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SETI articles from 2020

Our email list has been dormant for 2020, so with many thanks to Julia LaFond and Jason Wright (PSU) we're happy to present a Year in Review edition of!


Grimaldi 2021 

Demography of galactic technosignatures. 


Wright 2020 

Planck frequencies as Schelling points in SETI. 


Shostak 2020

SETI: the argument for artefact searches. 


Kipping, Frank, & Scharf 2020

Contact inequality: first contact will likely be with an older civilization. 


Döbler 2020

The Concept of Developmental Relativity: Thoughts on the Technological Synchrony of Interstellar Civilizations. 


Smith & Traphagan 2020

First, Do Nothing: A Passive Protocol for First Contact. 


Brzycki, Siemion, Croft, Czech, DeBoer, DeMarines, Drew, Gajjar, Isaacson, Lacki, Lebofsky, MacMahon, de Pater, Price, & Worden 2020

Narrow-band Signal Localization for SETI on Noisy Synthetic Spectrogram Data. 


Hippke 2020: 

Searching for a message in the angular power spectrum of the cosmic microwave background.


Gertz 2020

Strategies for the Detection of ET Probes Within Our Own Solar System.


Singam, Haqq-Misra, Balbi, Sessa, Villarroel, De la Torre, Grinspoon, Furukawa, & Timmaraju 2020

Evaluation of investigational paradigms for the discovery of non-canonical astrophysical phenomena.


Caballero 2020

An approximation to determine the source of the WOW! Signal.


Margot, Pinchuk, Geil, Alexander, Arora, Biswas, Cebreros, Prabhu Desai, Duclos, Dunne, Lin, Goel, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Jain, Lam, Lewis, Lewis, Li, MacDougall, Makarem, Manan, Molina, Nagib, Neville, O'Toole, Rockwell, Rokushima, Romanek, Schmidgall, Seth, Shah, Shimane, Singhal, Tokadjian, Villafana, Wang, Yun, Zhu, & Lynch 2020

A Search for Technosignatures Around 31 Sun-like Stars with the Green Bank Telescope at 1.15-1.73 GHz.


Kaltenegger & Pepper 2020: 

Which stars can see Earth as a transiting exoplanet?. 


Lares, Funes, & Gramajo 2020

Monte Carlo estimation of the probability of causal contacts between communicating civilizations. 


De Visscher 2020

Artificial versus biological intelligence in the Cosmos: clues from a stochastic analysis of the Drake equation. 


Kerins 2020

Mutual detectability: a targeted SETI strategy that avoids the SETI Paradox.


Harp, Gray, Richards, Shostak, & Tarter 2020

An ATA Search for a Repetition of the Wow Signal. 


Clery 2020

Listen up. 


Tremblay & Tingay 2020

A SETI survey of the Vela region using the Murchison Widefield Array: Orders of magnitude expansion in search space. 


Wlodarczyk-Sroka, Garrett, & Siemion 2020

Extending the Breakthrough Listen nearby star survey to other stellar objects in the field. 


Michaud, Siemion, Drew, & Worden 2020

Lunar Opportunities for SETI.


Villarroel, Pelckmans, Solano, Laaksoharju, Souza, Nnaemeka Dom, Laggoune, Mimouni, Mattsson, Soodla, Castillo, Shultz, Aworka, Comerón, Geier, Marcy, Gupta, Bergstedt, Bär, Buelens, Prieto, Ramos-Almeida, Simiyu Wamalwa, & Ward 2020

Launching the VASCO citizen science project.


Lingam & Loeb 2020

Constraints on the abundance of 0.01c stellar engines in the Milky Way.


Jackson & Benford 2020

Novel Technosignatures.


Hippke 2020

Interstellar communication network. II. Deep space nodes with gravitational lensing.


Spada & Melini 2020

Evolution of the number of communicative civilizations in the Galaxy: implications on Fermi paradox. 


Seto & Kashiyama 2020

Astrometric study of Gaia DR2 stars for interstellar communication. 


Gray 2020

Intermittent signals and planetary days in SETI. 


Bansal 2020

SETI 2020: The Pause That Refreshes? [Turnstile]. 


Tsumura 2020

Estimating survival probability using the terrestrial extinction history for the search for extraterrestrial life. 


Osmanov 2020

On a spectral pattern of the Von-Neumann probes.


Hatfield & Trueblood 2020

SETI and Democracy.


Ćirković & Vukotić 2020

Habitability of M dwarfs is a problem for the traditional SETI.


Lares, Funes, & Gramajo 2020

Monte Carlo estimation of the probability of causal contacts between communicating civilisations. 


Sheikh, Siemion, Enriquez, Price, Isaacson, Lebofsky, Gajjar, & Kalas 2020

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: A 3.95-8.00 GHz Search for Radio Technosignatures in the Restricted Earth Transit Zone. 


Ivanov, Beamín, Cáceres, & Minniti 2020

A qualitative classification of extraterrestrial civilizations. 


Wright 2020

Dyson Spheres. 


