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Hello, metal friend.

Writing tonight's email made me smile a bit. Sometimes I "compare and despair" my metal-ness. I don't go to shows five nights a week, I'm not very "extreme," and most of the time I'm just plain old tired.

And then Leila Abdul-Rauf mentions how she's a homebody and doesn't do social media much. Like, the "formula" of getting your name out there and "hustling" is bullshit. I've intentionally made Skull Toaster silly (as if you couldn't tell from the photos I make everyday) just so I didn't attract a bunch of "well, actually" metal snobs.

We all gotta be who we are, because there are plenty of folks like us that need to know we exist and they're not alone in the world.

- Seth

2410: Leila Abdul-Rauf sings in Vastum along with what "unlucky handtools" band?

A. That "unlucky handtools" band is Hammers of Misfortune. Get it!? HAH!

Leila has been playing since 13, formally trained in trumpet, but as she told Canada Arts Connect in 2012 she taught herself guitar as “a bit of a rebellion against this formal training.”

She’s played in many other bands over the years, but its their recent Vastum split 7” with Spectral Voice that our pal Manny O War got me to check out and listen to more of her work.
Leila talks a bit about her social life, which all these years later still holds up.

"I’ve grown to be a bit of a recluse, despite living in such a social place like San Francisco," she said, "I don’t partake in any online social media save for checking email. I have a small handful of friends and family that I stay in touch with. I am much happier this way."
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"Seth’s always putting out cool, unique things with tons of love and care. Saving this one for the ol’ inspiration board!" - @lisettevoytko

"Huzzah! And the booklet format newsletter is my favourite format yet @skulltoaster. Also, great stamps." - @RICHXHELL

"Just got my life-affirming @skulltoaster zine in the mail and it is making my DAY." - @jaci_KVLT

Ah! Just my second crack at putting out a quarterly zine and I think it's going okay! It's made with smiles and love and support from these great folks above and so many more. If you'd like to support Skull Toaster and get stuff in the mail from your pal Seth, click here to find out how you can be a member.

I'm already working on a zine collection of 2TRACK questions (remember those?!), with NEW fun questions about song titles. This email newsletter has returned to its nightly schedule, and I'm posting a new podcast each morning with tons of good music each episode. All this is made possible with your support, metal friend!  

Have a great night,
Your pal Seth
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