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In 2014 - Volume 1


"Significant decrease in patient waiting time, from roughly 4 to 2 hours."

"Reduction in mortality, especially in pregnant women and children under five years of age."

“When GMH started in the Sandema Hospital, we became the best performing hospital in the entire Upper East Region.”

- Dr. Sarkodie, Medical Superintendent, Sandema Hospital

"Quick assessment and diagnosis of clients' actual and potential problems... Aids in timely intervention."

"Reduced rate of referral to the next level since equipment like oxygen concentrator and nebulizer facilitates work"

- Dr. Forgov, Navrongo Hospital

"GMH is a blessing for me and my hospital. The donations you make to the hospital has a good impact on our work, especially for me as a nurse."

- Alanah Rita, Nurse, Navrongo Hospital

"Reduced stress on nurses and other staff."

"On behalf of the hospital, we say thank you to GMH."

- Dr. Gudu, Bongo Hospital

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Report Excerpts: Fire Outbreak at Bongo District Hospital Operating Theater
The fire outbreak occurred on a Saturday when most equipment in the building was off, except for two fridges and overhead lights. Though no person was hurt in the fire, it is very regrettable considering the unimaginable extent of destruction caused to hospital property by the fire.

The temporary solution was to create a mini-theatre using the dental facility of the hospital. The temporary theater is to care for very critical and life threatening cases, and is using primarily GMH-sourced equipment to keep it functional, since all surgical equipment was lost to the fire.

by Dr. William Gudu, Medical Superintendent
See more photos and read the full report here.

About Bongo District Hospital

The Bongo District Hospital is in a very traditional community. It is surrounded by an ecosystem that looks how one would imagine the planet Mars, due to the very high iron and fluoride content in the ground. The strong religious roots in this community and water contamination create common health issues for pregnant women and young children. Until recently, the Bongo Hospital had the highest mortality rate in the Upper East Region for children under 5 years of age.
Hospital Serves:   90,000 people
Endemic Medical Conditions:   dental fluorosis*, malaria, respiratory tract infection, malnutrition,  chronic infections, hypertension
Doctors On Staff:   1 doctor
Specialization:   General Practitioner
Specialized Facilities:   ophthalmic, dental, psychiatric, retroviral

*caused by the very high salt and iron content in the rocky landscape that contaminates their water sources

Medical Equipment Needed:
  • BP apparatus’
  • pulse oximeters
  • digital thermometers
  • oxygen concentrator
  • dressing, delivery and surgical instruments
  • nebulizer machines
  • sterile OR gowns
  • autoclave
  • metal bed pans
In 2014 you can sponsor...

Welcome Laura Trout - Volunteer Coordinator
We are excited to welcome Laura Trout to the GMH team as our volunteer coordinator. Laura is already hard at work to connect, engage, and motivate our volunteers from across North America to maximize their impact through GMH.

Welcome to the team Laura!

Dr. Dominic Akaateba is our Featured Volunteer of the Month for January 2014
To kick off 2014, Dominic completed an enormous task list that was vital to on-site GMH operations, including:
  • Comprehensive needs assessments in 11 hospitals
  • Detailed impact assessments in our 9 partner hospitals from 2013
  • Surveyed the Bongo Hospital fire damage
  • Checked in with GMH Coordinators at each hospital
  • And so much more!
Thank you Dr. Akaateba!


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