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January 2014 Newletter - New Beginnings for Beit Echad in the New Year
Dear <<First Name>>
We are now in our own home in Chorley. Last year in October we started to look at properties to rent. We noticed a detached house in Chorley but thought that this house would be taken very quickly due to everything it had to offer and for the low rental. While in the USA  during November and December it was still available so we asked Megan to email and find out about it. She had no response. On the 30 December Ian telephoned the agent and yes it was still available. We went to see it that day and when Penny mentioned to the agent that she had seen it advertised in October his comment was, "Well maybe this house was kept just for you". We put in the paper work and the agents were very helpful and pushed the checks through and even did not do a few of them as it would take time.
We moved in on the Monday 13 January having cleaned the carpets through out. The agent gave us the first week rent free for cleaning the carpets. It ticks all our boxes and more with three good sized bedrooms including an attached garage with loft above it for storage in addition to the loft above the bedrooms! We feel the Lord has truly blessed us with this house and placed us here for a particular purpose. We prayed through the property claiming it for the Lord, especially dealing with any conflict that has taken place as the previous young family separated before moving out in September. We pray that the shalom of Yeshua would rest on this home and people would feel peace as they enter the house. Our internet and telephone were connected the following week so we are back into communication.

After moving in we needed more furniture so prayed that the Lord would lead us to the right shop to get some more. On the 14th we needed to go to the bank to start to get a bank account for AlephOmega Ministries. When we came out as we were driving off we noticed a furniture charity shop. We re-parked and in we went. Three dining room table's to choose from and to cut a long story short chose the one with 6 solid chair as the price was dropped to £50. We than found a sideboard, desk and desk chair and went and paid. The shop manager said that they could deliver for £5 so we said yes. As we were walking out of the shop I noticed a bookcase with a place to slide in Cd's and asked the price. The manager had not seen this piece of furniture and said that we could have it for £10 cash and they would deliver it with the rest of the furniture so for  £100 we furnished a lot of our home. Thank you Lord. We have since had 2 Shabbat's at the dining room table. Look at the pictures.

We still needed another bookcase as we still had boxes of books together with the one's brought back from the States, two days ago we found a lovely one through Freecycle! We have numerous Hebraic books now which we use a lot of the time to check out scripture and the English translations. We are also needing wardrobes and a sofa/bed for the study/spare room so please pray that we will find these at a good price.

The area we are in is beautiful with the Yarrow Valley Park surrounding us with lakes and the Yarrow river. There are numerous walks and cycle tracks. The forests are beautiful as well. We cannot wait to see the green in spring and summer to get the true beauty of the area. Last week we had our first snow out of the blue starting with hail which turned to sleet and then a snow storm.

We have a few Passover Seders in the pipeline in local congregations and ask for your prayers that these will come about. We are also praying to get some more teaching slots as well as building bridges with local churches as well as further a field. We are learning to rely on the Lord for all our needs.

Please pray for Ian has he does his next driving instructors exam on the 17 February and then if I need to get a part time job so as to bring in some income.
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The Torah - Its Place in Scripture

The first five Books of the Bible Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are called the Pentateuch or in Hebrew Torah. They are called the Books of Moses and form the centre of the Bible. This can be demonstrated graphically as concentric circles around the Torah with the Writings, the next circle followed by the Prophets and finally the New Testament forming the outer circle to form the complete Bible. In the Hebrew Scriptures this order is slightly different besides the lack of the B’rit Hadashah. Here the Torah is encircled by the Prophets (Nevi’im) and then the Writings (K’tuvim) that together make up the Tanach (which is made up by combining these three word in Hebrew). This diagram can be used to come to a better understanding of the place of the Torah in Scripture.
The word Torah occurs over two hundred times in the Hebrew Scriptures while the word used in the Greek is nomos.  It occurs also over two hundred times in the New Testament. Most translators have tended to mis-translate these words as law in most English translations of the Bible. The word Torah is derived from the verb yarah to teach or instruct. Hence Torah carries the meaning of Teaching or Instructions of God. It is a archery term that means 'to hit the mark'. This then fits with the description above as an archery target with the Torah forming the bulls-eye as shown in the diagram to the right with the arrow hitting the bulls -eye in yellow with the red and the blue representing the Prophets and Writings. It is only with much practice that we are able to hit the bulls-eye with the help of the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh. Interesting the term in Hebrew 'to miss the mark' is chet which means sin or error!!! More on this in the next newsletter.

Hebrew is one of the few languages that is not only phonetic, but numerical and pictorial. The four letters תורה that spell Torah represent the numbers 5+200+6+400=611! Now traditionally there are 613 commandments that are contained in the Torah, so what about the two missing commandments. Yeshua was asked in Matthew  22:36 which is the greatest commandment in the Torah and the Prophets and He states 'to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself on these two commandments depend all the (611) commandments'. For as Paul writes in 1Corithians 13:1  "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal." The commandments of Torah hangs on these two commandments of love. Hence love is the key for Torah to be written on our hearts! It is not about salvation but about righteousness and holiness. 

In Summary

To bring about the One New Man the Jewish people need to accept their Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach and return to Torah to be sanctified. While the Gentiles, once they have accepted the Jewish Messiah need to start walking in the truth of the Torah in preparation for the return of Messiah who is the living Torah (Word made flesh). 

*Any comments or ideas that you have on the above subject can be made on our Face Book 'Aleph Omega' page with the link above.

Coming Next

  • The Torah - Its place in our lives
  • Penny's Insights - A look at the Book of Judges and some of the people we know so well. Lets delve a little deeper and taste, see and hear what we so often miss as well as how we can relate it to the Brit Chadashah (New Testament)

MJAA South-East
Conference & Yeshiva

  • 20 - 22 Dec
    The teaching at this conference was even better than the previous conference. We returned to the UK having been filled on solid food both spiritual and physical (the rib-eye). It will take some time to absorb all the teaching and to work through all the material we brought back from the conference and Yeshiva. The Yeshiva 'The Return of the Kosher Pig' conducted by Rabbi Shapiro was both intense and deep, requiring more study of his book of the same title. We were thoroughly blessed by the wonderful worship and fellowship and pray we will be able to attend again.

  • 23 Monday
    The day spent with Rabbi Ed, Aminita and family was truly a blessed time. Ian even caught a large fish while canoeing with Timmy, which was enjoyed the next day when Ian made a braai (BBQ)and cooked it. We appreciated this very special family and the way Rabbi Ed opened up his congregation and family to us. They really did bless us richly. We miss you all.

Prayer needs:

  • Prayer for the 65 homes in The Oaks community with another 125 in The Cedars
  • Lift up our elderly next door neighbor who needs the Lord
  • Prayer for the possible Passovers and teaching opportunities in churches in Lancaster, Preston and Chorley and surrounding areas.

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