Thursday, October 20, 2016
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Satsuma Tangerines have arrived, ready to satisfy your fresh, fall fruit cravings! These little guys are easy to eat out of hand since their red-orange peel is known as “zipper skin,” meaning it clings so loosely to its sweet flesh that it doesn’t take much to tear off! Satsuma Tangerines can withstand cold temperatures, therefore maturing early and arriving to your kitchen counter sooner!
Twice the size of their crab apple relatives, and even more delicious, Organic Crimson Gold Apples are here! They were developed by Albert Etter, specifically using crab apple parentage and what resulted was a nice lack of astringency. With a robust, sweet and crispy flesh, these apples are great to eat fresh, but even better when baked, poached turned into cider! While Organic Crimson Gold Apples also do well with savory pairings, you can’t beat its beautiful blend with brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon, maple syrup and nutmeg for that warm, sweet, fall flavor!
Behold the Sunchoke! Believe it or not, these knobby, potato-like tubers grow into beautiful sunflowers. What’s also beautiful, is the fact that we can consume these yummy root vegetables! Similar to potatoes, Sunchokes have thin skin and “eyes” that cover a crisp, ivory flesh that has a similar texture and nutty/sweet flavor to water chestnuts. You might also know them as Jerusalem Artichokes, even though they are unrelated to either Jerusalem or artichokes. High in fiber and potassium, Sunchokes make a great substitute for your favorite potato dishes. Serve them raw in salads, bake them like fries, mash them, or puree them into soups – sounds delicious to us!

Hachiya Persimmons
Pumellos 8/10ct
Delicata Squash 20#    
Babaco 7#
Cherimoya 10-12ct
Ornamental Gourds 30-35ct
Mini Indian Corn 24/3ct
Mini Orange Pumpkins 40ct
Orange Pam (Pie) Pumpkins 18-20ct
Big Mac Pumpkins
Barhi Dates 30#
Seckle Pears 22#
Pomegranate 36-44ct
Blood Orange 10# & 18#
Bartlett Pears 90-135ct
Yellow Watermelon 5/6ct
Mix Fingerling Potatoes 10# & 50#
Pomegranate Seeds 12/4
Green Cactus Pears 10#


20th Century Asian Pears
Fresh Cranberries 24/12oz    
Crab Apples 11#
Fuyu Persimmons 20-24ct
Indian Corn 18ct
Strawberry Indian Corn 24/3ct
Mini White Pumpkins 40ct
Wee Bee Littles Pumpkins 40ct
Baby Kiwi Fruit 12/6oz
Comice Pears 45-50ct
Forelle Pears 22#
Pineapple Quince 36-42ct
Red Pears 45-50ct
Bosc Pears 90-135ct
NZ Meyer Lemons 10#
Mix Marble Potato 10# & 50#
Thai Coconuts 9ct
Red Cactus Pears 10#

Green Olives 16#                    
Carolina Reapers 8/.5gms

Scorpion Chile 8/.5gms
Passion Fruit

Green Dragon Apples expected next week

Brussels Sprout Stalks 9ct expected next week

Cardoon expected in the next 2 weeks

Italian Chestnuts 25# expected in the next 2 weeks


Watermelon Radish 10# & 25#
Baby Romanesco 24ct

CA Stone Fruit (Pluots, Plums)
English Peas 10# & 25#
Padron Peppers 5#
Romanesco 12/16ct
Shishito Peppers 5#, 10# & 20#        
CA Stone Fruit (Pluots, Plums)
Fava Beans 10# & 25 #
Ghost Chile 8/.5gms
• Rhubarb 13# (6K) out of Holland available in limited quantities call for availability pre order preferred

• Now transitioning from Chile/Peru, the Pomegranate Seeds to produce out of CA

• Limited supplies of Buddha Hands are available, call for availability
Call Kyle Lane today for pricing and information at 323.201.5800 or contact
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