office/commercial occupation.
The kiln will be preserved to house stairs and lifts for access to the Main Mill plus areas for further interpretation.  The wooden tower and the Jubilee Coronet will also be refurbished to be included in tours.
In addition there will be substantial landscaping work throughout the site and car parking created on the adjacent triangle of land along the railway line.
Some repair work will also improve the Dye House and Cross Mill for further ‘meanwhile use’.
It is anticipated that the bid will be determined in January with a build period of 3 years from then.
Given previous experience there may be some cynicism about our likely success in achieving our objectives, especially as we are asking the HLF for substantially more funding than last time.  However, recent meetings with the HLF have been extremely positive.  Also much work has been undertaken to actually test the structural solutions in situ to fully validate their practicality and reliable costings.
The opening of the Visitor Centre has been a great success and provides a raison d’etre and base for our ongoing work.  How wonderful it will be when a whole floor of interpretation in a rejuvenated site is fully functioning!


Railway Unearthed

Digging to explore service pipes has unearthed part of the original railway line running into the back of the kiln at the Flaxmill Maltings. The large archway suggests that trucks were shunted into the building.

There was a siding running into the site from the mainline railway behind the Mill, which came into service in the mid 1850s.

The kiln was an addition in around 1879, when the buildings were converted to Maltings. Before then the railway lines ran through this area to the front of the Mill, alongside the canal, probably to supply fuel to the boilers serving the two steam engines which were the driving force of the Flax mill.


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Let There be Light!

Exploratory work has been going on at the Flaxmill Maltings to replace rotted timber lintels within the walls and re-instate one section of the windows to their original size. This allows to architects and planners to decide how to best approach renovation the rest of the building, and to price the full works.

It may be out of sight, but progress is continually being made at the Flaxmill Maltings.


Monday Drum Workshops at Flaxivity

with Olugbala Kokumo!

Every Monday, 7 to 9pm

For more information contact:
Olugbala Kokumo
Author, Composer & Facilitator


The visitor Centre is part funded by:

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