Wednesday, October 5, 2016
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We have domestically grown Fresh Cranberries! These ruby-hued gems are packed with flavor and an amazing sweet tart taste. In raw form, dried, or candied, Cranberries are the perfect addition to any autumn meal, including tarts, sauces, salads and more!
There are many reasons why cranberries are so cherished! For one, they’re one of the only few major fruits native to North America. Cranberries are well known for their health benefits, being loaded with antioxidants, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. So get your fall fill of these tasty, domestically grown, nutrition-packed berries!
Small and packed with a bitter punch, Crab Apples have arrived and are ready for juicing! They’re smaller than golf balls, with shiny, red skin that houses a cream-colored flesh that’s semi-starchy. It’s best to take advantage of their high-acid content by making delicious, perfect for autumn cider! Crab Apple cider would not only be be a great beverage, but also great for sauces, glazes, marinades and enhancing batters for your favorite fried foods! 
Delicata Squash are here and ready to be enjoyed by the masses! It’s name comes from its delicate, edible skin, covered in green, yellow and sometimes orange stripes. Delicata Squash range in size from small to medium, having a 2-3 inch diameter. They’re an excellent choice for stuffing with grains, meats or cheeses since they hold their shape so well during the baking process! But that’s not all! Delicata Squash can be cooked in an endless array of recipes, from tacos to risotto, and gratins to pizza! Your fall menu will definitely not be lacking this season!

Green Olives 16#
Cherimoya 10-12ct

Ornamental Gourds 30-35ct
Mini Indian Corn 24/3ct
Mini Orange Pumpkins 40ct
Orange Pam (Pie) Pumpkins 18-20ct
Big Mac Pumpkins
Barhi Dates 30#
Seckle Pears 22#
Pomegranate 36-44ct
Blood Orange 10# & 18#
Bartlett Pears 90-135ct
Yellow Watermelon 5/6ct
Mix Fingerling Potatoes 10# & 50#
Peru Pomegranate Seeds 12/4
Green Cactus Pears 10#


Babaco 7#
Fuyu Persimmons 20-24ct
Indian Corn 18ct
Strawberry Indian Corn 24/3ct
Mini White Pumpkins 40ct
Wee Bee Littles Pumpkins 40ct
Baby Kiwi Fruit 12/6oz
Comice Pears 45-50ct
Forelle Pears 22#
Pineapple Quince 36-42ct
Red Pears 45-50ct
Bosc Pears 90-135ct
NZ Meyer Lemons 10#
Mix Marble Potato 10# & 50#
Thai Coconuts 9ct
Red Cactus Pears 10#

Concord Grapes
Longan 11#
Red Tamarillo
Watermelon Radish (for 2 weeks)
Wheat Bundles

Organic Crimson Gold Apples 12/1# expected next week

Hachiya Persimmons expected mid next week

CA Pomegranate Arils 12/4oz, 24/2oz & 38/2oz expected week of 17th

Green Dragon Apples expected late October/early November


Shishito Peppers 5#, 10# & 20#
English Peas 10# & 25#
CA Black Figs 1 layer and 8/1# Clamshell
Padron Peppers 5#
Carolina Reaper Peppers 8/.5gm
Baby Squashes (All Varieties) 5# & 10#
CA Stone Fruit (Pluots, Plums)
Fava Beans 10# & 25 #
CA Brown Figs 1 layer and 8/1#Clamshell 
Ghost Chile 8/.5gms
Scorpion Chile Peppers 8/.5gm
Jack Fruit
Watermelon Radishes are in a gap, expected to be back in limited quantities week of 17th

• CA Figs season is quickly winding down, due earlier than expected start (late April, normally mid May) and heat wave in late August and early September, expect product out of Mexico late October/early November

• Shishito Peppers supplies will be day to day for the next 3 weeks
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