Inaugural Newsletter from Penny and Ian McDonald from Tampa, Florida, USA
AlephOmega Ministries

A Newsletter from Ian & Penny McDonald

19 DECEMBER 2013
Dear <<First Name>>,

After spending the last seven years plus at Ellel Grange in Lancaster on team as part of Ellel Ministries International, we  felt the Lord calling us to leave and to start up our own ministry which we are calling AlephOmega Ministries.

This has been on our heart for a long time as there is a great need to bring both healing and a Hebraic understanding to the wider Body of Messiah both Gentiles and Jewish believers. Our time at the Grange has helped us prepare for this change in our lives, thank you to many of you who have encouraged us.

The name AlephOmega and logo represents the fullness of the Tanach (The Hebrew Scriptures) with the completeness of the New Covenant in Yeshua haMashiach and restoring of the Hebrew roots of our faith that the Christian Church has largely lost.

We left Ellel Grange on the 30th October for a two month Sabbatical in Florida with our dear friends Bob and Olga. Bob & Olga with Christopher and Timmy have been a great blessing to us and we know that the Lord is now using them in a very powerful way.

Our first week or two we just unwound and relaxed. Had a lovely weekend at Palm Beach where I had a swim in the sea. It was rather windy so not ideal for swimming. We attended both the Tampa and Wesley Chapel Shoresh David Messianic Synagogues and were warmly welcomed. Rabbi Ed  the new leader of  Wesley Chapel Shoresh David with the encouragement of Bob and Olga asked Penny and myself to do a series of 14 teachings on the healing ministry for their congregation.
So for the last 4 weeks we have been teaching every Wednesday evening and Sunday from 12 to 6pm on the healing ministry. It has been very well received, especially by Rabbi Ed and his wife Aminita. They have opened up their hearts to us and we have been richly blessed by them and the Congregation. We are ministering this afternoon together with Ed and Aminita so they will gain more experience. It looks like we will need to plan to return sometime next year as the Lord opens up the doors. We have made some very good contacts. The Yeshiva on Friday by the author of 'The Kosher Pig'  leading into MJAA conference  in Orlando will end our time in Florida on a high note and with many more good contacts in the Messianic movement in the USA.

Our time in Florida is rapidly coming to an end with a week to go.  It's amazing how quickly time goes when you are having fun and being busy with some teaching and ministry. Bob and I have started on a website but Bob is under work pressure so our time has been limited. I'm about to start putting together our first newsletter of which this may be the foundation. I need to review some of the photos I've taken to include.
 Looking forward to seeing you all. We fly in to Manchester on Thursday 26 Dec at 7:30am and hope that Megan will be there to fetch us We will be staying at a friends home from the 26 until she gets back from holiday. We are looking on the internet for a home near Chorley and have seen a few possibilities that Megan is following up for us.

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement.

Shalom in Yeshua,

Ian & Penny McDonald
Leaders of AlephOmega Ministries

Weekend in Palm Beach

We and the Calco family had a wonderful time down in Palm Beach with Joyce the first weekend we were in Florida. We knew Joyce from Pierrepont where she was the Ministry Manager for a period. She then joined Ellel USA and left once the land was going to revert back to the owner. She got called by a church down in Palm Beach to help setup a ministry team.  She had no place to stay when one of the members offered her their place to live in until the place is knocked down with other houses for a big new development.So now she is staying in this beautiful place right next to the river with luxury yachts pacing by her 'small' bedroom, her own private jetty and swimming pool. The Lord is good.


We had a wonderful relaxing few days with Joyce, with the two boys thoroughly immersed in fishing from the pier and catching a number of good sized fishes which we enjoyed eating.
Palm Beach weekend Ian especially enjoyed the swimming pool and even managed to get Bob into it! All in all it was just what the doctor ordered.

Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue experience

We were blessed to join Bob, Olga, Christopher and Timothy each erev Shabbat at Shoresh David Wesley Chapel, where we were well received by their new Rabbi Ed Marvin and his beautiful family. It was wonderful to meet up with Jonathan Settel again who lead the worship at our  first Shabbat service at Wesley Chapel Synagogue.

We also had occasion to visit the Shoresh David Tampa congregation for Torah services on Saturday mornings followed by Hebrew lessons for Bob and Ian.

We attended the Channukah Service at Shoresh David Wesley Chapel and enjoyed the donuts and though bad for one, foods cooked in oil to remember the miracle of Channukah
We helped Rabbi Ed begin to start to build a prayer ministry team, sharing what we have learned over the years in a sort of "crash course" in healing and deliverance ministry, which was well attended even by a few people who had never stepped foot in the congregation before. The Lord is at work and we where honored to be part of it! Penny also did a teaching on the Parables which blessed many people and brought some understanding at how to read and learn from Yeshua's Parables.

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