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What Now?
February 2015 Newsletter 
Dear <<First Name>>

In our last newsletter in November we asked the question, What have you received” The question since we have come into 2015 is: "What Now?

The only word that describes the present time is 'fluid' both in our personal lives and in the world around us. We believe that this is due to the prophetic times in which we are living. We are now solidly into 5775, the year of Shemitah, a Sabbatical year when all fields in Israel are to lie fallow and all debits are cancelled on the 29 Elul or 13 September 2015. If you are interested in finding out more on this subject read Jonathan Cahn's book The MYSTERY of the SHEMITAH and his earlier book The Harbinger that has stunned millions across the world.

Personally we have been gearing up to move ever since we were informed at the beginning of December that the house we are renting for the past year had been sold and we had to move out by the 12 February on Penny's birthday of all days. Since then we have been seeking the Lord about where He wants us to live and minister.

With all of this happening Penny decided to fly back to South Africa in December.  I spoke with our daughter in South Africa and then with my brother and we decided that I needed to head for South Africa. It was a Monday morning and within an hour I booked a ticket and was amazed that the Lord found me one at a very good price as air tickets to South Africa in December which is the summer season normally cost well over a thousand pounds per person.  Ian dropped me at Manchester airport at 4am Wednesday morning. The queues were long and security very strict. On arriving at Schipol which is undergoing renovations so not so good for shopping as most of the shops were closed until the renovations are finished to find that my flight had been delayed by nearly 3 hours. I sat on the floor as there were no seats about and read. Again when we were ready to board the security was very strict. A number of apologies but nobody would say why the flight was delayed. I finally arrived in South Africa at 1:30 am. By  the time I had gone through  customs and immigration it was 2:30 am. Chris Bronwyn's husband was there to meet me as I had let them know that my flight was late. Chris had gone to bed and got up and driven to the airport which is not too far from their home. I had a wonderful time with the family but I finally flew on to Cape Town and hired a car so as to visit my Mom every day . The moment I climbed in the car and drove it, I was not comfortable at all but had not noticed a problem. By the afternoon the following day my brother and I had noticed a huge oil leak. So back to the airport to get another car. It was a sad time seeing my Mom who had been vivacious and always busy and doing things now old and just lying in a bed having to have everything done for. But why am I telling you all of this. I started to look at my time in South Africa which is a beautiful country and has a lot of potential to see  what I would learn from my time there. I think this was a time that we could all learn from.
  • With the renovations taking in place in Schipol airport it made me look and ask the question, "Are we ready to have our lives renovated by the Lord?" Parts of us changed, other parts repainted and other parts of us removed so that we do not walk in sin. My flight was also late but the Lord is never late, His timing is perfect.
  •  We take things for granted here in Britain. But how often do we who are believers take God for granted. We often only turn to Him when the going gets tough and everything else fails.
  • Benefits in Britain are far easier to claim than in South Africa and if you have not paid in you do not get any and then only for three months if you have paid in. Thinking about this, do we realise that the Lord supplies us with all our benefits. Do we rely on Him when we have no employment or finances?
  •  Being the summer holidays people were rushing here and there to get all their shopping done for the Holiday Season and as I sat with Bronwyn and Joshua having an iced coffee due to the heat it occurred to me how much time do we spend with the Lord just drinking iced coffee i.e. reading the Psalms and listening to what the Lord  says.
  • Police were all over the place as many Shopping Malls have had armed robberies. Once again the  Lord is our protection and shield. Life is cheap in the old townships where crime is very high. To the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob life is very precious.
  • Hijacking of cars is an everyday occurrence so locked doors, handbags in boot but are we ready to be hijacked by Yeshua. I am sure that that type of hijacking would be pure joy.
  • With the major oil leak in my car and not having the normal list of contacts in the car I started to realize that often we do things without reading the manual. We have a manual for life the Bible. Do we read the manual so as to know how to sort out problems as well as how to look after our family.
  •  It was a wonderful time of meeting with friends and having a meal together. The Lord loves meeting with us all the time and having every meal with us.
  • Going to Cape Town and visiting my Mom made me realise we all are going to get older but are we ready to meet our maker. Is our house in order?
Today my Mom is still alive but could pass away any time so we keep praying that she will have an encounter with her Messiah before then.

We have 'enjoyed' the winter as you can see from the photograph taken from our bedroom window and Penny observing the snowdrops while trying to stay warm.

