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EQUAL@WORK  | December 2018
10 years of Equal@Work, Race and mental health in the workplace
The 10th annual Seminar on 7 December 2018 explored the issue of well-being, race and mental health in the workplace. Forward-thinking employers are increasingly recognising the importance of health and wellbeing for a productive workplace, however few have considered the issues of race and mental health. How do barriers facing people of colour in the workplace affect mental health and wellbeing? Read More
Panel Discussion: Wellbeing, Race and Mental Health in the workplace #MentalHealthAtWork #POC
The effect racial discrimination and other forms of mistreatment has been completely under-explored. From the effect of discrimination and harassment, inequality in workplace hierarchies, and the pressure to conform discriminatory workplace standards, a number of issues are there to be unpacked. Watch the video

ENAR's Equal@work Platform brings together employers from the public and private sector, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and political institutions to explore progressive ways to operate workplaces that are open, equal and free from discrimination.

International conference on interculturalism and multiculturalism, 28 - 30/03/2019. Read More
We are Europe Citizens' Agora, 22-24/04/2019. Read More
Women in Communications Conferences, 09/04/2019. Read More
Women in BAME in Communications, 10/04/2019. Read More
Download event pictures from Equal@Work 10th anniversary
“Migrants, Speak Up”: What migrants tell us about their experiences living in the European Union
Between 31st July and 7th November 2017, ENAR conducted an online survey among migrants who had arrived in the last five years in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Sweden. A total of 5,237 people responded to the survey, who also had the opportunity to answer the question: “Is there anything else you would like to tell us?” This report gives an overview of what migrants tell us about their experiences living in the European Union. Read More 
Sodexo ranked #2 for gender balance within its governing bodies among top French publicly-listed companies
Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services, ranked #2 for gender balance within its governing bodies among all publicly-listed companies on the SBF 120 French stock market index. The ranking (the Palmarès de la féminisation des instances dirigeantes) is published by the French State Secretary for gender equality and the fight against discrimination, and concerns gender balance in the company's top management. Read More
Inditex is contributing €2.5 million to help Médecins Sans Frontières
The Group is earmarking €600,000 to healthcare and access to drinking water for refugees from the Rohingya community in Bangladesh.It is also collaborating with the organisation's programme for the provision of medical care to migrants and vulnerable people in Mexico, with a €300,000 contribution. Read More
Disability inclusion in the workplace
Stigma and misconception can mean that people living with disabilities are often overlooked for positions. In low- and middle-income countries this situation is often exacerbated: In Kenya, as many as 67 percent of people living with a disability are unemployed, while in South Africa that number rises to 80 percent. Read More
65 projects worldwide promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities
More than 20 years ago, L’Oréal committed to employ and include people with disabilities as one of the three pillars of the group’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy, along with ensuring gender equality and empowering people of all social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Read More


French companies lead the way on gender diversity
France’s ambitious moves to increase gender diversity among its top companies are paying off as it leads the way over the number of women on boards at European corporates. Read More
Major UK companies are starting to pull each other up on gender and race diversity
When the co-founder of a London communications group was invited to pitch for business with a Wall Street firm last November, the offer came with an unusual demand.The document explained that 15 per cent of the scorecard for the pitch was based on the firm being able to show its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Iain Anderson of Cicero Group says. Read More
Woman of the Year award for Traveller’s rights advocate
A Killarney woman who has devoted much of her life to advocating for Traveller’s rights was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ on Wednesday night. Brigid Quilligan was presented with the award by President Emer Moynihan and members of the Killarney Soroptimist Club at a dinner in the Gleneagle Hotel. Read More
Thousands march for refugee rights in Italy
Italy has its own category of protection for some failed asylum seekers, but the government has recently legislated against this. Thousands of protesters have hit the streets to defend refugee rights. Italy's new government has pursued a hard-line position on migrants, having shouldered a large burden during the influx of refugees. Most recently, leader of the far-right League Party and Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini spearheaded a move to tighten asylum laws. Read More
Dutch Christmas character Black Pete to shed blackface for TV
The Dutch public broadcaster has announced that it will change the appearance of the traditional Christmas season character Black Pete, whose blackface outfit sparks annual controversy. Read More
83% of European companies with 'diversity in the workplace' policies see business benefits
Diversity policies make good business sense say 83% of the companies who have adopted them, a new European Commission survey reveals. The main business benefits include being able to recruit from a wider selection of people, being able to keep better workers longer, improved community relations and an enhanced company image. Read More
Europe's tech startups suffer from 'diversity debt', survey finds
Europe’s startup sector has a “shocking” lack of diversity, with 93% of all funds raised in 2018 going to all-male founding teams, according to a report by the investment firm Atomico. Out of 175 large startups included in the survey, just one had a female chief technology officer, only 6% had a female chief executive, and even the roles most often held by women – chief marketing officer and chief financial officer – were held by men 80% of the time. Read More
Can software bring women's pay up to men's?
Currently, the World Economic Forum predicts it could take 217 years to close the global gender pay gap, but Zara Nanu, a tech entrepreneur, thinks she can do it in less than 20. Read More
How to Fix the Diversity Problem in European Tech
Francesca Warner, Diversity VC chief executive officer, and Niklas Zennstrom, Atomico chief executive officer, discuss the discrimination problem in Europe's tech scene. They speak with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology." Read More
Gender pay gap widens at nearly a third of Whitehall departments
The gender pay gap has widened at nearly a third of government departments over the past 12 months, despite pledges to reduce the difference in earnings between male and female civil servants. Read More
How The European Outdoor Sector Aims To Challenge Racism And Intolerance
During the big influx of refugees to Germany, several outdoor brands moved positively to provide jobs, aligning with the German entrepreneurial initiative ‘Bleibrecht durch Arbeit’. Read More
EESC Opinion on The cost of non-immigration (and non-integration)
The EESC points out that a non-immigration scenario in Europe would mean among other things that Member States' economies would suffer substantially; demographic challenges would be aggravated; pension systems might become unsustainable; racism and xenophobia would flourish even more than at present. Read More
Javid rows back on plans for £30,000 immigrant salary threshold
Sajid Javid has said there will be further consultation on a widely expected £30,000 salary threshold for skilled workers moving to the UK as the government prepares to publish a long-awaited white paper on immigration. Read More
Why Are Black People Excluded From the Legal Cannabis Industry?
I attended a legal cannabis event for the first time a few years ago. It was in New York City.I noticed a few unexpected things. Among them were the large percentage of people wearing suits and the high number of women executives in attendance. Read More
How Britain stole $45 trillion from India
There is a story that is commonly told in Britain that the colonisation of India - as horrible as it may have been - was not of any major economic benefit to Britain itself. If anything, the administration of India was a cost to Britain. Read More
End Violence Against Women
Women’s March Global has put together this toolkit so that we as individuals are aware of the gross atrocities and struggles faced by women and girls all over the world. Read More
Preventing unlawful profiling today and in the future
This guide explains what profiling is, the legal frameworks that regulate it, and why conducting profiling lawfully is both necessary to comply with fundamental rights and crucial for effective policing and border management. Read More
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