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EQUAL@WORK  | October #2020
Open letter to European Commission: Securing meaningful participation for the EU anti-racism action plan
Many plans against racism in the past have remained on paper. In order to avoid this and fulfil the potential of this action plan to improve the lives of people affected by racism, there must be strong processes in place to ensure that it is implemented, with clear and measurable targets, and that progress is monitored.

The processes related to this plan are as important as its content as they will allow for its legitimacy, ownership and most importantly, its efficiency in countering structural racism. There should be a strong focus on ensuring that racialised groups with key expertise from civil society organisations are consulted and engaged in a meaningful and timely manner on the implementation of the plan. Read More
ENAR is  proud to welcome as new Premium Partners P&G as well as Coca-Cola European Partners to the Equal@work Platform.
Microsoft and Zendesk have also joined ENAR as premium contributors through donations that will support the development of projects with antiracist organisations actively supporting racialised communities. Hunkemöller is partnering with ENAR in the framework of their brand new campaign #DuckieforHKM to support with donations NGOs working for the empowerment of Black womxn in Europe.

We welcome the dedication of all our new partners to move forward resolutely on the path towards inclusion.  A number of activities and further good news are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.
Is it time for charities to log off Facebook?

For most companies, the publication of a 6,6000-word internal memo penned by a recently-fired employee, in which they alleged their job had left them with ‘blood on their hands,’ would be a catastrophic day in the office. 

But for social media platform Facebook, the incident was just one more in a catalogue of troubling stories to play out across 2020: from its view that a post by President Donald Trump that included the remarks “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” did not violate rules against encouraging or glorifying violence, to a month-long advertising boycott of the site. 

Facebook is a massive fundraising tool for charities, with some spending hundreds of thousands of pounds a month on advertising on the platform. But as evidence of its allegedly dodgy dealings grows, do they have any real chance of avoiding it – while reaching the same number of supporters and service users? Read More

ENAR's Equal@work Platform brings together employers from the public and private sector, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and political institutions to explore progressive ways to operate workplaces that are open, equal and free from discrimination.

Click here to watch the full discussion on  EU anti-racism policy developments on people of African descent organised by ARDI
Structural racism led to worse Covid impact on BAME groups – report
Structural racism led to the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic on black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, a review by Doreen Lawrence has concluded.

The report, commissioned by Labour, contradicts the government’s adviser on ethnicity, Dr Raghib Ali, who last week dismissed claims that inequalities within government, health, employment and the education system help to explain why Covid-19 killed disproportionately more people from minority ethnic communities. Read More
Six Vital Best Practices From CMI’s New Anti-Racism at Work Guide Written by Jermaine Haughton. Click here

Conference "Antisemitism online –The role of prevention and education in anti-Semitic hate speech" - 18th of November from 17:30 to 20:30.  View the programme here and register here by 13 November 2020.
DONATE NOW: How to support the anti-racism movement in Europe: Find out more
A call for western museums to wash their hands of colonial blood, Thu, 5 Nov 2020, 19:00 CET. Learn More

The European Commission has launched a consultation on the European Democracy Action Plan: Give feedback on Roadmap and public consultation
Social economy and Roma inclusion in times of Covid-19, Tuesday, November 17, 2020 AT 10:30 AM UTC+01 – 12:30 PM UTC+01. Learn more

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When Trump gets coronavirus, Chinese Americans pay a price

In an analysis of 2.7 million tweets in the three days after Trump announced his and first lady Melania Trump’s diagnosis on Twitter, the ADL found elevated language associated with hostility against Asians, compared with the previous day. In the 12 hours after Trump’s announcement, ADL saw an 85 percent spike in such language. The announcement sparked thousands of online conversations blaming China for trying to purposefully infect the president, the researchers found. Read More
Sodexo Partners with Generation Success on Diversity Mentorship Programme

Sodexo is helping to empower 40 young people of diversity to achieve their career aspirations through a 14-month mentorship programme. Coinciding with Black History Month 2020, Sodexo is partnering with Generation Success, a not-for-profit social enterprise on a mission to create equal access and opportunities for a fairer world.

As part of the scheme, the coaches from Sodexo are undergoing an apprenticeship to enable them to offer one-to-one sessions over a six-month period with their coachee. Goals and expectations will be agreed, and Sodexo’s mentors will provide advice and guidance on what barriers there are and what actions can be taken to overcome them. Read More

Sodexo partnership helping young people achieve career aspirations

Sodexo has joined forces with Generation Success to help empower 40 young people of diversity to achieve their career aspirations through a 14-month mentorship programme.

The coaches from Sodexo, who are undergoing a coaching apprenticeship, have a range of skills and expertise across facilities management and HR and through one-to-one sessions over a six-month period with their coachee, they will listen, share, review options.

