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After Shavuot/Pentecost?
June 2014 Newsletter 
Dear <<First Name>>
Shavuot/Pentecost has come and gone. Are we any different compared to before Passover? Have we been growing in understanding of Yeshua, His Word and the Ruach Hakodesh? It is some times hard to see the fruit of the Spirit in ourselves and we depend on others to see the growth in us.

On Saturday the 31 May, we had a blessed time of fellowship and worship as we celebrated Shavuot with up to thirty people who attended. Penny gave some insights to the Book of Ruth. It was good to come together as mispochah, family, one in the Lord as we celebrated the breaking of bread, the two challah loaves that were waved before the Lord. The afternoon tea would make anyone who did not attend jealous as we ate blintzes, cheese cake, quiches etc. We ended the afternoon off with the lighting of the Havdalah candle and passing around of the sweet fragrance of spices to end off the Shabbat. The lighting of the Sabbath and the Havdalah candles separates the mundane from the holy, hence time is sanctified.

Some of us ended the evening off around a fire pit over which we 'braaied'  (BBQ).  It was a beautiful  evening and a fitting way to end Shavuot with the fire reminding us of the Lord coming down with fire at Mt Sinai and then onto the disciples in Jerusalem. We could only praise the Lord just as the black birds in the trees were! We had a good laugh as one of us communicated with the birds with whistles and they answered back.

The Sunday morning we took part in a Pentecostal service with a local congregation where Penny gave a teaching on the Book of Ruth.  The book is traditionally read at Shavuot. We waved the two challah loaves before the Lord before going into the breaking of bread and coming around the Communion table. 

The next weekend we tooks some friends with us to Northallerton to hold our first Shabbat evening in the area. It also turned out to be a beautiful sunny day for a drive through the Western Dales. There were ten of us around the Sabbath table enjoying a stunning meal of smoked salmon with bagels followed with baked fish,vegetables and then cheese and bicuits and finally dessert. Everyone had a blessed time of sharing the truths of Scripture together; so we were feed physically and spiritually. I'm sure this could become a regular event. 
 On 21st June we are starting what we pray will be a monthly afternoon Sabbath celebration in Chorley generally at the end of the month.  If anybody is interested in coming to the meeting could they please make contact so that we can give them the details of where we will be meeting or check events on our website. We are also planning to start up a monthly home based 'Bring & Share' Shabbat Friday evening meal celebration starting in Chorley.  

On our weekly Torah study evenings we look at the weekly Parashah Torah and HavTorah readings together with the applicable readings from the Gospels and Epistles. Any one is more than welcome to join us on a Thursday in Chorley or a Monday evening in Lancaster

The first article on the Book of Judges and an article continuing the Torah journey with the challenge "Two Laws or One Torah?" have been loaded onto our website. Penny has done a short article on Ruth the person below.  Ian continues  in the sidebar below with One Covenant or Many?  Please give comment on both articles

We would encourage you to visit our present website: which continues to be developed.
Shalom in Yeshua
Ian & Penny McDonald

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Shavuot and Ruth

Have any of you really looked at the Book of Ruth or as in Hebrew it is called the Megilot Rut (Scroll of Ruth). The name of Ruth means friend and she was a true friend and daughter in law to Naomi whose name means pleasant.

The book of Ruth takes place during the time of the Judges and if we look at the book of Judges it tells us that during the time of the Judges Israel had no King and that the people did what they thought was right. In other words a law unto themselves. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was only called on and worshipped when things were not going well. We see that there was a famine in the land. In Hebrew the word for famine is 'raav' and this is far more than just no food, it is a lack of morality and disobedience to God. We do not read of no rain at the time but that the Midianites and even the Philistines kept attacking and taking the food from the Israelites.

A man by the name of Elimelech, (my God is King) his wife Naomi (pleasant) and two sons Machlon(sickly) and Kilyon(consumption) left Bethlehem (House of Bread) in Judea and went to Moab to get away from the famine. They had hardly arrived when Elimelech dies. I understand from the ancient writing that it was believed that no Israelite was to leave the land of Israel unless one seah of flour cost the price of 7 seah as well as there being no food to buy. So Elimelech was disobedient to God and does not seem to trust or turn to God. Elimelech's two sons take wives for themselves from the Moabite women. We are not told anywhere in scripture that this was forbidden but in Deuteronomy 2:4-5 we can see that no Moabite may enter the assembly of the Lord for 10 generations. The wives names were Oprah and Ruth. Both men die after they had lived there for 10 years and so Naomi who now has no grandchildren decides to leave Moab and go back to Bethlehem in Judea where she has heard that there is now enough food.

Naomi leaves and both Oprah and Ruth leave with her but she then tells them to go back to their own mothers house. They both refuse at first but when Naomi says that she is to old to have any more children and so she could not give them a husband. Even if she had a son or sons would they wait until these sons were old enough to marry them. Bitterness has crept in and she tells them that she is bitter and that the Lord is against her. Oprah leaves as she has Moab in her blood but Ruth stays with Naomi. We now have one of the most amazing speeches by a women in the bible. Ruth goes on to say don't insult me by telling me to leave you as your people are my people and your God is my God. Finally she says “May the Lord bring terrible curses on me and worse ones as well if anything but death separates you and me.” In other words Ruth has found her identity in Israel and wants to become part of Israel. Ruth had married into the people of Israel. Ruth has crossed over and become and Israelite. She would learn everything she needed to know about the customs and traditions as well as how to pray from her mother-in-law.

