FlatTurtle launches MyTurtle.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of MyTurtle, a remote control for your FlatTurtle. 

We've started rolling out access to MyTurtle to a select group of people who signed up to get the cutting edge updates. 

But don't despair! Everyone else will get access in the coming days and weeks. We'll send you your unique login and password soon. 

... And best of all, it's going to be free! 
MyTurtle gives you the ability to control pretty much all options of your display: add a message in the footer, switch your screen on and off, add/remove SNCB stations, and so forth. If a feature isn't available, give us some feedback, and we might be able to help you out.

We are convinced this tool will bring the FlatTurtle display to a whole new level.  
We're quite sure it will be slightly easier to use than this. 

Recent problems with the Traffic Turtle

We have been tormented by a few bugs recently. Some harder to fix than others.

One of them was the Google Traffic Turtle refusing to update reliably. Some locations displayed incorrect traffic information.

I am happy to say that this problem has now been resolved, and we are displaying the correct traffic colors again in near-realtime (updated every 4 minutes). 

Our sincerest apologies for this. We thank you once again for believing in us! 

Thanks to you, we are able to quickly respond to these issues, making our product, step by step, a little better every day. 

And don't forget; our team of highly trained support monkeys is available at!
Your sincerely,
Yeri Tiete

As always, in case of questions, doubts, ideas, or if you just want to have a chat; I'm available, almost 24/7, by phone & email.
+32 474/61 01 39

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