The sale of the house was shelved so we have until the 12th April to move now. The Lord is moving in an amazing way to provided us with another home just on the other side of Chorley near the M61. Pray that the Lord's hands will continue to be on all the details for the move. Megan our daughter is moving with us as she still has another year of her social work degree to complete. She is an active part of this ministry as she has such a heart for God's Word and a love for Israel. She is praying that she will either be able to join us at the Centenary MJAA Conference in the States in July or be able to volunteer during her University break in Israel.

Besides the weekly groups that meets in Chorley and Lancaster we have started another one in Preston this year. Once a month we also go up to Northallerton in Yorkshire for a Sabbath meal and a Torah teaching on the Sabbath. The people attending are excited about this and their hearts are being touched by this new understanding of God's Word.

We stand amazed at how the Lord has led and sustained us over the last twelve months.

Once again we would like to thank everybody who has supported us so that we can bring the knowledge of Yeshua and the world in which he lived to many people.

Shalom in Messiah Yeshua
 Ian, Penny and Megan McDonald
Skype: ianmcdonald3

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JUDGES Chapter 2

Chapter two starts with the Lord's response to Israel's decision to follow their own way and to abandon the Lord. The Lord is only able to use His righteous justice to discipline the Israelites due to their sin and rebellion against Him. Today it is very sad to hear ministers and Christian Leaders say that it is all about grace and that the Lord does not discipline due to Yeshua taking our sin and dying for us. If that is correct, the Lord God Almighty has changed and then the Bible cannot be true. In other words we can sin, get involved in idolatry do what we like and we will not reap any consequences or discipline due to God's grace.

  • This is NOT correct and you will not find this in the Tenach (Old Testament) or in the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) Even if we are redeemed by what Yeshua did for you and for me it does not mean we can sin and get away with it.

This is what the Israelites did during the time of the Judges and put on airs that they were God's chosen and had been given their own land and that God would bless them. How wrong they were, God is Holy and if He did not administer His justice He would not be Holy. A Holy Father who loves His children will discipline and therefore we need to be following His ways and not man's ways.

Verse one starts with “Now the Angel of the Lord” (וַיַּעַל מַלְאַךְ-יְהוָה ) Vayhaal malach Yahweh

If you do a search on “malach” you will find that it means messenger. In certain contexts it can mean that the Messenger is an angel. Many Rabbi's and Hebrew scholars say that this messenger is a Human messenger or a prophet that is being referred to. This is one way of getting around the words. This still does not tell us who the messenger of the Lord is as the messenger speaks in the 1st person. If this was a prophet or an ordinary angel we would find that scripture would say, “This is a message from the Lord “or “Thus says the Lord”.

  • As Believers we know that we have a Trinity of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which gives us three choices of Who “The Angel of the Lord” is. I would suggest reading a book called “Who ate lunch with Abraham” by Asher Intrater, a Hebrew Scholar and Believer in Yeshua who unpacks the meaning of the words “The Angel of the Lord”.

The Messenger then speaks to the Israelites at a place called Bochim (weepers). It is not known for sure where this place is but it could be near Shiloh. The Messenger we are told has come up from Gilgal and it was at Gilgal that the Israelites had dedicated themselves to the Lord. The Messenger reminds the Israelites that he had brought them up out of Egypt and given them the land that he had promised to their forefathers. He then goes on to say that he will never and take note, will NEVER break his covenant with the Israelites. NOWHERE does it say if you break my covenant I will break my covenant:

  • In Matthew 5:17 – 18 it says “ Don't think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to uphold.. Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away not so much as a yud or a stroke will pass away from the Torah – not until everything that must happen has happened.”
I would say that both the Father and Yeshua state that they will not break their Covenant with Israel. The messenger reminds the Israelites even though they are about to be disciplined and chastised by the Lord. Therefore we do not have the right to say that due to Israel’s disobedience they are no longer Gods people and that he has broken covenant with them. We need to remember that the Lord God Almighty says that he will not break his covenant. Man today and over the centuries has enjoyed changing Gods written word and putting in their own understanding. This is very dangerous.
  • When Yeshua speaks in Matthew he speaks about the Torah and the Prophets. In other words ALL of God's promises will happen.

The Israelites in verse 2 of Judges 2 are reminded that they were to tear down all the pagan altars and not make agreements with the people living in the land, but they had not listened. Therefore, He the Lord would not drive out the enemy. He then reminds them that when Yehoshua (Joshua ) was alive He the Lord led all the battles and made sure that they won. Now the enemy would stay in the land and be a snare and a thorn to them. The Israelites seem to come to their senses and offer sacrifices to the Lord and start weeping and wailing.