In Chapters 2, 3 and 4 we see the victory that Ruth and Naomi have. Ruth is submissive, obedient and a modest woman who does everything her mother-in-law tells her to do. She is also hard working and due to this, redemption comes to her through grace. Ruth only speaks when spoken to. She finds her kinsman redeemer due to being obedient to Naomi. God uses Ruth and she becomes the mother of Obed who is the grandfather of King David. Ruth is the 2nd Gentile who God places in the family tree of our Messiah. Why because he loves all people and if obedient will use whom he wants to use. Are we like Ruth obedient to the word of God. Listening and following his ways.
Until next time have a blessed time.

Prayer needs:

* Praise the Lord for His Torah and the blessing it is to be able to study it and get into closer communion with Yeshua our Lord and with one another. 
We give thanks for the first blessed gathering of a possible Beit Echad group in Northallerton  as well as for the anointed Shavuot celebration we held on the 31 May. 
* Please pray for more doors to open for us to teach and minister  in local church from the Hebraic perspective.

* Pray for Beit Echad and for the groups to grow both in numbers and in Messiah, and especially for a Sabbath group to form. 
* Pray for Israelis who do not know their Messiah, that the Lord would remove the scales over their eyes, and bless them and demonstrate the love of Messiah to them in any way you can. i.e. saying no to disinvestment in Israel.
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One Covenant or Many?
(The Covenants Revealed in the Rainbow)

What is a covenant and how are they covered in Scripture?

The most well known covenant is the 'marriage covenant' where two people become one - echad just as Adam and Eve were echad in the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:24). This takes us to the very first covenant that Elohim- God made, the Adamic Covenant. God's desire was to have Adam and Eve in intimate communion 'marriage covenant' with Him, but when they disobeyed Him He shed blood to cover their nakedness with the skin of animals (Gen 3:21). After wickedness came on all mankind, Noah was the only faithful servant of Yehovah, who walked with God and through whom He established His covenant (Gen 6:18). The sign of this everlasting covenant between God and all flesh is a rainbow (Gen 9:16).

What is the significance of a rainbow?
A rainbow is a sign of blessing. It requires water and sunlight shining through the water droplets. This results in the white light from the sun being split into its component colours. Light is made up of three primary colours, red, yellow and blue and three secondary colours of orange, green and purple as shown below.

Each of these colours can be related to the six Old Testament covenants as follows:
  1. RED: Adamah from which adam is derived means redness of colour and the Adamic covenant was the first time blood was shead, hence we can relate it to the colour red. It required Adam and Eve to be servants/stewards of God being fully obedient to Him, hence a Blood/Servant Covenant.
  2. ORANGE is made up from red and yellow and can represent the Noahic Covenant covered in Genesis 9:1-17 In verse 17 God said to Noah, “This (rainbow) is the sign of the (everlasting) covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.” So even before all the covenant promises were revealed God was giving a sign in the heavens of the covenants still to be progressively revealed!
  3. YELLOW: God sent Yeshua (theophany) with two angels to offer Abraham an unconditional promise of eternal friendship sealed by a meal (Gen18:1-15) to seal the covenant cut in Genesis 15. Salt was to be used for this meal-offering according to Leviticus 2:13 Ancient Hebrew custom was for men to carry a small pouch of salt with them. When coming into covenant relationship they were to mix their salt together for the meal and redistribute the salt into their pouches. Only if they could get back their original salt grains could the covenant be broken. This Abrahamic covenant can be referred to as a Salt/Friendship Covenant and yellow, the colour of unprocessed salt is its colour in the rainbow.
  4. GREEN: God confirmed this Salt/Friendship covenant with Jacob with who He struggled calling him Israel. So Green can be associated with Jacob the deceiver who became faithful to the God of Abraham.
  5. BLUE: God also appeared to Moses in the burning bush where he was told to remove his sandals as he was on holy ground. Moses was given the Torah on Mt Sinai as the marriage contract or ketubah and the promise of inheriting the Promised Land. Hence this covenant can be called the Sandal or Inheritance Covenant. Blue is the colour of this covenant as the sky/heaven is blue and it represents holiness/divinity.
  6. PURPLE: King David walked in the promise and inheritance that was given to Moses, possessing the Promised Land and through whom the Messiah would come. The combination of blue and red gives purple the colour of kingship where the blue shows divinity and red for Adam/man and when combined represents Yeshua in His divinity and humanity and as Priest and King

  7. WHITE: When these colours are all combined together as reflected light we get white light that represents the Marriage or Renewed Covenant given in Jeremiah 31:31 In which all the above covenants are a part. Yeshua is the fulfilment of all the covenants as we come into deeper relationship with Him starting with servant-hood, friendship and then into inheritance as sons and daughters and finally into a marriage relationship. This is the deepest relationship know to mankind which is what God intended in the Garden of Eden.

In Summary

From this it is clear that there are not separate and independent covenants in the Hebrew Scriptures but progressive revelations of the final one fulfilled by Yeshua HaMashiach by His death and resurrection.

This so called Renewed Covenant has not yet come into its fullness as it requires the Houses of Israel and Judah to know their Messiah Yeshua and have His Torah written on both Jew and Gentile believer's hearts!
(Jer 31:31-33)
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