Perez, Brzycki, Gajjar, Isaacson, Siemion, Croft, DeBoer, Lebofsky, MacMahon, Price, Sheikh, Drew, & Worden 2020

Breakthrough Listen Search for Technosignatures toward the Kepler-160 System. 


Lorenz 2020

Maunder's Work on Planetary Habitability in 1913: Early Use of the term "Habitable Zone" and a "Drake Equation" Calculation. 


Gale, Wandel, & Hill 2020

Will recent advances in AI result in a paradigm shift in Astrobiology and SETI?. 


Sheikh 2020

The Nine Axes of Merit for Technosignature Searches. 


Osmanov 2020

On the interstellar Von Neumann micro self-reproducing probes. 


Li, Yu, Fan, & Babu 2020

Some optimizations on detecting gravitational wave using convolutional neural network. 


Lacki, Brzycki, Croft, Czech, DeBoer, DeMarines, Gajjar, Isaacson, Lebofsky, MacMahon, Price, Sheikh, Siemion, Drew, & Worden 2020

One of Everything: The Breakthrough Listen Exotica Catalog.


Cortellesi 2020

Reworking the SETI Paradox: METI's Place on the Continuum of Astrobiological Signaling.


Westby & Conselice 2020

The Astrobiological Copernican Weak and Strong Limits for Intelligent Life. 


Wisian & Traphagan 2020

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Realpolitik Consideration. 


Li, Gajjar, Wang, Siemion, Zhang, Zhang, Yue, Zhu, Jin, Li, Berger, Brzycki, Cobb, Croft, Czech, DeBoer, DeMarines, Drew, Emilio Enriquez, Gizani, Korpela, Isaacson, Lebofsky, Lacki, MacMahon, Nanez, Niu, Pei, Price, Werthimer, Worden, Gerry Zhang, Zhang, & FAST Collaboration 2020

Opportunities to search for extraterrestrial intelligence with the FAST. 


Sandora & Silk 2020

Biosignature surveys to exoplanet yields and beyond. 


Haqq-Misra, Kopparapu, & Schwieterman 2020

Observational Constraints on the Great Filter. 


Lingam & Loeb 2020

Propulsion of Spacecraft to Relativistic Speeds Using Natural Astrophysical Sources. 


Gray 2020

The Extended Kardashev Scale. 


Abramowicz, Bejger, Gourgoulhon, & Straub 2020

A Galactic centre gravitational-wave Messenger. 


Whitmire 2020

The habitability of large elliptical galaxies. 


Prantzos 2020

A probabilistic analysis of the Fermi paradox in terms of the Drake formula: the role of the L factor. 


Tuccari, Wunderlich, Dornbusch, & Tuccari 2020

AntArr - Etna Low Frequency Antenna Array. 


Ćirković & Balbi 2020

Copernicanism and the typicality in time. 


Zhang, Werthimer, Zhang, Cobb, Korpela, Anderson, Gajjar, Lee, Li, Pei, Zhang, Huang, Wang, Zhu, Duan, Zhang, Jin, Zhu, & Li 2020

First SETI Observations with China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST). 


Price, Enriquez, Brzycki, Croft, Czech, DeBoer, DeMarines, Foster, Gajjar, Gizani, Hellbourg, Isaacson, Lacki, Lebofsky, MacMahon, Pater, Siemion, Werthimer, Green, Kaczmarek, Maddalena, Mader, Drew, & Worden 2020:

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Observations of 1327 Nearby Stars Over 1.10-3.45 GHz.


Hippke 2020: Interstellar Communication Network. I. Overview and Assumptions. 


Vidaurri, Wofford, Brande, Black-Planas, Domagal-Goldman, & Haqq-Misra 2020

Absolute Prioritization of Planetary Protection, Safety, and Avoiding Imperialism in All Future Science Missions: A Policy Perspective. 


Haqq-Misra 2020

Funding the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with a Lottery Bond. 


Yang, Yu, Xiao, & Zhang 2020

Deep residual detection of radio frequency interference for FAST. 


Olson 2020

On the Likelihood of Observing Extragalactic Civilizations: Predictions from the Self-Indication Assumption.


Harp 2020

Radio seti observations of the interstellar object 'oumuamua. 


De la Torre 2020

Does artificial intelligence dream of non-terrestrial techno-signatures?. 


Lacki 2020 

Lens Flare: Magnified X-Ray Binaries as Passive Beacons in SETI.


Lesnikowski, Bickel, & Angerhausen 2020: 

Unsupervised Distribution Learning for Lunar Surface Anomaly Detection.


Slijepcevic 2020: 

Natural intelligence and anthropic reasoning.


Gertz 2020: 

There's No Place Like Home (in Our Own Solar System): Searching for ET Near White Dwarfs.


Villarroel, Soodla, Comerón, Mattsson, Pelckmans, López-Corredoira, Krisciunas, Guerras, Kochukhov, Bergstedt, Buelens, Bär, Cubo, Enriquez, Gupta, Imaz, Karlsson, Prieto, Shlyapnikov, de Souza, Vavilova, & Ward 2020: 

The Vanishing and Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations Project. I. USNO Objects Missing in Modern Sky Surveys and Follow-up Observations of a “Missing Star”. 


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