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FELTAG - Cultural Considerations
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With the FELTAG recommendations being published recently I have been blogging more than usual, but these have mostly been to discuss the cultural aspect with technology adoption in FE, as opposed to the use of technology.

"The issue with the adoption of emerging technology is not a technical issue, but a cultural one"  Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm. This idea is something that is reflected in the 5 posts below.

Creatively Disrupt... Or Someone Else Will!

It was companies who were new to the music, retail, media, photography and gaming that disrupted established businesses and their way of doing things. This post considers whether organisations from outside Further Education could start to take market share from colleges - Massively Creatively Disrupt... Or Someone Else Will!

Change can be Scary... But Awesome

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention." This post looks at the changes in market conditions that saw Lego founder Ole Kirk Christiansen go from barn builder to toy inventor. It would have been tough living through these changes, but I'm sure many kids and educators are glad that Ole did encounter change  - Change can be Scary... But AWESOME

FELTAG Friday! Rocket Boosters on?

At the Education Innovation Conference Matthew Hancock told delegates that "It's Rocket Boosters on" for Technology in learning. This post discusses why I will be taking a mini as opposed to going on any space adventures - FELTAG Friday! Is it Rocket Boosters on? ...Or Houston we have a Problem!


Community Building in FE

There are a number of Tech interest groups being established in FE at the moment. This post looks at what Colleges could learn from experienced Community Managers, and how they go about establishing relationships and learning about EdTechBridges - Community Building in FE: Building EdTechBridges

Expedition FELTAG

The FELTAG agenda has seen a lot of discussion about the role that Tech enthusiasts and "Early Adopters" will play. This post looks at 7 lessons that FE could learn from Ernest Shackleton to ensure that early adopters pave the way and make it easier for others... and not leave anyone stranded - Expedition FELTAG: The Cloud would be an Awfully Big Adventure 

30-50% Reduction for FE Products

I am developing ideas from my EdTech Report "Developing Relationships & Delivering Value." If my due diligence proves that the model viable this could lead to 30-50% reduction on products, services and companies who are not currently working with FE. To be kept updated on this idea please leave your details on the following link - A New Tech Story: Chapter 1
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