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Preparing for Winter
October 2015 eNews
Dear <<First Name>>
The nights are getting longer and the leaves are turning a golden colour. The autumn colours are wonderful with even the occasional red showing among the yellows and browns. It is a very beautiful time of year as we gear up for the long cold,dark nights of winter.

We had a wonderful time ministering on 'Daughter Be Healed' over the last two weekends. Firstly near Stratford-upon-Avon and then up in Scotland at the Whitchester Christian Retreat Centre near Hawick as shown below:

The Lord worked deeply in many of the ladies who attended these weekend healing courses. We have noticed that there is nearly always a black sheep in the flock that needs to know that they are loved and are special.

Sometimes we need to allow the Holy Spirit to go deep into the core of our being just as the signet in the photograph below is diving as deeply as it can into the water. The Lord can then restore and heal what the locusts have destroyed. This is what the Lord did in some of the ladies lives.

And this is what we are seeking to take place within our groups and why we have started holding monthly Discipleship and Healing days on the Sabbath.  To date we have held two training days where we have covered a number of keys to our healing:
  • The need for healing in our spirit, soul and body, 
  • Roots and fruits of illness and sickness
  • Forgiveness and acceptance
  • Bitter root judgements
  • Relationships and 'soul ties'
Our next one will take place on the 14 November where we will look at generational iniquity.
Yeshua did some of His greatest healing's on the Sabbath as a sign that He is Lord of the Sabbath.  He wants us to be ready and prepared as His Bride for the Seventh Day when He will reign for a thousand years as King of ALL the earth from Jerusalem.

In the last week we have had Believers from Israel come on a UK speaking tour. We had David and Josie Silver from Out of Zion Ministries stay with us. He spoke at a well attended meeting at Emmaus Christian Fellowship on 'Times of the Signs' not 'Signs of the Times'. Israel is God's time-piece and what is happening in Israel is a sure sign we are coming near to Yeshua's return to reign from Jerusalem as His capital! 

One  of our groups attended the co-founder of Christian Friends of Israel Sharon Sanders talk in Preston. She shared from her heart the compassion and love she has for Israel and the people. She has a special heart for holocaust survivors  with whom she has shared the love of Yeshua and their hearts have been deeply touched. We can only love Jewish people into the Kingdom. No amount of Bible bashing can do this as we need to earn the right and overcome all the years of anti-Semitism Jewish people have experienced from Christians. 
In Blackburn on 29 Elul we built a Sukkah for the Feast of Tabernacles which collapsed a few times until Colin the joiner came along with his drill and stabilised it. Sometimes we do need others to come alongside us to stabilise us and bring God's insights to help us on the way.  We had a beautiful day sitting under the Sukkah having an early supper before it got too cold as can be seen below. At the end of the week we joined our group up north to build another Sukkah under which we had Penny teach on the Feast before we celebrated Shabbat together. 
We have been particularly blessed by the Lord with a new kitchen being installed. We now have a new built in oven and hob. Our daughter Megan then decided that she wanted a dining room table and 8 chairs to match the kitchen. So the Lord must be indicating by all of these blessings that we need to be celebrating more Shabbat meals in our new home.

A member of one of our groups has been taking us each week through the Hebrew Aleph Bet starting with Aleph which we are all enjoying. This is such a good idea that we want to include a letter in each of our newsletters starting with Aleph as there is such a richness that is hidden in each letter.

The Lord is good and to be praised in the good times and not so good times. So to finish this update, this makes me think of the word 'good' which is tov in Hebrew  meaning  'fit for purpose' or 'conforming to requirements'. We can relate this to Genesis 2:9 which refers to 'the tree of the knowledge of good and evil'. Here the word for evil is ra in the Hebrew which does not actually mean evil, but a better understanding would be 'not fit for purpose' or 'not conforming to requirements'! So we conform to God's way because we love Him, or we do not conform to God's way which leads to missing the mark or simply SIN!

