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In 2015 - Volume 2

1st UK Volunteer Retreat!

Hosted at a beautiful cottage in North Wales, this weekend was full of volunteers becoming a cohesive team, engaging global health talks, vision planning and independent role development.

Of course such productivity needed to be balanced by a scavenger hunt around the beautiful gardens, some delicious cooking, and a touch of exploration through Chester.

This retreat established a strong core team of GMH-er’s in the UK that will enable our budding GMH-UK chapter to develop strong projects that will save lives and improve health care in northern Ghana.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield was wearing a GMH Tee while performing with Amanda Palmer and friends from TED at the Vogue Theatre on March 18 in Vancouver!

Canadian Musician Adam Bowman proudly wore his GMH shirt while recording with fellow musician Danny Michel.

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"It's Working!"
- Kelly Hadfield

The most exciting observation Founder Kelly Hadfield reported after visiting all 10 partner hospitals in Ghana in January was that 'it's working!'

After transitioning from visits in our newer partner hospitals in the Upper West Region to our long standing partners in the Upper East Region, it became clear that  these hospitals will have a decreasing need for basic equipment. 

Instead, the emphasis expressed by these hospital communities is the need for continual training and repair resources, which we have been increasingly focused on over the past two years.

This natural alleviation of need, which enables us to now begin tapering off equipment donations to our older partners, validates the concept of this project and is tremendously encouraging to see! 

On April 20th, a clever user on the website Reddit decided to hook himself up to a breathing monitor so that he could donate dogecoin (a popular cryptocurrency) with every breath taken that day.

I will donate to Ghana Medical Help, every time I breathe

Breathing into the Ghana Medical Help Fund

The series of donations totaled ~200,0000 dogecoin, or ~$26 CAD.

Thank you for your donations, and creative idea DoctorStephen.

Kicking off 2015 with Capacity Building & Skills-Based Learning Workshops!

In February and March, GMH hosted its first workshops of 2015 for a group of GMH volunteers called GMH Ambassadors, who are health care professionals from our beneficiary hospitals.

The primary goal of these workshops is to train outstanding individuals who become the eyes and ears of our projects. GMH Ambassadors learn how to set up, operate, maintain and do basic repairs on our donated equipment. They further become skilled in leadership, conducting research surveys, completing monitoring protocols, and understanding how to effectively educate others.

Through these quarterly workshops, GMH has an opportunity to create a unique platform that can facilitate collaboration and communication across all northern hospitals (which is currently nonexistent). Very exciting!

Ghana Medical Help's 2015 Shipment of Medical Equipment Has Arrived

All of the medical equipment being donated this spring has arrived and been prepared for it's journey to our partner hospitals.

Excitement was high as incredible helping hands came every day last week to help package the donations.

We would like to especially thank the Rotary Club of Barrie, whose leadership enabled GMH to acquire these equipment donations. 

Next stop, Ghana!
Ghana Medical Help is Now 5 Years Old and It Shows

As a means to expand awareness, broaden our network of supporters, and increase the strength of our projects (aimed at improving health in Ghana), we're setting up regional ‘hubs’.

GMH hubs now exist in the UK, US, and on the east & west sides of Canada. They will begin as sites for equipment acquisition, but will adopt our additional projects as they develop.

Some of the projects taking root in our growing GMH-UK hub include:
  • Our medical equipment acquisition and donation program.
  • Our medical elective program for medical students.
  • A platform to facilitate collaboration and communication across rural northern hospitals.
  • A pathway through which international health professionals can volunteer for months at a time in our partner hospitals.
Hannah Barlow is our Featured
Volunteer of the Month
for March & April 2015

I’m proud to announce that Hannah Barlow is our GMH Volunteer of the Month! Hannah Barlow, known to GMH-ers as HannahBar, is part of the GMH-UK core team and leads our budding medical elective program.

Hannah has blown me away by her dependability, her accountability and her enthusiasm for strengthening the health care hospitals in northern Ghana can provide.

Thank you HannahBar!
- Kelly Hadfield,
GMH Founder/Director
Matthew Hashem,
Owner of Niagara Frontier Distribution 
is our Featured Sponsor of the Month 
for March & April 2015

For two years, Mr. Hashem has shown GMH extreme kindness and generosity by allowing us to store our medical equipment donations throughout the year in his top-notch warehouse facilities. This saves GMH thousands of dollars each year that we instead apply towards acquiring the equipment itself.

Mr. Hashem's contributions don't end there. He further organizes and coordinates the transportation of our US-acquired items to our Canadian warehouse, where they can be then prepared for shipping to Ghana.

Matthew, you relieve GMH from some considerable logistical and financial hurdles, and empower our charity to accomplish greater things for the people of Ghana. For all of this, we say an enormous thank you!

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