Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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If you love cherries and if you love plums, there’s plenty you’ll love about Cherry Plums! They’re petite and sweet, covered in a paper thin skin flushed with cherry tones and peach speckles. The vibrant flesh (with a small pit that is easily removable) of Cherry Plums is very juicy – kissed with a balance of sweet, tart and a bit of spiciness. They’re perfectly yummy out of hand, as well as great for cooking, preserving and baking.
Seckel Pears are bite-sized, but mighty! They have the sweetest flavor profile of all the pear varieties, so sweet in fact that they are sometimes called "Sugar Pears". Seckel Pears are possibly the truest American variety as well! Check the neck for ripeness – a perfectly ripe Seckel Pear should yield a little under gentle thumb pressure around the base of the stem. Just in time for school, they’re perfectly sized to fit in lunch boxes for a sweet snack between classes!
Forelle Pears are so cute – they’re petite and they blush, showing off their freckles! Well, what that really means is that they’re ripe, a quality most other pears don’t carry! But what Forelle Pears lack in size, they make up for in color and flavor! Their candy-sweet, juicy, crisp flesh make them the perfect out-of-hand snack, and their rich ripe color will produce a portrait-worthy dinner table!

Hatch Chiles 25# & 30#
Pineapple Quince 36-48ct
Tiger Figs 1 layer
Red Pears 45-50ct
English Peas 10# & 25#
Watermelon Radish 10# & 25#
Yellow Watermelon 5/6ct
Red Tamarillo 30-39ct
CA Brown Figs 1 layer and 8/1#Clamshell    
CA Stone Fruit ( Pluots, Plums)
Carolina Reaper Peppers 8/.5gm
Ghost Chile 8/.5gm
Peru Pomegranate Seeds 12/4
Green Cactus Pears 10#
Rhubarb 20#
Jack Fruit


Pomegranate Granadas 40-48ct
Star Fruit 20-25ct
Aus. Blood Orange 10# & 18#
Bartlett Pears 90-135ct
Fava Beans 10# & 25 #
Shishito Peppers 5#, 10# & 20#
Longans 11#
CA Black Figs 1 layer and 8/1# Clamshell
NZ Meyer Lemons 10#
Italian Prune Plums
Scorpion Chile Peppers 8/.5gm
Mix Marble Potato 10# & 50#
Thai Coconuts 9ct
Red Cactus Pears 10#
Baby Brussels Sprouts 12/8oz
Romanesco 12 & 16ct     

Champagne Grapes
Red Currants
Padron Peppers

Australian Cara Cara Oranges expected later this week 40# - 48-56ct

New Crop Sun Chokes expected this weekend

New Crop Tommy Atkins out of Brazil expected next week


Lemon Grass

Mangosteen 15#
Yellow Peaches
White Peaches
Banana Leaves 1#,5#,10# & 25#
Stripy Bell Peppers 11#
Yellow Nectarines
White Nectarines
• New Crop CA Fuji Apples have just started, light in color
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