Please read Giborah's  (Penny's Hebrew name) article below where she continues in the book of Judges and start the journey of understanding God and His language of Hebrew with the Aluf?
Shalom in Yeshua Our Messiah
Ian & Penny McDonald

Skype: ianmcdonald3

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JUDGES Chapter 3

Judges is not an easy book to teach on as there is much darkness and turning from G-d that one begins to wonder why G-d does not just leave the Israelites to their own ways. But we can learn from this, that G-d never gives up or breaks the Covenant He has made with His people. He loves His people and is a Father to them. He disciplines them according to their sin so that they will turn back to him. From this we can also learn about what G-d has done for each one of us.

The Book of Judges is also packed with powerful expressions and principles. There is hope in Judges but it is an implied hope; a hope for a better future after a long and catastrophic time of people doing what is right in their own eyes and therefore by definition being out of the will of God at their own choice. The hope is for revival and regeneration; the hope is for God’s people to awaken from their self-imposed delusions.

In Judges chapter 3 we will learn about 3 Shofetim (Judges).
  • We will see how they are full of imperfections but G-d uses them to help save Israel.
  • We will see that even when the followers of the G-d of Israel stray from G-d that the L-rd not only leaves the door open for their return but that G-d pursues them. The L-rd loves His people so much that He has pity on them even when they have turned their backs on Him and offer up to Him the gifts from their worship to other gods.
  • They also behave as a people without shame in adulterous affairs. What a hope we have if G-d saves and forgives when we His people repent,

As we start chapter three we see that the Israelites are going to have to learn about war as those living in Canaan did not know about the Holy wars that their ancestors fought when they first came into the land. Also due to disobedience the Israelites are going to be tested to see that they follow G-d's instructions. We do need to remember that when the Israelites first entered the land had, they needed to learn one of the big lessons which was that they could not do it in their own strength. They had to listen to G-d and do it His way.

We are given the names of the people groups that G-d allowed to stay in the land of Israel. They number five chiefs of the Philistines and all the Canaanites, Sidonians and the Hivites. We are then told that this was done to see if the Israelites would pay attention to the ordinances (Torah) of G-d given to them through Moses. We are told that the Israelite men married the women from the surrounding tribes and the men would also give their daughters as wives to the men of the surrounding tribes. Thus they fell into idolatry by serving the surrounding gods especially Baal and Ashtarte. We need to remember that to the Israelites when they saw other people serving an idol they could not fully comprehend that they did not have to pray to an idol or through an idol. How often do we feel that the grass is greener on the other side? We are no different to the Israelites.

Once again the Israelites turned from G-d and became caught up in idolatry. They had forgotten the Covenant G-d had made with them and so the L-rd used the pagan nations around them to discipline them. How humiliating it must have been as the conquerors were now the people who were conquered. We now see a pattern starting with disobedience, discipline, despair and then deliverance but within a number of years they would fall back into disobedience and start the cycle anew. The Hebrew is interesting as it literally says ”His nose became hot”. A wonderful metaphor for anger. This is a righteous anger from G-d and so punishment is fully justified. As the Israelites acted like pagans so G-d uses pagan nations to discipline his own people. Yet we see a wonderful picture of G-d's jealous love for Israel as He is not going to allow them to serve Baal. He refuses to let go and He will not allow the people to feel comfortable in their sin. The Israelites are given over into the hands of Cushan-Rishathaim King of Mesopotamia. The exact meaning of “Cushan– Rishathaim" is not certain but can be translated as “dark one of double evil” or “Cushan of double wickedness”. Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates.

