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Copenhagen Business News
April 24 2013
Denmark ranks among the leading innovative EU Member States
Denmark has been placed third in the EU’s annual innovation ranking. This third place underlines the toughness of international competition and the need for an even stronger Danish innovation system.

Denmark invests EUR 45.6 billion in infrastructure

Over the next ten years no less than 45.6 billion euros will be invested in infrastructure in Denmark. This is according to new calculations, carried out by the Danish newspaper, Børsen.
China coorporation with danish univeristy

Set up a business in half an hour

The Danish Business Authority has had great success with its digital registration, which makes it easier to set up a business in Denmark.

Top Chinese university chooses the University of Copenhagen for research centre

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Fudan University in China are to collaborate on a new centre opening on 16 April 2013 at the University of Copenhagen. The Fudan-European Centre for Modern and Comparative China Studies will be the first of its kind in Europe with a focus on research into the interaction between China and Europe.

Denmark once again wins at MIPIM

Denmark has again won one of the prestigious MIPIM Awards which are often compared to the film industry’s Palme d'Or. The award was given at MIPIM, one of the world's largest real estate fairs in Cannes, which took place last week.
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