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EQUAL@WORK  | November 2018
Toolkit : Women of colour in the workplace
ENAR’s latest Equal@work toolkit looks at how we can address racism and sexism against women of colour at work. It gives employers tools for an intersectional approach to gender equality and diversity management. Read More
Why struggling companies promote women:
When women reach the upper ranks of power, they’re put into precarious positions, meaning there’s a greater risk for them to fall. Read More
How you can use ENAR's toolkit 'Women of Colour in the workplace'
How can you use the toolkit 'Women of Colour in the workplace: an #intersectional approach to diversity management' by the European Network Against Racism and why + how we developed it. Visit here to download the toolkit. Watch the video

ENAR's Equal@work Platform brings together employers from the public and private sector, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and political institutions to explore progressive ways to operate workplaces that are open, equal and free from discrimination.

Conference of the German Diversity Charters, 22-23/11/2018. Read More
United Nations forum on Business and Human Rights, 26-28/11/ 2018. Read More
European Conference on Sport Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees, 23-24/11/2018. Read More
Facing all the Facts conference, 11/12/2018. Read More
International conference on interculturalism and multiculturalism, 28 - 30/03/2019. Read More
Analyse BePax: Racisé·e·s et LGBTQI+: Entre invisibilisation et fétichisation
Partant du concept d’intersectionnalité comme établi par Kimberley Crenshaw, certaines personnes subissent un type de discrimination basé sur les diverses facettes de leur identité.  Read More
Diversity in the workplace in Greece
Second campaign video as a part of the “Facilitating Access to Work for Vulnerable Populations in Athens” program undertaken by ENAR member Generation 2.0 RED in Greece, with the support of the International Rescue Committee. Read More
L’Oréal ranked the top gender-balanced company
L’Oréal received the 1st Prize for Europe by Equileap. This ranking has set gender equality as a new non-financial criterion for investors. Its ranking, the leading international inter-sectoral classification of its kind, examines the published data of 3,000 companies. This ranking aims to help investors identify more easily the companies are spearheading the drive for gender equality so that they can make investment decisions based on this non-financial criterion. This year, Equileap has added to the single international ranking separate lists for different geographical areas. Awarded as the number 1 in 2017, L’Oréal receive the Grand Prize for Europe in 2018. Read More
Sodexo Canada honoured for dedication to diversity
Sodexo Canada has been presented with WEConnect International’s 2018 Corporation of the Year Award in Canada for its commitment to diversity, inclusion and focus on gender equality. This award is presented annually to a corporation that has demonstrated exemplary support for the inclusion of women-owned businesses in their supply chains and innovative approaches to creating new opportunities for inclusion in Canada. Read More
Coca-Cola Thank You Fund Awards €100,000 To 13 Community Groups
Coca-Cola has announced this year’s Thank You Fund award recipients, the initiative where the company awards grants to 13 community groups across Ireland and Northern Ireland for innovative projects that will support and inspire young people. Read More
AFMD: Le racisme et la discrimination raciale au travail
L'Association française des managers de la diversité a publié le livre « Le racisme et la discrimination raciale au travail ». L’ouvrage s’efforce de donner à voir comment le racisme et la discrimination raciale sont perçus dans le monde professionnel et comment ils s’y manifestent. Read More