Goals and expectations will be agreed, and Sodexo’s mentors will provide valuable advice and guidance on what barriers there are and what actions can be taken to overcome them. Read More

5 Things Every Brand Must Know About Supporting Black Lives Matter

These days, brands are so much more than their products or services. Think about Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola; they are not just their computers, gear or cans. They are cultural influencers with persuasive voices and distinct personalities. With this extensive presence comes the opportunity to be powerful proponents of change. This is particularly true amid widespread social movements, like the current resurgence of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. As a veteran cause marketer and co-founder and president of a certified B Corporation, I consult clients daily on how to effect lasting change. As your brand navigates how to best take a stand in support of BLM, here are a few things to know.  Read More

Europe: Human Rights and the Rule of Law must be protected

Imagine that you live in a country that is supposedly governed under the rule of law, but you are not treated equally, cannot enjoy your human rights, experience injustice repeatedly and you are threatened and attacked if you speak up.The rule of law and respect for human rights are increasingly severely undermined and restricted in Europe. The rule of law is a cornerstone of ensuring respect for and protecting human rights. One cannot exist without the other and both must be fully and effectively respected and protected. Read More
P&G to white Americans: ‘Not being racist is not enough’

A new Procter & Gamble commercial urges white Americans to protest racial injustice by marching, speaking out and voting.

The call to action in the commercial titled “The Choice” might seem bold for a company that depends on a broad spectrum of consumers, but the Cincinnati-based maker of goods such as Pamper diapers (NYSE: PG) has a history of advocating for racial equality – regardless of controversy that might be generated. Read More

Covid has put ‘stakeholder capitalism’ on steroids
Is it the job of a company to attempt to mitigate climate change? Milton Friedman would have said “No”. Back in 1970, he popularised the idea that the primary aim of executives should be to maximise the value created for their shareholders in a (still) brilliant essay. Companies should make stuff or create a service within the appropriate regulatory boundaries, he wrote; then sell it, and pay the proceeds to the providers of its capital. Aiming for anything else, he said, is to spend “someone else’s money for a general social interest”. And why would you want to do that? Read More
Workplace racism is still a problem

Searching for a job is an arduous task for many students and parents. Unfortunately, it becomes more challenging if the potential job candidates are Black and Asian. Workplace discrimination is pervasive in corporate America. Fortunately, there is a method that can decrease racism in the workplace: implicit bias assessments.

Depending on the job industry, these assessments could save lives. For example, if medical professionals had to take these assessments every week, it would decrease the racism that permeates the healthcare system. One of the most harmful preconceived notions that hospital workers tend to hold onto is that Black patients are physically fitter, resulting in medical professionals not giving them the best care. According to a 2016 analysis published in The Lancet, Black women are three to four times more likely to perish from pregnancy-related causes than white women. Read More

How Employee Assistance Programs Can Help Your Whole Company Address Racism at Work
It may surprise some employers to know that when employees experience racism and/or other forms of discrimination and oppression, one of the places they can turn for help is their Employee Assistance Program or EAP. While EAPs are thought of more often for use by employees for short-term counseling and referrals to help employees manage personal problems so that they don’t interfere with work performance and productivity, it is important to remember that EAPs also provide workplaces with services including organizational assessment, management consultation and strategic crisis prevention and response. Read More
Cyberbullying rates in Ireland among highest in Europe, study shows

Cyberbullying among Irish children has increased by 28% during the lockdown – among the highest rates in Europe. A joint study between the European Commission and researchers at Dublin City University found rates were highest in Ireland, followed by Italy and Germany.

The younger children were, the more likely they were to become victims, the study found, with the problem particularly prevalent in young boys. Tijana Milosevic, of the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre, said the results are higher than in previous studies. Read More

Report: Intersectional discrimination in Europe
Intersectionality looks at the ways in which various social categories such as gender, class, race, sexuality, disability, religion and other identity axes are interwoven on multiple and simultaneous levels. The discrimination resulting from these mutually reinforcing identities leads to systemic injustice and social inequality. The concept of intersectionality is grounded in decades of activism that battled the challenges of racism and sexism throughout the 20th century. This publication explains how the concept of intersectionality can help policy makers, lawyers and sociologists to approach discrimination and social inequalities from a systemic and structural perspective, Read More
Roma and Travellers Survey: Europe needs to break the vicious circle of poverty and discrimination against Roma and Travellers

Living in some of the richest countries in the world, a quarter of Roma and Travellers in Western Europe cannot afford basic items such as heating or healthy food, and up to a fifth of their children go to bed hungry, reveal the results of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s (FRA) new survey. Rampant discrimination coupled with early school leaving also leads to lack of job opportunities and widespread poverty for many. Read Now
COVID-19 and race: supporting employees

As the impact and effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to emerge, there has been evidence to show that one group the disease has a disproportionate impact on are people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

While the Public Health England review into the risks and outcomes shows that older age, ethnicity, male sex and geographical area are associated with the risk of getting the infection, experiencing more severe symptoms and higher rates of death, the recommendations are focused predominantly on health services and the community rather than workplace guidance. Elsewhere in the UK, the Welsh Government has produced a report from its BAME steering group, which contains recommendations on the security of employment and income and a risk assessment tool for BAME front line health and care workers. In Scotland, the Government has convened a new expert group to provide a clearer picture of the impact on minority ethnic communities of coronavirus (COVID-19). Read the guide
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