Verses 6 - 9 remind us about Yehoshua (Joshua) and this one can read about in Yehoshua   (Joshua)  24. We are reminded that as long as Yehoshua (Joshua) was alive, the people had served the Lord. Yehoshua (Joshua)  had served the Lord faithfully and had died at the age of 110 and was buried on his own property. Yehoshua (Joshua) was from the tribe of Ephraim.

What I find fascinating that in Judges 2:9 we read that Yehoshua (Joshua) was buried near the boundary of his property in Timnat - Here in the hill country of Ephraim north of Mount Ga'ash.

  • The name Timnat – means “precinct of the sun” and in rabbinic tradition is connected to the place where Yehoshua (Joshua) commanded the sun to stand still. (Yehoshua (Joshua)10:13) Timnath means “portion of abundance”

In the Book of Yehoshua (Joshua) 19:50 and 24:30 we have a difference in the name and spelling Timnath Serah. Could this be a simple metathesis or it could be that Timnath – Here is the ancient place name. If you look Serah is the reverse of Heres. I know you are going to say that Serah has an “a” in it but remember written Hebrew has no vowels.

Verse 10 tells us that a new generation of Israelites had grown up who did not know what the Lord had done for Israel. It is very sad that the Lord's great works had faded and that the people had been drawn into idolatry and paganism. If the earlier generation had obeyed the Lord and cleared the land of idols and pagan places of worship this would not have happened. I believe that they knew about the Lord and what he had done but they felt it was irrelevant to their lives. There was no gratitude or thanks for what the people had done before. They knew all about Baal and Ashtoreth and how to worship them.

  • I ask the question are we any different to this generation of Israelites? Do we give thanks to our ancestors for fighting two world wars to try to make the world a better place? Do we remember how many of our ancestors had to fight so that we could read the bible?

Verse 12 & 13 are two of the saddest verses in the bible. By worshipping other gods the Israelites had abandoned the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As we carry on reading we can see that God was angry and everything that he had warned the Israelites would happen, happened. Carry on reading and you will see that the Israelites did not think that they had abandoned the Lord God Almighty. They had felt that it was acceptable to have mixture.

  • The Lord has standards and do we measure up to His standards. The Lords standards are not our standards. His ways are not our ways. Mixture is unacceptable before the Lord God Almighty.

The gods of the surrounding people who Yehoshua (Joshua) had not cleared the land of, all came from the Babylonian pantheon of gods that stemmed from Nimrod. We need to look at the words “to follow other gods” and we need to understand this. In ancient times and I am sad to say even today statues of a god image or a person dedicated as a saint was and is held and carried by, priests, kings, servants, children and is then worshipped and prayed to. The people would follow and throw flowers and bow down and kiss the statue or dare I say idol. When this was put down gifts are sometimes put at the feet of the statue or idol. Candles are burnt. Prayers are said asking for favours and healing. Children are dedicated to these idols and today saints. This is not what God Almighty accepts. He does not accept mixture or compromise. We are either for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or we are against him. God wants All our worship not part of our worship. He does not want us bowing down to idols.

  • I challenge you and even myself, what are the idols in our lives? Who or what do we bow down to? Are we any different to those early Israelites?

There is always a hope and we see that the Lord appoints Judges who he was with and would use them to bring the Israelites back to him. We now have Yeshua who is there for anybody who is willing to repent and ask Yeshua into their life.


Prayer needs:

* We give thanks to the Lord for how He is touching different people to get back to understanding Torah and the Hebraic roots of Christianity.
* Pray for Beit Echad and for the groups that are coming together in different locations.
* We give thanks to the Lord for the new additions to our family in South Africa and pray that they will all come to know Him.
* We continue to give thanks to the Lord for supplying all our needs through the generous giving of those among you. Thank you!
* Pray for Israel, Jewish people and especially for Bibi Netenhyu as Islam moves into Jihad in the Middle East and other places in the world.
* We praise the Lord for how He is opening  up a new home for us to grow this ministry.
*  Pray for Penny as she studies through a Messianic Yeshiva to improve her hebrew and understanding of the scriptures. This is a very intense course
* Also pray that the wider churches eyes would be opened to the threat of Replacement Theology, which leads to the anti-Semitism and anti-Israel stance that is a curse.