Handshake, a LinkedIn for university students and diversity, raises $40M
LinkedIn has created and — with 562 million users — leads the market in social platforms for people who want to network with others in their professions, as well as look for jobs. Now a startup that hopes to take it on in a specific niche — university students and recent grads, with a focus on diversity and inclusion — has raised a substantial round to grow. Handshake, a platform for both students looking to take their early career steps and employers that want to reach them, has raised $40 million in a Series C round of funding, after hitting 14 million users in the U.S. across 700 universities, and 300,000 employers targeting them. Read More
The first European network of companies engaged against gender-based violence under the management of FACE.
Seven CEOs from large companies sign a Commitment Charter against gender-based violence. “One In Three Women” is the proportion of women who are victims of physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Read More
Top five ways to support LGBTQ employees in the workplace
People perform better when they can be themselves, so employers should take time to update their approach to LGBTQ inclusion. LGBTQ inclusion is something all facets of society should be striving for, the business community included. Read More
CPS: Best Employer for Race 2018
The UK Crown Prosecution Service has been recognised for its leadership on race equality and inclusion in the workplace by being placed in Business in the Community’s Best Employers for Race listing for the second year. Read More
Women Corporate Sponsorship Program launched
In line with the initiatives launched as part of the Year of Zayed, Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum announced Sunday the launch of its Women Corporate Sponsorship Program WCSP. Read More
Partridge to lead newly created diversity advisory board at BPF
BPF’s junior vice president David Partridge has been appointed to lead the newly created diversity and inclusivity advisory board. Partridge is also a managing partner of Argent. The board members include Piali Das Gupta, head of policy at Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers; Jill Pett, partner and executive coach with The Alexander Partnership; Matthew Powell, CEO of Breaking Barriers; and Kemi Oguntoye, property consultant at SAY Property Consulting. Read More
How Managers Can Make Casual Networking Events More Inclusive
Research on affinity bias shows that we are naturally drawn to people who are like us. A casual drink here, a few networking events there with like-minded colleagues isn’t so bad, right? Unfortunately, these seemingly innocuous meetings can have consequences, and most of them fall on the careers of employees from underrepresented backgrounds. This especially applies to immigrant women of color who are often navigating three historically low-status identities: being female, a person of color, and an immigrant. Part of the solution is to invite people from underrepresented backgrounds to these kinds of events. The other solution is one that can create lasting change for diversity and inclusion: to organize inclusive events that welcome employees from all backgrounds. Read More
Global Group Founder Johnny Hon Fills Us In On His Diverse Businesses
When it comes to investments, Johnny Hon is the man to know. The founder of the Global Group has a knack for turning his passions into investments, and vice versa. He is a wine connoisseur, art collector, media mogul, racehorse owner, doctor of psychiatry, tech evangelist, philanthropist and diplomat. Read More
Diversity policy makes business sense for manufacturers
For manufacturers looking to win the war for talent and tackle the industry-wide skills gap there is a compelling business case for meaningful engagement with diversity and inclusion. This has moved beyond compliance and is now a business critical issue. Read More
Slovak Ministry of Labour publishes new strategy on labour mobility of foreigners
Slovakia just adopted the new Strategy on Labour Mobility of Foreigners in the Slovak Republic, prepared by the Slovak Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in September 2018. The material elaborates measures aimed at resolving labour market shortages in certain areas. Different government ministries would be responsible for the implementation of the measures. Read more
This commitment to race pay gap reporting is a landmark moment
It is now 50 years since the Race Relations Act received royal assent. It’s also a year since the government published its first race disparity audit. One area where more progress is still needed is in the workplace. We know that black and ethnic-minority people are doing better in education and are attending university in unprecedented numbers. Yet success at school and university is not translating into the workplace as much as it should. Read more
Business dragging its feet on human rights and investors are watching, say UN experts
Too many companies globally are ignoring their human rights responsibilities and governments are failing to regulate and lead by example in business practices, a group of independent UN experts says. Read More
Research: When Boards Broaden Their Definition of Diversity, Women and People of Color Lose Out
Over the last several years, competing notions of “diversity” have emerged. In many corners, the traditional definition, focused on demographic diversity, has been eclipsed by a new concept centered on experiential or cognitive differences.  Read More
The Effect of Intersectionality in the Workplace
The concept of intersectionality — referring to the complex and cumulative way different forms of discrimination like racism, sexism and classism overlap and affect people — seems have popped up relatively recently. Read More
Asylum seekers 'could contribute £42m to UK' if work rules relaxed
Asylum seekers blocked from working in the UK could make a net contribution of £42m to the economy if restrictive rules were lifted, in a move that would have overwhelming public support, a new coalition group has said. Read More
Being a gypsy lawyer in Europe
More and more members of this community are studying law to defend their rights. Now they have held a meeting in Madrid. Ostalinda Maya, a 36-year-old lawyer and anthropologist, is determined to give her community a voice and has organized the first meeting of gypsy lawyers in Europe. The idea came to her four years ago and it was a trip to New York and Washington that convinced her of the need to join forces. Read More
"Racial discrimination pervades all spheres of Spanish society"
The UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent presents the findings of its mission in Spain to the Human Rights Council. The report presented concludes that "racial discrimination pervades all spheres of Spanish society, from schools to the labour market, from housing to health and other social services." Read More
Labour Market Outlook by Adecco Group UK and Ireland. Read More
The labour market integration of refugees,Tackling the refugee crisis in Europe. Read More
Antisemitism - Overview of data available in the European Union 2007–2017. Read More
Activation measures for young people in vulnerable situations - Experience from the ground. Read More
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