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Life Lessons Learned

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

-- C.S. Lewis


During May and June, I conduct evaluations with students who have recently completed a​ semester or year long​ ​gap ​experience. This invaluable feedback helps me to place future gap year students in the most appropriate programs. In addition to collecting program information, I witness the transformation and positive growth of these students-turned​-y​oung adults. I often see ​actual ​physical chan​ges with returned male "gappers" sport​ing shoulder-length hair​ or newly sprouted twelve week beard​s.​ Almost all returned "gappers" exhibit a more confident posture and speak with a stronger voice as they ​passionately​ describe overcoming a particularly difficult challenge or feeling the thrill of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Return gap​ year students​​ often​ articulate their struggle in grappling with developing countries’ issues​ and problems, which is often integrated into​​ their future ​educational pursuits​ - whether it be a focus of study, specific course​, ​or a new club they intend to establish or join. Returnees possess a clearer understanding and awareness of their own abilities and boundaries. They animatedly share the close relationship with their home-stay family or ​with new​ lifelong friends​ from the program​.

All express a new appreciation for the comforts and standard of living enjoyed in the US, having perhaps experienced for the first time how the majority of the world struggles daily to meet basic human needs of food, water, and shelter.

Robin Pendoley, ​who is both an Educator and​ CEO of Thinking Beyond Borders​, ​describes this "crucial learning and growth" in two recent articles. "Helping Boys Become Ethical Men" in Psychology Today and "On Gap Years and Privilege" in Medium.
​Do you want to step off the grid and join Malia Obama (see sidebar) in taking a gap year? Then hurry and contact me as most Fall programs have upcoming deadlines.
On May 1, Malia Obama announced her decision to take a "bridge" year between high school and college. As a result, the American Gap Association recently reported that AGA web traffic was up by 1,100% in the days following her announcement and continues to ride ten times higher than this time last year.
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