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Below is the Messianic AlephTav Scriptures image linked to Bill Sanford's website that I would encourage you to invetigate:

Yeshua in the Torah starting with Bereishit (Genesis)

On the Emmaus Road
In Luke 24:27 Yeshua then explained everything written about himself in the Scriptures, beginning with the Law of Moses (Torah) and the Books of the Prophets. Have you ever wondered what He shared with the two disciples that made their hearts burn?

In this series on Understanding the Torah we will start to look into the Five Books of Moses starting with Genesis, called Bereshit in the Hebrew to find Yeshua hidden in the Torah.

Jewish people have studied the Torah for centuries but only a few have seen Yeshua their Messiah revealed in Torah and the Prophets. Something changed in 1967 when the Messianic movement started to grow and more Jewish people began to find their Messiah in a significant way since the early days of Christianity.
  • What is significant about 1967 in which the Six Day war took place?
This was the first time since 70AD that Jerusalem, the Holy City was in Jewish hands and the Shofer was blown at the Western Wall to proclaim its liberation. This could well have been a Jubilee year as 50 years previously in 1917 the Balfour Declaration was issued on 2 November and General Allenby entered Jerusalem on the 11 December 1917 taking it back from the Ottoman Empire. Both very significant events of restoration of the Land to the Jewish people and starting the return of His People to their Messiah! Now is the time of the restoration of Yeshua as revealed in Torah and specifically in the first Book Of Moses, Genesis to the Jewish people.

AlephTav (The Alpha and Omega)
The very first sentence of the bible in Genesis 1:1
בראשׁית ברא אלהים את השׁמים ואת הארץ׃
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
contains seven Hebrew words. The central word is את spelt Aleph Tav which is not pronounced in English. These are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet equivalent to the Alpha and Omega in the Greek alphabet that is used in Revelation (1:8, 11, 21:6 and 22:13) to refer to Yeshua as the Beginning and the End of creation. Think of the seven candles of the Menorah with the middle candle called the Shemash or servant candle representing Yeshua, the Light of the world. This is reflected in the seven fold Spirit given in Isaiah 11:2 And the Spirit of Jehovah shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah. Yeshua has the Spirit of הוה Father with the three pairs represented by the three candles on either side of the Menorah.
  • A beautiful picture of Messiah, the Creator shining forth from the Menorah. As stated in John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.
(As an aside, the very first thing Elohim, God created was the את, the Hebrew Alephabet which He spoke “Let there be light” etc.)

This flows into the next observation of where both the את and the ואת are placed during the creation in Genesis 1:1 which links the working of י הוהFather with and through את Yeshua. The את in placed in front of the heavens (haShamayim) and the sixth word ואת vav Aleph Tav in Hebrew connects Yeshua to both the creation of heavens (haShamayim) to the creation of the earth (haAretz). This pattern of connection is continued right through the Torah linking all covenants and covenant people to Yeshua through the את and the ואת as they only occur at these significant cases! Interestingly the letters את (aleph tav) each paint a picture, the א (aleph) represents an ox or strength and the number one or leader, while the ת (tav) represents a cross or covenant.
  • When put together it has the meaning of 'The Strength of the Covenant' is את Yeshua.
(Please refer to the work of Bill Sanford on the Aleph Tav

Shadows, Types and Theophany in The Torah

Yeshua can be found in shadows and types, and even pre-incarnate appearances, especially as the mysterious “Angel of the Lord” in each of the books of the Torah and the Prophets. (Refer to Penny's blog on Judges 2) Let us consider a few of these shadows, types and theophanies below:

The first type of Yeshua in Genesis is the 'first Adam' who was created in the image and likeness of God. As the crown of creation, he was formed at the close of the sixth day. Adam came into the world a full grown man, with the elements of skill and knowledge sufficient to maintain his Lordship over nature. The Second Adam came as an infant by humiliation to regain for man his lost Lordship. Paul states in Romans 5:14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even on those who had not sinned in the likeness of Adam's transgression, who is a type of the coming One.
  • So Yeshua has come like a sinless Adam to restore Adam's lost relationship with Our Father as stated in 1Corinthians15:45 So also it has been written, "The" first "man", Adam, "became a living soul;" the last Adam a life-giving Spirit.