What can we learn from this? Sometimes when we do not follow the ways of G-d, G-d gives us what we want if we keep rebelling against Him G-d . In verse 9 The Israelites arrived at that point of crying out to G-d. The Hebrew word used for “cried” is “za'ak” and this refers to a cry of distress in response to suffering asking G-d to intervene. We do not read here that Israel repented. We only read that they cried out to G-d and He responded to their misery. The wording is very similar to the words used in Exodus 2:24 -25. G-d raised up a Deliverer the Hebrew word used “yasha” which translates as “to save, to help, to deliver, to defend.” G-d uses ordinary people through whom He chooses to do extraordinary things. This man is Othniel (G-d is might) the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother. He came from a very solid family. His father in-law and Uncle was Caleb who would have taught him how to trust and follow G-d. He had fought the giants in Judges 1:13. He is about to become the first Judge of Israel. We read in verse 10 that the Spirit of G-d in other words the Holy Spirit came upon him and he judged Israel. He went to war and he won the battles against Cushan-Rishathaim King of Mesopotamia. Othniel then exercised his authority in managing the affairs of Israel for the next forty years. The land had rest, the Hebrew word used here is “shakat” which means to be still, undisturbed, a state of tranquillity, a place of safety a security of peace. We are told that after 40 years Othniel died. Note that forty in Hebrew is a time of testing, trial or probation. There are many examples of the number 40, 40 days, 40nights. The prophet Ezekiel lay on his side for 40 days. The number forty can also represent a generation. See how many times you can find the number 40 mentioned. I understand that it is mentioned a 146 times in Scripture

We learn from this section of Chapter 3 that our Father in Heaven loves us, that He disciplines us and does answer prayer even when we have turned from Him. Are we prepared to give up the idols in our lives which could be money, fast cars, fancy, fancy home, football, etc? I am not saying that having money, fast cars or a fancy home is wrong; it is what we do with it that can become the idol.

Next time we will look at the rest of chapter 3.




The Hebrew aleph bet has personality as well as being phonetic, numerical, scientific, mathematical and pictorial. Aleph pronounced “ah-lef” is the first letter of the Hebrew Aleph bet and is derived from the word Aluf (champion). One who holds strength, authority and controls every thought.

An Aleph makes no sound on its own and normally has a vowel associated with it so as to give it a sound.-


The Hebrew and Greek alphabets use letters to represent numbers. Gematria is a Hebrew numbering system so as to add up words and look for a deeper meaning . In Jeremiah 3:4 We read from the Orthodox Jewish Bible “Will thou not from this time cry unto Me, Avi (Father), Thou art the Aluf (champion, strength, friend, guide) of my neurim (youth).”

Here we learn of who the Aluf is. None other than the L-rd G-d Almighty, Yeshua HaMashiach.
This is hidden in the Hebrew of the first sentence in the Bible:

בראשׁית ברא אלהים את השׁמים ואת הארץ׃

In the Beginning Elohim created the Heavens and the earth.

In this sentence there are 7 words in the Hebrew with the central word being את et which just happens to be the first and last letters in the Hebrew alphabet. So who is the Beginning and End, the Alpha and Omega in Greek? Please note that Hebrew is written from right to left.
Another consideration is 'What is the first thing that God created?' From the English one would immediately say, the Heavens, but directly after the words 'God created' is 
את which can represent the Hebrew Aleph Bet, the Hebrew language! God needed a language to say the words in Genesis 1:3 , "Let there be Light"  So if Hebrew is God's language it may be a good idea to start learning it so we can deepen our understanding of God Himself!

Some important Hebrew words are given below to help you on the journey:

אל – El (Force, God)

אלהים – Elohim (Almighty, Creator)

אדני - Adonai (Lord, Master)

אחד   - 


Prayer needs:

  • Please prayer for the groups in Chorley, Preston,  Lancaster and Northallerton to grow in understanding of Yeshua and His Hebraic background.
  • We would appreciate your prayers for the monthly Discipleship & Healing training day we have on the Sabbath for people to receive teaching and ministry on becoming better disciples of Messiah in addition to the monthly day of prayer & fasting and our Torah celebration.
  • Lift us up in your prayers in December as we will be attending the MJAA Yeshiva and conference held in Orlando Florida. This is an amazing time of learning, worship and fellowship. The teaching on the Yeshiva is always outstanding. This year Dr Michael Brown will be on teaching Messianic Prophecy.
  • Pray for doors to be opened in local congregations for us to lead Passover meals and to teach on the Hebraic Roots of our faith. If any of you would like to hold a Passover Meal in your Congregations, Fellowship Groups or Church please contact us as we would love to help you get to understand what Passover is all about and how Yeshua's fulfils Passover.
  • We give thanks and praise to our Lord for your support and help for this ministry.
If in addition to praying you would like to help us financially in this faith based ministry:

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