Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Oh my! Glowing, yellow Star Fruit have just arrived! This rising star (pun intended) is packed with sweet, slightly tangy flavors that are compared to papaya, orange and grapefruit with hints of pineapple and lemon. If that doesn’t scream summer treat to you, we don’t know what will! The entire fruit is edible, and when sliced across, you get that stellar star shape that is great for eating on its own, or for dressing up a fruit salad!
Light yellow and green-striped, these Tiger Figs spend their summer getting sweeter by the minute! They hang on to their trees before being picked at peak ripeness. Tiger Figs’ beauty is skin deep - also known as “Candy Stripe” figs, these are considered to be one of the sweetest tasting fig varieties! Their red flesh boasts notes of strawberry and raspberry jam – perfect as a dessert topping or for pairing with nuts and cheese.
Who knew that a cactus plant could sprout such pleasing and exotic fruit? Oblong, ranging from pink to red, with a thick skin and scale-like leaves, Red Dragon Fruit have arrived in all their luminous glory! These particular sweets have a bright red flesh with a melon-like texture yielding a delicately sweet and slightly acidic flavor. Red Dragon Fruit are considered “super foods” being rich in antioxidants and contain three times the amount of vitamin C found in carrots! Cut them in half, spoon out that vibrant flesh and enjoy its sweet juiciness (their seeds are edible)!

Blood Orange 10# & 18#
Cavillon Melons 20#
Bartlett Pears 90-135ct
Dragon Fruit White (Florida) 10#
Daisy Mandarins
English Peas 10# & 25#
Watermelon Radish 10# & 25#
German Butterball Potato 50#
Champagne Grapes 16/1#
Longans 11#
Melons (Crenshaw, Hammi, Casaba, etc.)
Red Tamarillo
CA Brown Figs
NZ Meyer Lemons 10#
CA Stone Fruit (Peaches, Nectarines, Plums)
Carolina Reaper Peppers 8/.5gm
Ghost Chile 8/.5gm
Quince 28-30ct
Peru Pomegranate Seeds 12/4
Green Cactus Pears 10#
Fava Beans 10#,& 25 #
Rhubarb 20#
Baby Brussels Sprouts 12/8oz


Red Currants 12/6oz
Padron Peppers 5 & 10#
Taylor Gold Pears 55ct
Green Midas Plums
Ready Robin Pear
Shishito Peppers 5#, 10# & 20#
Yellow Watermelon 5/6ct
Lychee 10#
Sunchokes 5 & 10#
CA Black Figs
Oregon Cherries
Wasabi Leaves 25ct
Apricots 2 layer
Scorpion Chile Peppers 8/.5gm
Mix Marble Potato 10# & 50#
Chilean Pomegranates 8-14ct
Thai Coconuts 9ct
Red Cactus Pears 10#
Jack Fruit

Domestic Blood Oranges
Chilean Quince
Sour (Tart) Cherries

Lychee out of Taiwan/China expected first week of August
Hatch Chiles expected the first week of August
New crop Seckle and Forelle Pears expecting mid August


Tiger Figs 1 layer
Avocado (All sizes and grades)

Mini Sweet Peppers 12/1
Tulare Giant Prunes
Saturn Peaches 2 layers    
Red Dragon Fruit (Vietnam)
Lemon Grass 
Fingerling Potatoes – All varieties
Mangosteen 15#
• Salisfy Root done for the season, new crop September

• Celery Root n/tops gapping for the next 2 - 3 weeks

• Lemon Grass will continue to be in limited/sporadic supplies for the next 2 - 3 months
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