Thursday, September 22, 2016
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That’s no orange tomato – that’s a Fuyu Persimmon! Yes, those fruits look alike, but they’re totally different. Fuyu Persimmons are a firm fruit with vibrant orange skin and a rich, sweet-spicy taste. Some compare the flavor to a blend of mango and papaya or apples and oranges with apricot overtones – you definitely can’t deny that they deliciously represent the fall season! When fully ripe, they’re excellent for eating raw, but can also be turned into ice creams, jams, or incorporated into your favorite baked goods! 
These may not be the classic movie theater candy we’re all familiar with, but Jujube are still an interesting and awesome treat! More commonly known as Chinese Dates, Jujube are pear-shaped and about the size of a golf ball and covered in a hardy skin that varies from light to medium green to red. Jujube have a sweet-tart, apple-like flavor and a crispy texture surrounded a single large seed.
Jujube have more than 10,000 years of history with over 400 varieties available. They’re high in Vitamin C and valued for helping cure insomnia, strengthening bones and the immune system and aiding in digestion. Talk about a tiny fruit packing a punch! Jujube may be eaten fresh, but are commonly dried or candied, so you might want to pack some up for a movie-watching treat afterall!
Babaco have arrived! This sweet relative of the Papaya has a star shape when cut across. Its white, seedless flesh has a melon-like texture and gives off tropical flavors much like pineapple, kiwi and strawberry. Also known as Champagne Fruit, Babaco may be eaten with or without the skin, raw or cooked. It gets along well with other tropical fruits and is often enjoyed blended into a beverage!
Dense, firm, and packed with antioxidants and flavor, Green Olives are here to give your dishes a savory boost! A quintessential Mediterranean fruit (not veggie!), Green Olives are picked before ripening and are meant to be cured first to reduce their bitterness. Serve them as a yummy, salty snack by turning them into a tapenade! Simply pit the olives, put them in a food processor with olive oil, garlic and your favorite seasonings until spreadable. Toss with pasta or spread over your favorite bread!

Painted Pumpkins
Barhi Dates 30#
Seckle Pears 22#
Pomegranate 36-44ct
Tiger Figs 1 layer
Red Pears 45-50ct
English Peas 10# & 25#
Watermelon Radish 10# & 25#
Yellow Watermelon 5/6ct
Red Tamarillo 30-39ct
CA Brown Figs 1 layer and 8/1#Clamshell
CA Stone Fruit ( Pluots, Plums)
Ghost Chile 8/.5gm
Peru Pomegranate Seeds 12/4
Green Cactus Pears 10#
Jack Fruit

Baby Kiwi Fruit
Comice Pears 45-50ct
Forelle Pears 22#
Pineapple Quince 36-48ct
Aus. Blood Orange 10# & 18#
Bartlett Pears 90-135ct
Fava Beans 10# & 25 #
Shishito Peppers 5#, 10# & 20#
Longans 11#    
CA Black Figs 1 layer and 8/1# Clamshell
NZ Meyer Lemons 10#
Italian Prune Plums
Mix Marble Potato 10# & 50#
Thai Coconuts 9ct
Baby Brussels Sprouts 12/8oz

Champagne Grapes
Red Currants
Padron Peppers
Hatch Chiles

New Crop Conventional Crab Apples out of Canada available next week

Pumpkins – starting to be available, Mini’s, Jack’s, Painted and Mac’s, call for availability and cost 

Carolina Reaper Peppers 8/.5gm
Baby Squashes (All Varieties) 5# & 10#

Red Cactus Pears 10#
Scorpion Chile Peppers 8/.5gm
Rutabagas 25#
Concord Grapes 12#    
Rhubarb 20#
• Yam and Sweet Potatoes markets are active, supplies light for the next 10-14 days

• Dragon Fruit out of Mexico and Florida expected to be available next week

• CA Pomegranate Arils School pack 24/2oz & 38/2oz expected to available end of month 
Call Kyle Lane today for pricing and information at 323.201.5800 or contact
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