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Hello, <<First Name>>.

We’re taking Final Focus into live event video!

Thank you for a great 27 years in corporate video production! During this time, you awarded me projects that accounted for 70% of my business. The remaining 30% came from working with you to produce live audiovisual work, such as conferences, seminars and events.

Over the years, I discovered that live event video’s 30% was actually giving me 70% of my fun!

As a result, going forward I am referring corporate video production to a partner company that is responsible to me for your satisfaction. That will allow me to focus 100% of my service on what brings me – and, hopefully, you – the greatest joy: live event video.

Live event video delivers a very big bang for the dollar. It’s highly efficient and cost-effective. With it you can reach the people you care about the most – clients, customers, prospects, partners, members and employees – at the locations where they are eager to learn the most about you.

When you plan to communicate directly with the people who matter the most to you, trust us to be right there with you in resorts, hotels, conference centers, unique venues, or even your office.

Contact me, and we'll grab a coffee, beer or wine!

Keeping you in our lenses,

Offering exceptional, dedicated audiovisual services and recording to make your seminar, conference or event a success!

"A million thanks! A class act only hangs with high class. Not only are you skilled, you're a deeply good person with a high cool factor!"
Angela Liddle, President and CEO

Some thoughts on Presentation Graphics

Powerpoint, Prezi, Keynote. Whatever you use, the key to remember is that YOU are the attraction, not the graphics. There are many Top10-type blogs out there about creating slides. I'll toss in my thought that there are primarily 2 types of presentations: Motivational & Educational. Yes, they can be intermixed, but the type of content you create is for different audiences. And how you share that content is important. 

In the motivational world it is paramount to keep your slides brief (2-3 words), include photos, and completely remember they support YOU. 1 slide per 2 minutes TOPS. 

In the educational realm, using dense content is usually necessary. Where the issue arises is with the wrong technology and poor preparation.

Picture yourself in the audience of the last meeting or conference you attended. Could you see the slides? Were you distracted by them? Was it frustrating? I see many spreadsheets included on slides; it's not necessarily bad. But do you have large enough screens for your audience size? Did you provide printed copies to the audience to follow and take notes? Did you send the presentation to them to open on a device? You can be a hero for doing these things and the last 2 have nothing to do with your AV budget.

Is the presentation being recorded or streamed? That viewer has the benefit of the image being full-screen. Up close and personal just for them.

So go out there and make good slides! And feel free to talk to your AV tech. They really are there to help you be a success!

Did you notice my text is black and not some shade of gray?
I find it easier to read and leave sites that think trendy is good for their reader. I'm gettin' old (er). Make it easy for me. Read about the grey/gray spelling debate.
"Thanks Steve! Nothing but good reports about your work as usual.  Thank for doing a great job for us again!"

Jeff Spencer, Director of Development (2018)

Things to make life easier

Business Dropbox - worth the cost for the ability to share humongous files and always have everything everywhere. Even if you use something else for online storage, having mobile access is great for keeping a folder of frequently-used manuals, brochures, and such.

Everlance mileage tracker app. Some like MileIQ. Nothing beats efficiency when you can hand over a travel log to your bookkeeper.

Zoom for video conferencing. Screen sharing is your friend. Doesn't get more effective than that.
"Final Focus Productions brought in professional sound equipment & the difference in sound quality was HUGE and was totally worth it." 

Scott Elliott, Communications Director
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