Who Ate lunch with Abraham?
Scholars have always debated who were the three men speaking to Abraham and two of whom continued onto Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18. Verse 1 states that יהוה Yehovah appeared /was seen by Abraham but who did Abraham see? One of these three men was Yehovah in bodily form, the other two were angels. An angel will never receive worship (Rev 19:10). The Hebrew word used in verse 2 for Abraham 'bowed' toward the ground is Strong’s H7812 shachah which is the strongest Hebrew word for worship there is, used a total of 172 times in the Tanach. As this story unfolds it becomes very clear Abraham is eating with the Yehovah-Man. For no angel would receive worship and carry on a conversation with Abraham on whether or not He should destroy Sodom and Gomorrah without it being את Elohim. The three figures are called 'men' three times in verses 2. 16 and 22. The special One י הוה in the group is called Yehovah four times in verses 1, 17, 22, and 33.
  • This can only be את Yeshua in the flesh as a theophany, an appearance of God. Does this not remind us of Yeshua having a meal with His disciples before His Crucifixion. In John 8:57 the Judeans said to Yeshua, “You’re not even fifty years old and you’ve seen Abraham?”

Abraham's wife's slave woman Hagar also had an encounter with this special person. In Genesis 16:7 the Angel of Yehovah finds her by a spring having run away from her mistress since conceived Ishmael. She declares in verse 13 that she has seen Him who sees her. This Angel of Yehovah is different from all other angels as He speaks as God in the first person as shown in Genesis 22:11 to 17.
  • Is this the Yehovah-Man that ate with Abraham?

The Binding of Isaac
God then tells Abraham in Genesis 22:2 "Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you." On the third day Abraham laid the wood on Isaac just like Yeshua carried the crucifixion stake to Golgotha (the place of sacrifice) as the willingly Paschal lamb. His living still after the three days (Gen_22:4) in which he was dead in Abraham's purpose prefigures the Messiah's resurrection on the third day.
  • Hence, the Binding of Isaac is a for-shadowed of this event and Isaac is a type of Yeshua.

Joseph a Foreshadow of Yeshua
Joseph’s name is used a total of 157 times in the Torah, with the את appearing in front of his name 13 times. It is common knowledge that his life is a type and foreshadow of Yeshua the Messiah for Joseph will save the Egyptians and the Israelites from starvation.

Key points of interest for the את are as follows, in Genesis 37:23 when Joseph is stripped by his brothers of his clothing they were actually stripping את coat from Joseph, a type and foreshadow of Yeshua who would be stripped of his robe and humiliated by the Romans. In verse 28 Joseph’s name is used 3 times in this one verse and every time there is an את in front of his name symbolizing it was את Joseph who was lifted out of the pit, את Joseph that was sold for 20 pieces of silver and את Joseph was sold by his brothers. In verse 31 when Joseph’s brothers take Joseph’s את coat, they are actually dipping it into the blood of a goat, which is a type and foreshadow of את Yeshua's blood which will be shed.

Continuing with the life of Joseph, whose life is a type and foreshadow of Yeshua the Messiah. We see in Gen 41:8…and Pharaoh told them את his dreams…implying that Pharaohs dreams are prophetic and given to him by את. We see in Gen 41:9 that it is את that causes the chief butler of Pharaoh to remember Joseph and that Pharaohs authority is actually given to him by את. In Gen 41:16 we see that it is the את that will give the interpretation of peace to Pharaohs dream. In Gen 41:34-35 we see that it is את that owns the land and the food of Egypt and in Gen 41:42 we see authority over Egypt is transferred to Joseph by an את ring which Pharaoh gives to Joseph to wear.
  • All these verses are symbols of a type and foreshadow in future events that would unfold in the life of Yeshua the Messiah the את being sold by his brethren (House of Judah), having his blood stained clothing stripped from off his back and thrown into the pit of death.

Hebrew4Christians identifies 60 ways that Joseph pre-figures Yeshua as Messiah Ben Joseph the suffering servant. Some are as follows:
  • Such as being anointed by his father with a 'long' (many coloured) tunic pointing to his coming authority. While Yeshua was anointed as Mashiach ben David Heb 1:9 and Psalm 45:7. Joseph was finally vindicated and exalted over the whole of Eygpt (Genesis 41:40-42) while "The Son of Man is seated at the right hand of Power".
  • Joseph married an Egyptian woman so his descendants would be taken as Gentiles today. However, they were incorporated into Israel just as the Gentiles now have been incorporated into the commonwealth of Israel identified by Paul in Ephesians 2:12.
  • Joseph's brothers who had rejected him and wanted him dead, did not recognise him until he revealed himself to them in Genesis 45. This is exactly what has happen up until now with the Jewish people's rejection of Yeshua until He reveals Himself to them!
Who Ate Lunch with Abraham by Asher Intrater
Bill Sanford
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